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Cynthia McKinney, a former congresswoman, explains the consequences of Zionism in America

Cynthia McKinney refused to sign the pledge to Israel demanded of all standing for Congress when she stood for the US House of Representatives – and was told she would pay the price, and did.

But she hasn’t been silenced. And she learned who the terrorists really are. And who was responsible for 9/11.

Listen to her words. She tells it the way she it is, like few are willing to do.


Busted: 25,000 cases of microcephaly in the US per year

From Jon Rappoport:

Microcephaly: babies born with smaller heads and brain impairment. Heard of it? Of course you have. Towering experts are saying it’s caused by the Zika virus in Brazil.

They don’t know how. They don’t know why. But they’re saying it over and over like trained parrots.

They’re saying that, somehow, this virus, which for at least 60 years was causing only mild illness, is now at the heart of all these new cases of microcephaly.

Really? Then why are there 25,000 cases of microcephaly in the US every year?

For science bloggers who live in mommy’s basement and love the statements of the experts, try this. I’ll give you the full citation. Ready?

“Practice Parameter: Evaluation of the child with microcephaly (an evidence-based review)”; Neurology 2009 Sep 15; 73(11) 887-897; Report of the Quality Standards Subcommittee of the American Academy of Neurology and the Practice Committee of the Child Neurology Society.

Here’s the money quote:

“Microcephaly may result from any insult that disturbs early brain growth…Annually, approximately 25,000 infants in the United States will be diagnosed with microcephaly…”


Let me take apart that quote. Microcephaly can result from any early insult to the brain. Any.

That could mean a highly toxic pesticide, for example. It could mean severe and prolonged malnutrition of the mother. It could mean a toxic substance injected into the mother—a street drug or a vaccine. It could mean a physical blow. It could mean a mother’s chronic high fever. And so on.

Moving on: 25,000 cases, not just once, but every year in the US, means what? Christopher Columbus actually brought the Zika virus to America in 1492, and it lay dormant for a very long time and then, in the modern age, exploded on the scene in the US?

No. 25,000 cases a year in the US means we’re being treated to an unsupported major bullshit story right now.

That’s what it means.

End of quote.

Zika Gets a Bad Rap: New Killer DTaP Vaccine to Blame?

The press is currently full of stories about the Zika virus causing malformations in newborn children in South America, flights to the area being cancelled, etc.

Is it really the Zika virus that’s doing this, or are we being subjected to another medical industry obfuscation?

Jon Rappoport makes a case for this and both Rappoport and Dr Rima Laibow point to the DTaP Vaccine that was mandated for all pregnant Brazilian women in 2014. Dr Laibow says:

A shocking and, I think, correct re-examination of the Zika Virus causing 2400 Brazilian babies to be born with a deadly deformation called “Microcephaly” (literally ‘tiny head’) suggests that the mosquito story is nothing more than a deceitful cover story to hide the fact that a new DTaP vaccine, which women in Latin America are urged to get before they are 22 weeks pregnant, is the real cause of this horrible deformity.

Microcephalic Children
Are These Children Vaccine Injured Like the Brazilian Babies?

The critique points out, among other things, that some of the news articles are predated, indicating clear premeditation and that the natural life cycle of the mosquito makes it impossible for the disease to have spread in just 6 months over such a vast range.

Most damningly, however, is the fact that the Zika virus has been known to infect people in Africa, South and Central America and Asia for more than 70 years without causing a single birth defect.
The new vaccine, however, was introduced just in time to account for these deformities.

End of quote.

Expect the fear mongering over the Zika virus to continue.

This is what the destruction of what mankind looks like

I cannot look at this image and retain the idea that these changes are simply the social evolution of humanity. We are being herded in a thousand ways in a direction that’s not in the interest of most of humanity.

Changes in men and women

The CIA Just Declassified Hundreds of UFO Documents. Just as X-Files Is Rebooted

Many people have commented about X-Files talking about Disclosure, which refers to governments revealing that they’ve known about beings from other planets and star systems for at least decades, have made agreements with some of them and have received technology from them directly or through reverse engineering crashed or shot down craft.

This article shows at least someone else smells a rat:

Anyone else smell the b.s. here? Well, something stinks like propaganda…

Just as X-files launches its reboot, the agency has decided to suddenly declassify hundreds of documents on its UFO investigations.

End of quote.

Werner von Braun warned us on his death bed about a fake alien invasion as the final step in justifying one world government and the presentation I shared with you from Steven Greer from November last year talks about this in some detail. If you haven’t watched Greer’s video, you might want to, so you are not taken in if it happens. And it will be quite the production if they give it the green light. I suspect you will only realise it’s false if you are warned ahead of time.

If you agree with me, alert all those you care about and who will listen to you.

Indigenous journalist Stan Grant speaks of what it means to be a black Australian

Australia Day is on January 26th and this powerful speech by indigenous journalist Stan Grant, filled with facts, about what it means to an Aboriginal in Australia on Australia Day is a wake-up call to all Australians and all peoples of power in the world. As John Pilger has pointed out several times in his documentaries, Australia Day and average Australians celebrate the disenfranchisement of the Aboriginal people on that day.

But it is a global story and it is no accident. It has long been intended that the indigenous peoples of the world be wiped from its face. A global coincidence? Not a chance.

And it continues today.

And unless we wake up to who drives this agenda and why, it will not stop until they are eliminated, along with their wisdom, their languages, their medicines, their understanding of how to live in balance with nature on our beautiful planet.

This Is What The Death Of A Nation Looks Like: Venezuela Prepares For 720% Hyperinflation

Venezuela was one of the targets of the low oil prices, which were not some chance event, but planned and executed and will continue for a while yet. They have been brought to heel by the globalists. Russia is still making a brave effort, but the ruble has tanked this week – again.

I quote from this article:

For citizens of Nicolas Maduro’s socialist paradise the news is terrible, and getting worse with every passing day.

Yesterday, we reported that one year after our November 2014 forecast, Barclays has decided that Venezuela is now past the “point of no return”, and a bankruptcy in 2016 will be “difficult to avoid.” But while some may have thought that this dramatic impact, while welcome by the rest of OPEC and oil bulls around the globe, would only impact the government, the reality is that this latest hit means a total disintegration of the economy and will take the country’s already staggering hyperinflation to previously unprecedented levels.

According to the latest IMF estimate, Venezuela’s consumer inflation, already the world’s highest, will triple this year to a level above all estimates from economists surveyed by Bloomberg.

This is because the IMF, which until recently had predicted “only” 204% inflation for Venezuela, already higher than the 140% consensus, revised its numbers and now sees a mindblowing 750% hyperinflation in 2016: this means that the average price of products and services will increase over eight times over the span of the next 12 months.

Bloomberg reports that inflation will surge to 720 percent in 2016 from 275 percent last year, according to a note published by the IMF’s Western Hemisphere Director, Alejandro Werner. That’s nearly quadruple the median 184 percent estimate from 12 economists surveyed by Bloomberg, and exceeding the highest forecast of 700 percent from Nomura Securities.

Venezuela’s central bank published economic statistics Jan. 15 for the first time in a year, confirming that inflation had reached triple digits and closed the third quarter at 141.5 percent on an annual basis. As of December 2014, the last time data was released, inflation was 68.5 percent.

It has gotten so surreal, that the local central bank accused websites that track the dollar’s street value of “destroying prices” and installing a “savage” form of capitalism in the country, adding that 60 percent of inflation was the result of currency manipulation.

End of quote.

Justice James Wood in Australia presided over the Royal Commission into his own VIP pedophile network

This article illustrates EXACTLY how the system of systematic, paedosatanic abuse in the corridors of power of all types is protected and sustained – one of their own is appointed to investigate:

Former Royal Commissioner James Wood, who denied the existence of a VIP pedophile network in Australia – named as a VIP pedophile to current Royal Commission

In Sydney Australia in the mid 1990s, politician Diedre Grusovin complained about reports of a VIP Sydney pedophile ring which implicated politicians, Catholic churches, Child Protection Services (DOCS), the Education Department, media moguls, and entertainers. This sparked a Royal Commission in the state of New South Wales. The commission was to examine allegations of systemic and entrenched corruption within the NSW Police, namely that police were protecting pedophiles, and that some police were actually involved in pedophile activities and ritual abuse.

This Royal Commission was conducted by Justice James Wood. The Wood Royal Commission was to specifically examine allegations of satanic ritual abuse at Seabeach Kindergarten, otherwise known as the ‘Mr Bubbles’ case. The subsequent Royal Commission into the NSW Police Service Final Report was published on 1st May, 1997. Three volumes of this report were devoted to pedophilia inquiries. Volume Four, Chapter 5 (pages 99 -116) was solely devoted to the subject of RA. At the end of this chapter, Commissioner Wood concluded:

5.13 From a common sense perspective, while it must be recognised that apparently respectable and successful members of the community do commit child sexual abuse, a quantum leap in credibility is required to suppose that they would do so in the bizarre, ritualistic way described, which includes the infliction of serious, even fatal, injury and mutilation upon their own children.

Wood’s examination of RA amounted to a blatantly biased whitewashing. The entire contents of Chapter 5 were devoted to discrediting RA victims, parroting critics’ unscientific reasons for why RA does not exist in Australia, excluding the evidence for RA’s existence, and listing alternative possible reasons – none scientifically evidenced – for the epidemic reporting of RA in Australia.

Wood’s given explanations for the multitude of witness testimonies included mental illness, substance abuse history, urban legend, a ‘metaphor’ for incest, lying to get compensation, and exposure to ritual themes in books, film or television.

Commissioner Wood detailed the arguments against the possibility of dissociation and memory loss, and the arguments for the existence of something called ‘false memory syndrome.’ Wood failed to mention where the notion of ‘false memory syndrome’ stemmed from. False Memory Syndrome is not a recognised psychiatric condition, it does not appear in the DSM. The term was coined by pedophiles and their supporters.

Commissioner Wood’s report referenced Loftus’ 1994 book, The Myth of Repressed Memory: False Memories and Allegations of Sexual Abuse, to support the views that (a) false memories of RA can be artificially created as a result of third person suggestion and (b) a victim of RA cannot experience dissociation and repression of traumatic memories. Loftus’ 1994 book was not a scientifically conducted, peer reviewed research publication. It was just a book.

In his Final Report, Commissioner Wood indicated that RA does not exist from a law enforcement perspective because:

1.)rarely, if ever, are bodies of the ‘victims’ or their graves found, nor do neighbours, friends or relatives report children missing in the numbers required to account for the allegations;

2.)there is rarely, if ever, any evidence of the kind which can be confirmed by modern forensic technology;

3.)signs of physical injury in the form of scarring, burns and the like, are not found upon medical examination of ‘victims’ who report torture of the most extreme and prolonged kind; more often than not the medical examination fails to confirm the abuse as alleged;

4.)in cases of criminal conspiracy, inter-group jealousies or disputes inevitably develop and throw up an informant. In cases of RA, this rarely if ever occurs. Similarly a co-conspirator who is otherwise in trouble, and prepared to supply information in return for an immunity or assistance in sentencing, rarely emerges;

5.)again, contrary to experience with child sexual abuse generally, most of the offenders are reported to be females;

6.)although many ‘victims’ claim that photographs are taken and videotapes made of the activity, visual records of the kind are rarely found, nor does the large amount of child pornography in circulation portray the bizarre and ritualistic activities described;

7.)and so many people tell the same story, and allege the involvement of so many others in the events that it is difficult to see how there could not be independent evidence, or knowledge of it on the part of persons outside the alleged rings.

Now, the true reason behind Commissioner Wood’s dismissal of the evidence for the existence of Ritual Abuse and a VIP pedophile ring in Australia has come to light.

One victim of the Sydney based VIP pedophile ring who was prostituted by government owned boys homes, has named Commissioner James Wood as one of his VIP pedophile ring clientele who paid to rape him as a child in a Kings Cross boy brothel.

The following is a transcript of the witness statement that Dean Henry provided to the current Royal Commission into Institutional Responses to Child Abuse, while in prison. Do not be deterred by Dean’s criminal history, as ALL of the Wood Royal Commission victims were routinely incarcerated in adult prisons following their incarceration and abuse in child institutions.

End of quote.

I encourage you to read Dean Henry’s testimony.

This pattern is global, and the current Australian CSA enquiry is focussing on abuse by the churches in particular, but the real action at the higher echelons of power is excluded from their terms of reference. Sacrifice a few small fry and gain another 20 years at least of protection of the system. By then it will be all over, one way or the other.

Today (January 22nd) is International Holocaust Hoax Day

There is growing recognition that the story that Hitler’s National Socialists killed 6M Jews, primarily in gas chambers, is a massive hoax, perpetrated by the Talmudic, satanic Jews who control our world, and who controlled all of the so-called allies (United States, Britain and Russia) prior to WWII.

Perhaps the clearest illustration is this video made by the then young, highly intelligent Jewish American called David Cole, who simply went to Auschwitz to understand the horror of it all and quickly realised it was all a hoax.

Of course there were Jews who suffered such conditions as PTSD after WWII, just as many other people did; and name me a war where many of the people who experienced it and survived did not suffer from PTSD.

I shared my own journey to the understanding of all of this in this post. Again, this was not something I was looking for. It unfolded as I followed the threads after hearing how David Cole had been exposed after hiding as David Stein in Hollywood for many years, exposed by an ex-girlfriend whose expensive lifestyle David had decided to stop funding.

And to mark the day, Nick Kollerstrom donated a copy of his book Breaking the Spell: The Holocaust, Myth & Reality  in which he shares the overwhelming scientific evidence that hangs this hoax out to dry, to the Ennis Public Library.

Until we understand this hoax that has been perpetrated upon the world, we cannot begin to understand how our world works and begin to take it back.

It Is Now Cheaper To Rent A Dry Bulk Tanker Than A Ferrari

‘Tis the time for crazy comparisons.

There will be many more.

Along with stories of careers ending in China as the slowdown bites.

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