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She’s a model citizen, but she still can’t hide in China’s ‘social credit’ system

This article discusses how systems are in place to track Chinese citizens 24 hours/day as part of their “social credit” system. I have read about this elsewhere. My view is we are kidding ourselves if we think this kind of tracking is not happening in all major countries.
In ways, we’ve been tracked for years. Our credit card data not only shows what we bought but where we were. The automated number plate reader in the shopping centre shows where we’ve been. And then there are all the CCTV cameras mounted everywhere, included along the freeways in many countries. And that’s before we get to your mobile or cell phone, especially if it’s Android. Apple makes it more difficult. The NSA has been recording and tracking phone calls globally for decades.
And these are just a few. Have your watched “Minority Report”? It’s not about the future. It’s with us now.
I’m not saying we should be in fear of this because, within this temporal domain, we cannot change it and what you do is probably not going to trigger some authorised thugs at your door. But I hold the view that we live in the time when all of this and so many other abuses will be exposed and dismantled, and humanity will be set free.
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Here Is Proof Of Ionospheric Heaters, HAARP’s Grandfather Base In Antarctica, Weather Modification

It is on record that the US military have been working on weather modification for well over 50 years. I doubt it’s just the US military playing these games.
This brief video provides an insight into these processes, focussing on the facilities around the globe that are set up to drive this.


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‘Five Eyes’ Governments Urge Tech Companies to Build Backdoors into Encrypted Services

Five nations including the U.S.and the U.K. have urged tech companies to comply with requests to build backdoors into their encrypted services, or potentially face legislation requiring them to do so by law.
The statement is a result of a meeting last week between the “Five Eyes” intelligence sharing countries, which include the U.S., the U.K., Canada, Australia, and New Zealand.
In a published memo, the governments claim that the use of such backdoors for accessing encrypted data would respect personal rights and privacy, and be limited only to criminal investigations by law enforcement.

Privacy laws must prevent arbitrary or unlawful interference, but privacy is not absolute. It is an established principle that appropriate government authorities should be able to seek access to otherwise private information when a court or independent authority has authorized such access based on established legal standards. The same principles have long permitted government authorities to search homes, vehicles, and personal effects with valid legal authority.

The memo goes on to note that each of the Five Eyes jurisdictions will consider how to implement the statement principles, including “with the voluntary cooperation of industry partners”, while adhering to lawful requirements for proper authorization and oversight.

End of quote.

In my opinion, this move was only ever a matter of time.

“be limited only to criminal investigations by law enforcement”

What nonsense.

What surprises me is there’s no use of the catch all weaponised word “Terrorism”.

May our world soon move beyond this global control at the expense of individual freedom and privacy, and self-understanding.

But it will not come from within the system, as many people have been hoodwinked into believing, and Trump is not the great saviour so many that are looking for change have been hoodwinked into believing. Just look at his true track record on the true globalist’s agenda, not the soft and gooey things we are encouraged by the alt media to believe. He is well and truly owned. Listen to his words about 9/11 in this videoand compare them with his off the record belief from some years ago that 9/11 was an inside job. Or his moving the US embassy to Jerusalem. Or his defunding of the Palestinians. Or his warning just today to Assad about clearing the vermin out of Idlib, when the informed sources are full of stories of a planned false flag gas attack in the area to justify a major US military intervention in Syria in support of their Israeli (read Rothschild) masters.

But I digress.


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BOMBSHELL Documents Expose The Secret Lie That Started the Afghan War

None of this is any surprise to those who are awake. However, marking it is noteworthy, as James Corbett does in this video report.

The essence of this is that the briefing document that was used to justify the 17-year war in Afghanistan has come to light, exposing it as a document that was issued by the US state department on October 1st, 2001, days after 9/11 and at a time when there was no substantive evidence to pin 9/11 on Al Qaeda and Bin Laden, both now well established as American creations. Indeed, the briefing document acknowledges it has no evidence.

But, again, those who are awake know it was never about that. Although Corbett focusses on the strategic location of Afghanistan and its mineral resources, as observed by Zbigniew Brzezinski, the huge production of opium out of Afghanistan that has grown in that 17 years goes unmentioned.

Which was also the unspoken factor involved in the wars in Vietnam and Cambodia.

Purely coincidental, of course… And no connection whatsoever with the Opium Wars of by Britain against China in the 19thcentury. The Khazarian Jewish elite (read Rothschild) have made a fortune out of illicit drugs for centuries and it continues.

And the invasion of Afghanistan has underpinned the flooding of Europe with Middle Eastern refugees, as planned 100 years ago.

What a web of lies and deceit we live inside.


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