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Assertion of Common Law Authority Taking Back Power from Corrupt Canadian Government and Others

This is an important milestone. Established off the back of the common law convictions against the British and Canadian Governments and the Catholic and Anglican churches by the ITCCS, the Republic of Kanata has asserted its authority in a dispute in Western Canada – and had the authority acted upon.

Totalitarian Tiptoe sees Australian journalists gagged with ISIL as the excuse

I have written previously about the changes being rolled out in Australia, with the support of both the government and “opposition” (read the other shadow puppet), which see ready jail terms for journalists who write about matters considered security-related and whistleblowers. Five to ten years jail. They also see rights introduced to eliminate on-line and PC privacy. This legislation is moving to the next step.

Unsurprisingly, the discussion is about the local context:

Is this going too far?

This is a bit heavy handed in a “free society”…

Spare me.

No-one seems to understand that similar legislation is being enacted in all so-called “five eyes” countries concurrently and will be everywhere if it has not already been done. Mostly it’s ISIL that’s being used, but it might just be a false flag terror attack, as was used in Canada.

But this is exactly how it’s done, my friends. Step by step. No one step big enough to cause a strong reaction, the path being well prepared by incessant fear-mongering over terrorism of one sort or another. 9/11 was a big step. A horrific false flag event to move the game dramatically. The “new Pearl Harbour” the neocons had spoken about the need for 2-3 years before.

Aaron Russo, just before his death from “cancer”, told us how Nick Rockefeller had forewarned him about  a catastrophic event that would come, blamed on a terrorist who would be chased through caves in Afghanistan. Watch the video and see for yourself. He also discusses how the Rockefellers funded Women’s Liberation, so they could tax women and to help break down the family unit, so the state had more control over the forming views of children.

David Icke calls this process the Totalitarian Tiptoe.

Stand back, my friends, and begin to see the world you live in. You are in a box and the walls are closing in, more rapidly by the day, and this Fascist Australian legislation, justified on the basis of a created threat, is just another step.

Ferguson’s Psyop Race Wargame

Another view of the events in Ferguson.

Chris Hedges: ‘We’ve decapitated more civilians than ISIS ever has’

Chris Hedges, in my view, is on the very short list of real journalists that remain in our world. His views of the US mainstream press and how it’s changed during his career, as well as the political and social reality of America is worth hearing.

Solving the Riddles of the Antikythera Mechanism, an Early Astronomical Calculator

Thank you, Graham.

There are many portals into our hidden history, showing how advanced humanity has been in its long-distant past. One of the most intriguing is  the Antikythera Mechanism, raised from an ancient shipwreck near Crete in 1901. I quote from this article:

The complex clocklike assembly of bronze gears and display dials predates other known examples of similar technology by more than 1,000 years. It accurately predicted lunar and solar eclipses, as well as solar, lunar and planetary positions.

For good measure, the mechanism also tracked the dates of the Olympic Games. Although it was not programmable in the modern sense, some have called it the first analog computer.

End of quote.

This article provides an update on research into this ancient mechanism, suggesting it dates back to 150-100BC, bringing forth in a sophisticated manner, knowledge we take to have been far more recently discovered.

I, for one, cannot wait for Graham Hancock’s update to “Fingerprints of the Gods” entitled “Magicians of the Gods” due out next year. Graham’s research is uncompromising.

Drones & other “legal” tools of modern warfare are destroying our world

Most of us have no clue what tools are being deployed in the name of “defence” (read attack) by the United States, but in time any government with the resources to develop the technology. Today, drones the size of a large model plane are deployed in the Middle East and Africa, primarily, to kill so-called terrorists. 98% or so of those killed are innocent civilians, and the populations of most of these countries now live in fear of these drones overflying them every day, not knowing if and when they or their loved ones will be the target or the collateral damage.

But tomorrow these drones will be the size of an insect and they will be overflying the United States and all Western countries as well. No-one will be safe from remote assassination – not that we are today.

If you watch this video on the state of play of this technology, its deployment and its legal authorisation, you will be fearful of your own future, that of your children and that of your world. And you should be.

Some like to think this can be stopped. I don’t consider we have a snowball’s chance in hell in this current consciousness of stopping this. At its simplest level, most people do not even begin to understand where the real driving force for all of this is. They think it’s the American military or Government or the CIA or JSOC, or some other element of the American system. But it’s not. The real power lies behind all of this and while people try to find a way to stop the American machine or slow it down, they continue to completely miss the point.

I encourage you to watch this video, so you have some grasp of where the technology and the legislative state of play is, knowing that trying to stop it on this level completely misses the ultimate driving force in this game.

As I’ve said before, nothing short of a shift in consciousness on this planet, an awakening of a different sort has any hope of ending this madness. It is way too complex, has far too many threads to it and is evolving faster than anyone can grasp for us to stop it. It requires a different solution.

The Mike Brown shooting in Ferguson

As I have said previously, I have largely stayed away from the Mike Brown shooting and its aftermath – until the last few days.

But I have been getting questions from someone about this, plus I received an email sharing a video statement from the police officer, Darren Wilson, who shot Mike Brown.

So, let’s start with this.

If you accept his version, he was well justified in his actions. Brown was threatening him and looked like he could have pulling out a gun as he came back towards him.

But I remembered hearing statements that Brown had his hands in the air when he was fatally shot by Wilson. So I went looking.

Without much difficulty – about 5 minutes’ effort – I found YouTube video testimonies of three quite separate witnesses saying Mike Brown had his hands in the air when Wilson fatally shot him (he had already wounded him by all reports).

Firstly, this witness testimony

Then this witness testimony

Finally, this witness testimony

Now, I am not arguing that Mike Brown was some innocent bystander. There is evidence that he may have robbed a nearby convenience store. There is also evidence of an altercation between Brown and Wilson whilst Wilson was still in his car. But the evidence is quite clear from three separate witnesses that Mike Brown had his hands in the air when Wilson fired the fatal shots. Clear grounds for indictment, I would have thought – and completely at odds with the polished version Wilson gave in this interview.

There is also this video showing the shooting death of another black teenager in the area, reportedly the shooting death of Brown, but it does not fit the other evidence. However, it does illustrate both the readiness with which police shoot somebody and also how they can be provoked to do so by circumstances. You would expect them to be trained to deal with such a situation without executing the man, but this does not seem to be the way – which is entirely consistent with the modus operandi we should expect to see more of as the Agenda 21 controls come into place. To my knowledge, this shooting death did not even make the “news”.

The deeper issue is how readily American police in particular execute people with impunity, even when they are somebody who has called them over some issue – black, white or any other colour.

Not many deaths from terrorism, though…

Black St. Louis County Police Officer Charged & Jailed – Rascism alive and well

A telling story. A black police officer goes to jail for hitting a white man on the hand with his baton, courtesy of the SAME PROSECUTOR (Bob McCullough) that failed to prosecute Darren Wilson (white) for shooting dead unarmed Mike Brown (black).

Does it get any clearer?

Is the explosive situation in Ferguson being used to foster racial hatred and sow the seeds of a racial war?

I have not commented on the situation in Ferguson, Missouri, where we have seen violent protests over the police shooting of Michael Brown, a black man.

The display of force and lethal weaponry during the riots following the shooting in August led to a massive outcry over the extensive and unprecedented militarisation of American police, a process that has been rolling out across the world and which I now see as one of the planks of Agenda 21. These are the resources required to impose the coming police state, and the hiring of thugs into the police and other services has been intentional. It’s little wonder we see the extraordinary number of unprovoked shootings of innocent, unarmed civilians by police in America in particular, with no action taken against the police. It all fits.

And so we sit, waiting for a decision as to whether the offending police officer will face charges.

Jon Rappoport says it’s a staged, covert op. There’s plenty going on to suggest it.

And this video summarises rather well some of the pointers in this direction, notably seeking to encourage a race war in the United States. This is far from the first time I have seen people suggesting this is in the plans of the elite.

We will soon know where this is all headed.

Moxie Marlinspike discusses the future of protection in the on-line world

A few days ago, I introduced Moxie Marlinspike to you, the guy behind the encryption models we see in TextSecure, RedPhone, Signal and now WhatsApp, and also one I did not know about – GoogleSharing (which seems to have morphed in some manner to Blur by

Moxie’s insights into how we have been given “Choices” under what he terms a Social Democratic model, i.e.  a “choice” to carry a mobile phone rather than being told to carry a Government issued personal tracking device – i.e.  the Fascist model – have led us to the same place but in a softer, less coercive way, a view you would not be surprised to find I agree with completely, though one that is becoming more coercive by the day. Indeed, you do not have to look far to see how deeply Google is connected to the control structure that is carefully hidden in our world, as I have shared previously.

I was excited, then, to receive a link to his presentation at DEFCON 18 entitled Changing Threats To Privacy: From TIA to Google. Moxie is a highly intelligent, thoughtful young man who is committed to limiting the surveillance we are all subjected to – for those who care enough to – and doing it for free. I found this a very interesting and informative presentation.

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