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The Simpsons Predicted PRINCE’s DEATH

The Simpsons Predicted PRINCE’s DEATH

A grave warning from Dr. Paul Ehrlich

I see Fidel Castro look-alike Paul Ehrlich continues to dish out advice even as he approaches his eightieth year.  He sternly warns of Global Warming. It seems that within a decade or two England will be a desert, while tourists will bask on the beaches of Svalbard, beneath whispering palms, bathed in a sub-tropical sirocco breeze. And based on this advice I immediately placed my order for a warm house in the middle of the Sahara. Because when Paul advises shrewd investors act.

And do the polar (heh!) opposite.
You see the good doctor’s prognostications have up to now been, well, mixed. In fact make that utterly, totally and hilariously wrong. To wit in 1970 (The Population Bomb) he warned of imminent world-wide mass starvation, that England would cease to exist as a country by the end of the 20th century as famine stalked the land. In 1974 he predicted a new Ice Age as being just around the corner. Then, without  skipping a beat changed his mind and said well no, actually I mean Global Warming is going to finish us off.  And soon.
Ehrlich is far from being alone. The Inconvenient Truth about Al Gore is that in 2006 he told us that we’d all be living “in a frying pan” within ten years. How did that work out Al? In 1970 Dr. George Wald of Harvard was awarded the Nobel Prize for warning us that “civilization will end within 10 to 15 years” short of taking dramatic and unprecedented measures. Which of course never were taken. There are dozens of other hucksters out there now peddling similar nostrums, this time based on the Global Warming wheeze.
Serious question: How do these guys get away with being totally wrong again and again? More pertinently how do they continue to get away with it?  It’s complex, so maybe we need one of those brilliant black doctors and scientists we see on TV to explain it to us? Either way, my own theory is that the GW hoax represents a perfect vehicle for propagating the globalist/NWO agenda. Listen to uber-bitch Mary Robinson on the New York Slimes  “we need to secure an international legally binding climate agreement because climate change cannot be solved at the national level alone.”
Am I right?

End of quote.

You are right on, Savant. Right on. Ohhh… he didn’t mention that Ehrlich is Jewish. Part of that group of academics (most, actually, if they want to get and keep an academic job) that sell the global Jewish elite’s propaganda line of the moment. Again I state that I am not anti-Jewish per se and my Jewish friends know this. Just anti those who think those in this world and the world itself are for their own use, control and abuse, and have done so for millennia. And those Jews and non-Jews alike who are willing to sell their souls to these horrific people. Just map Ehrlich’s prognostications over the years and you see the pattern as clearly as the back of your hand.

The Wilkomirski Affair: How a Holocaust Hoaxer was Rewarded for his Lies

And whilst I’m rattling this horrific cage of lies, this just turned up in my email:

The story of the impostor “Binjamin Wilkomirski” has been generally well known for almost two years, but new revelations were coming out as late as last fall. I think there are some aspects of it that deserve added stress and contemplation. There is more here than the tale of a con man being nabbed.

In 1996 a book appeared, authored by Binjamin Wilkomirski, entitled Fragments: Memories of a Childhood 1939-1948. It had been published the previous year, in its original German. In this book the author related that he was born a Jew in Latvia and was separated from his parents at age three, was sent to German concentration camps, to Majdanek, then Auschwitz, where he endured a living hell. Liberated at the end of the war, he was adopted by a Swiss family named Dössekker, from which he took the name Bruno Dössekker.

His memoirs, which immediately won wide acclaim, were promoted by the US Holocaust Memorial Museum and won the National Jewish Book Award for 1996. In France his book won the Prix Mémoirs de la Shoah, and in Britain the Jewish Quarterly literary prize.

Eventually his tale was supported by a woman named Laura Grabowski, who said she was also a Jewish survivor of Auschwitz and remembered Wilkomirski: “He’s my Binji, that’s all I know” she said.33 She had her own tale of suffering at Auschwitz at the hands of Josef Mengele and other Germans, and the scars to prove it. Wilkomirski and Grabowski went on lecture and concert tours individually and together.

Raul Hilberg appears to have been an early skeptic. Swiss Jewish journalist Daniel Ganzfried heard rumors that Wilkomirski’s story was not true. He investigated and determined that the Latvian Jew “Binjamin Wilkomirski” was actually a Swiss gentile, born on February 12, 1941, to an unwed Swiss mother named Yvonne Berthe Grosjean, and later adopted by the Dössekker family. He was never incarcerated at Auschwitz. Ganzfried’s expose was published in the Swiss weekly Weltwoche during August and September 1998. Wilkomirski subsequently refused to submit to a DNA comparison with Max Grosjean, Yvonne’s brother.34

Laura Grabowski was exposed as a fraud in October 1999 by the Christian magazine Cornerstone. Her real name was Laurel Rose Willson, born to Christian parents on August 14, 1941, in Washington state, and of course she was never incarcerated at Auschwitz. She had earlier written books under the name Lauren Stratford, claiming she had suffered ritual satanic abuse, citing the same scars which she later claimed were inflicted by Mengele. (The scars were apparently self-inflicted.) As such she appeared on talk shows such as Oprah to relate her ordeals. When she decided that she would also be Laura Grabowski, she transposed the stories of ritual satanic abuse to the new setting Auschwitz.35

An important observation is that the downfalls of Dössekker and Willson did not come about because their claimed experiences were determined to be phony. Though Ganzfried and others thought there was something fishy about Wilkomirski’s story in itself, for example, his claim that as a lone Jewish child, four years old, he was able to survive the “Holocaust,” they were nailed on the issue of identity. They are gentiles who were not in a German concentration camp during World War II; they only visited them years later.

They are contrasted for example to Elie Wiesel, who cannot be discredited on the basis of identity, since he is a Jew who was actually interned at Auschwitz. Against Wiesel’s concoctions society has yet to develop an effective defense, by listening to revisionists instead of its current leaders.

Wilkomirski’s Fragments is no more or less plausible, in itself, than Wiesel’s Night. For example, Wiesel admitted in Chapter 5 that, when the Germans evacuated Auschwitz, he had the option of staying at the hospital, with his father registered as a patient, to await the Soviets. He chose rather to join the evacuation, taking his father with him, on a predictably difficult journey to another German concentration camp. That is as implausible as anything in Wilkomirski’s book if one is to believe Wiesel’s tale of the horrors inflicted by the Germans at Auschwitz.

End of quote.

We all so want to believe that nobody could be so evil that they would go to any lengths to control the world for their own ends, including lies, deceit and murder by the millions. Sadly, it is true, and we are all inside their propaganda, which fashions our beliefs; and we take those beliefs to be ourselves, so when somebody attacks our beliefs, we take it to be an attack on us.

They understand us very well and almost all of us are stuck to their fly paper, living the illusion as if it were true.

Media Ignores Jews’ Hate Rally

The West’s media—under orders to censor any news of Jewish supremacism—has refused to publicize this week’s massive hate rally attended by thousands of Jews in Tel Aviv which called for all Arabs to be killed.

The Western media’s blackout is in marked contrast to their blanket coverage of the tiniest example of what it calls “white racism.”

The Tel Aviv rally—organized to support an Israeli soldier who murdered a wounded Palestinian by shooting him in the head as the victim lay on his back—was marked by chants and banners calling for mass murder.

The rally took place on Tuesday evening, April 19, in Tel Aviv’s Yitzhak Rabin Square, and the many thousands of Jews in the crowd were, according to reports in the Israeli media, baying for blood.

One Jewish reporter, Dan Cohen, tweeted that many in the crowd chanted, “Death to Arabs,” a frequently heard rallying cry at anti-Palestinian demonstrations.

Ahmed Tibi, a Palestinian lawmaker in Israel’s parliament, posted an image of a sign displayed at the rally reading, “Kill them all.”

End of quote.

This blatant “double standard” is widespread but goes without comment in the MSM.

Just like Bibi’s wall to keep the migrants out of precious Israel, whilst they foster their invasion of Europe and they conduct genocide of the black African Jews from Ethiopia and elsewhere.

But let’s all sleep on. Remember, we terrible Europeans killed 6M Jews in WWII…

Except neither the collective goyim “we” nor Hitler on our behalf did no such thing. But don’t say so in a growing number of countries or you’ll go to jail.

This image kinda gets it.

Israel vs. nearby countries - Any Questions

Pure coincidence, of course.

Syria’s ruling Ba’ath Party returned in elections

If you listen to the MSM, Assad is a dictator. Meanwhile, his people have returned him and his party to power with unswerving regularity:

“Syria’s ruling Ba’ath Party and its allies have won the majority of the votes in the recent parliamentary elections in the country, official results show. 

The Syrian electoral commission announced late Saturday that the National Unity coalition, comprising the ruling party and its allies, had won 200 of the 250 seats at the People’s Assembly (Majlis al-Sha’ab).” ~ Press TV

April 18, 2016 “Information Clearing House” – “21st Century Wire“-  Tuesday’s Syrian election was a vote of confidence by the Syrian people in their government. 5,085,444 voters cast their ballots out of a possible 8,834,994 eligible voters.

The overall participation rate of 58% (virtually identical to Canada’s last federal election) exceeded the government’s expectations in most places but was low in others.

For example, it was over 80% in Homs but only 52% in Tartous. What might explain the uneven results is the history of the war. People who suffered the most from the war, for example in Homs, were probably more grateful for their liberation and more motivated to exercise their political rights than people in Tartous who saw no fighting at all (though they lost thousands upon thousands of sons and grandsons in the war).

Also significant was the fact that over 140,000 refugees returned across the Lebanese border in just one day in order to vote.

And the polling hours in Damascus, which suffered a lot from the fighting, had to be extended until 11 pm to accommodate all the voters.

There were even polling stations set up by the government in recently liberated Palmyra and Al-Qaryaten, though those polls were largely symbolic because the inhabitants of those towns have not yet been able to return to their homes due to widespread destruction, prior to liberation by the Syrian Arab Army.

End of quote.

Assad won’t lie down and go away, as some of the astute observers recognised a couple of years ago.

This is a drug free workplace…

Thank you, Ann.

I find the irony of this overwhelming.


Says it all, really.


John Pilger and The Dirty Secret of Utopia

I had a call from Rosalie Kunoth-Monks the other day. Rosalie is an elder of the Arrernte-Alyawarra people, who live in Utopia, a vast and remote region in the “red heart” of Australia.

The nearest town is Alice Springs, more than 200 miles across an ancient landscape of spinifex and swirling skeins of red dust. The first Europeans who came here, perhaps demented by the heat, imagined a white utopia that was not theirs to imagine; for this is a sacred place, the homeland of the oldest, most continuous human presence on Earth.

Rosalie was distressed, defiant and eloquent. Her distinction as one unafraid to speak up in a society so often deaf to the cries and anguish of its first people, its singular uniqueness, is well earned. She appears in my 2013 film, Utopia, with a searing description of a discarded people: “We are not wanted in our own country.” She has described the legacies of a genocide: a word political Australia loathes and fears.

A week ago, Rosalie and her daughter Ngarla put out an alert that people were starving in Utopia. They said that elderly Indigenous people in the homelands had received no food from an aged care program funded by the Australian government and administered by the regional council. “One elderly man with end-stage Parkinson’s received two small packets of mincemeat and white bread,” said Ngarla, “the elderly woman living nearby received nothing.” In calling for food drops, Rosalie said, “The whole community including children and the elderly go without food, often on a daily basis.” She and Ngarla and their community have cooked and distributed food as best they can.

This is not unusual. Four years ago, I drove into the red heart and met Dr. Janelle Trees. A general practitioner whose indigenous patients live within a few miles of AUS$1,000-a-night tourist resorts serving Uluru (Ayers Rock), she said, “Malnutrition is common. I wanted to give a patient an anti-inflammatory for an infection that would have been preventable if living conditions were better, but I couldn’t treat her because she didn’t have enough food to eat and couldn’t ingest the tablets. I feel sometimes as if I’m dealing with similar conditions as the English working class at the beginning of the industrial revolution.

“There’s asbestos in many Aboriginal homes, and when somebody gets a fibre of asbestos in their lungs and develops mesothelioma, [the government] doesn’t care. When the kids have chronic infections and end up adding to these incredible statistics of indigenous people dying of renal disease, and vulnerable to world record rates of rheumatic heart disease, nothing is done. I ask myself: why not?”

When Rosalie phoned me from Utopia, she said, “It’s not so much the physical starvation as the traumatizing of my people, of whole communities. We are duped all the time. White Australia sets up organizations and structures that offer the pretense of helping us, but it’s a pretense, no more. If we oppose it, it’s a crime. Simply belonging is a crime. Suicides are everywhere. [She gave me details of the suffering in her own family.] They’re out to kill our values, to break down our traditional life until there’s nothing there anymore.”

Barkly Regional Council says its aged care packages get through and protests that the council is “the poorest of the three tiers of government and is very much dependent on [Northern] Territory and [Federal] governments for funds to provide such services to the bush.” Barbara Shaw, the council’s president, agreed that it was “totally unacceptable that people should be starving in a rich and well-developed country like Australia” and that “it is disgusting and wrong that Indigenous people experience deep poverty such as this.”

The starvation and poverty and the division often sown among Indigenous people themselves as they try to identify those responsible stem in large part from an extraordinary episode known as “the Intervention”. This is Australia’s dirty secret.

End of quote. I commend the rest of John’s eloquent article to you.

John has been writing and making films about this for perhaps 30 years. And not just Australia but suppressed and disenfranchised people across the globe. It’s a rich vein to mine, since there is no shortage of suppressed or war targeted people and it’s not going to change. A well-meaning journalist could make it a lifetime project, with endless hand wringing and bellicose protest. John has made it such a life’s project to be the champion of the oppressed and he does it well.

But what I don’t understand is why he doesn’t join the dots. As he says in his film “Utopia”, he struggled to be clear about whether the footage he was working with was recently shot or footage from 20 or more years ago when he last made a film on the plight of Australia’s aboriginals.

Either John fails to see the global plan behind the scenes to destroy all indigenous cultures across the globe, so we only have people who live inside the “Western”, mind controlled bubble, or he understands it would be life threatening – certainly career threatening – to expose it.

Maybe he doesn’t see the connection between the starving of Australia’s aboriginals, the complete disenfranchisement of the native Africans in their resource rich land or the current refugee crisis in Europe. I find that hard to believe, given how long he’s been at this.

They all arise from the same source. It’s well hidden, it’s satanic and it operates through the core of Judaism. It has controlled Britain since it funded Oliver Cromwell. Think about it. How much of what Britain has done since the time of Charles I that we have taken as being British, actually was not? And the very same is true of the United States today. Same game, different body that is hosting the parasite.

Until and unless we as a species join the dots and stop futile noisy, passionate protest – as Pilger does – at the outcomes, it won’t change. And it’s time my Jewish friends looked beyond their conditioning and see that they are just as manipulated in this as the goyim. Beliefs are very powerful things and most people take themselves to be their beliefs and when you threaten those beliefs, they feel like and behave like you are threatening them. This is ALSO part of the game they’ve set up. And while ever you take your beliefs to be you, you’ll NEVER pick this apart. You’ll continue to think I’m a nut case. John Pilger probably does – if he knows I exist.

Economic Collapse Is Erupting All Over The Planet As Global Leaders Begin To Panic

It’s getting interesting out there.

This death spiral has a longer timeline that most of us expect, and we are deceived by the resilience of the US stockmarket in particular, along with those of the other major Western countries. These markets are completely manipulated, like every other major market in the world.

But the bail-ins have begun and they will accelerate. See the example below from Austria and the unfolding scenario in Italy.

And the low global oil prices are a slow burning fuse. The obvious fallout are countries like Venezuela, whose high cost of oil production has meant the complete collapse of their economy – and left wing politics. Now the fuse is beginning to ignite the US banking debts to the American shale oil and fracking companies.

And we have the ongoing issues at Deutsche Bank, whose risk appetite of the last 20 or so years has them looking like the next Lehman Brothers.

Just don’t fall into thinking these risks have gone away.

They haven’t.

And we are in an election year in the US, so we may see the markets held together until after November. Time will tell. TPTB don’t want anything to interfere with their election plans. Whoever will be the next US President was chosen long ago. Most likely Hillary. Remember, this election pageantry is all theatre to distract the public from where the real game is played. There are those who argue that the Trump buffoonery is a key part of the Hillary election strategy. I’m inclined to agree.

But we live in a special time. Perhaps these games will be finally disrupted in 2016. Bring it on.


Economic Collapse Is Erupting All Over The Planet As Global Leaders Begin To Panic

Economic Collapse Is Erupting All Over The Planet As Global Leaders Begin To Panic

Posted: 10 Apr 2016 06:00 PM PDT

burning world fuse

Mainstream news outlets are already starting to use the phrase “economic collapse” to describe what is going on in some areas of our world right now.  For many Americans this may seem a bit strange, but the truth is that the worldwide economic slowdown that began during the second half of last year is starting to get a lot worse.  In this article, we are going to examine evidence of this from South America, Europe, Asia and North America.  Once we are done, it should be obvious that there is absolutely no reason to be optimistic about the direction of the global economy right now.  The warnings of so many prominent experts are now becoming a reality, and what we have witnessed so far are just the early chapters of a crushing economic crisis that will affect every man, woman and child in the entire world.

Let’s start with Brazil.  It has the 7th largest economy on the entire planet, and it is already enduring its worst recession in 25 years.  In fact, at the end of last year Goldman Sachs said that what was going on down there was actually a “depression“.

But now the crisis in Brazil has escalated significantly.

I want to share with you an excerpt from a recent article entitled “Brazil: Economic collapse worse than feared“.  I know, that title sounds like it comes directly from The Economic Collapse Blog, but I didn’t write it.

It actually comes from CNN

Amid political chaos, Brazil’s economic collapse is worse than its government once believed.

In the midst of rising calls to impeach President Dilma Rousseff, Brazil’s central bank announced Thursday that it now expects the country’s economy to shrink 3.5% this year.

That’s worse than the central bank’s previous estimate for a 1.9% contraction. The darker forecast matches what the International Monetary Fund projected for Brazil — Latin America’s largest country — and what many independent economists have suspected.

It is one thing for Michael Snyder to tell you that Brazil is in the midst of “economic collapse”, but it is another thing entirely for CNN to say it.

And of course I have been warning about the crisis down in Brazil for quite some time now.  For much more on this, please see my previous article entitled “The Economic Collapse Of South America Is Well Underway“.

Meanwhile, things are actually much worse in Venezuela than they are in Brazil.  Food and basic supplies are in short supply, the inflation rate has hit 720 percent, and crime is completely out of control.

The following is from an article in the Independent entitled “Venezuela is on the brink of complete economic collapse“…

The only question now is whether Venezuela’s government or economy will completely collapse first.

The key word there is “completely.” Both are well into their death throes. Indeed, Venezuela’s ruling party just lost congressional elections that gave the opposition a veto-proof majority, and it’s hard to see that getting any better for them any time soon — or ever.

Incumbents, after all, don’t tend to do too well when, according to the International Monetary Fund, their economy shrinks 10 percent one year, an additional 6 percent the next, and inflation explodes to 720 percent. It’s no wonder, then, that markets expect Venezuela to default on its debt in the very near future. The country is basically bankrupt.

Once again we see a very respected mainstream publication using the phrase “economic collapse” to describe what is happening in South America.

You can find some stunning video of the “economic Armageddon” that is taking place in Venezuela right here.  I would encourage you to watch that video, because what is happening down there will eventually be happening here.

Meanwhile, over in Europe the collapse of the Italian banking system has entered a disturbing new chapter.  Italy’s finance minister has called a meeting in Rome for Monday that will be focusing on a “last resort” bailout plan for the troubled banks…

Finance minister Pier Carlo Padoan has called a meeting in Rome on Monday with executives from Italy’s largest financial institutions to agree final details of a “last resort” bailout plan.

Yet on the eve of that gathering, concerns remain as to whether the plan will be sufficient to ringfence the weakest of Italy’s large banks, Monte dei Paschi di Siena, from contagion, according to people involved in the talks.

Italian bank shares have lost almost half their value so far this year amid investor worries over a €360bn pile of non-performing loans — equivalent to about a fifth of GDP. Lenders’ profitability has been hit by a crippling three-year recession.

As Italy descends into financial chaos, the rest of the continent better be paying attention.

Do you remember how hard it was for the rest of Europe to rescue Greece?

Well, Greece has the 44th largest economy on the planet.

Italy has the 8th.

It would be hard to overstate the seriousness of what is going on over in Europe, and it is not just Italy we are talking about.  All over the continent major banks are in deep trouble, and the chairman of France’s second largest  retail bank recently told reporters that “I am much more worried than I was in 2009“.

And there is very good reason for concern.  On Sunday, we learned that a major “bail-in” had just been announced for one of Austria’s most prominent banks.  The following comes from Zero Hedge

And then today, following a decision by the Austrian Banking Regulator, the Finanzmarktaufsicht or Financial Market Authority, Austria officially became the first European country to use a new law under the framework imposed by Bank the European Recovery and Resolution Directive to share losses of a failed bank with senior creditors as it slashed the value of debt owed by Heta Asset Resolution AG.

The highlights from the announcement:

Today, the Austrian Financial Market Authority (FMA) in its function as the resolution authority pursuant to the Bank Recovery and Resolution Act (BaSAG – Bundesgesetz über die Sanierung und Abwicklung von Banken) has issued the key features for the further steps for the resolution of HETA ASSET RESOLUTION AG. The most significant measures are:

§  a 100% bail-in for all subordinated liabilities,

§  a 53.98% bail-in, resulting in a 46.02% quota, for all eligible preferential liabilities,

§  the cancellation of all interest payments from 01.03.2015, when HETA was placed into resolution pursuant to BaSAG,

§  as well as a harmonisation of the maturities of all eligible liabilities to 31.12.2023.

According to the current resolution plan for HETA, the wind-down process should be concluded by 2020, although the repayment of all claims as well as the legally binding conclusion of all currently outstanding legal disputes will realistically only be concluded by the end of 2023. Only at that point will it be possible to finally distribute the assets and to liquidate the company.

The dominoes are starting to fall in Europe, and I would expect even bigger announcements in the weeks and months to come.

Over in Asia, economic chaos is beginning to prevail as well.

In China, the stock market is already down more than 40 percent from the peak, Chinese exports were down 25.4 percent on a year over year basis in February, and Chinese economic numbers overall have not been this poor since the depths of the last global recession.

At the same time, the Japanese economy is really struggling right now.  As I wrote about the other day, Japanese GDP has shrunk for two out of the last three quarters, we just saw Japanese industrial production experience the biggest one month decline that we have witnessed since the tsunami of 2011, and business sentiment has fallen to a three year low.  The Nikkei has dropped by about 5,000 points from where it was last summer, and some analysts believe that Japanese markets “are being destroyed” due to massive intervention by the Bank of Japan.

Here in the United States, we haven’t been hit quite as hard as the rest of the world just yet, but there are lots of very disturbing warning signs all around us.

At the end of last week, we learned that it is being projected that U.S. GDP will have grown by just 0.1 or 0.2 percent during the first quarter of 2016.  And on Monday corporate earnings reporting season begins, and it is expected to be a very, very bad one.  The following comes from Business Insider

We are about to get confirmation that earnings growth for America’s biggest companies was negative in the first quarter, compared to the same period a year ago.

When aluminum giant Alcoa releases its results on Monday, it will mark the unofficial start of the heaviest reporting season for S&P 500 companies.

The final scoreboard is expected to show a 9.1% earnings drop for the quarter, according to FactSet senior earnings analyst John Butters.

If these projections turn out to be accurate, it will be the fourth quarter in a row of earnings declines.  This is something that we never see outside of a recession.

And for a whole bunch more numbers which indicate that the U.S. economy is in very serious trouble, please see my previous article entitled “19 Facts That Prove Things In America Are Worse Than They Were Six Months Ago“.

Of course I am just another voice in the crowd when it comes to predicting that the U.S. economy is headed for rough times.  For example, just check out what Societe Generale economist Albert Edwards is saying

A tidal wave is coming to the US economy, according to Albert Edwards, and when it crashes it’s going to throw the economy into recession.

…the profit recession facing American corporations is going to lead to a collapse in corporate credit.

“Despite risk assets enjoying a few weeks in the sun our fail-safe recession indicator has stopped flashing amber and turned to red”

He continued:

Whole economy profits never normally fall this deeply without a recession unfolding. And with the US corporate sector up to its eyes in debt, the one asset class to be avoided — even more so than the ridiculously overvalued equity market — is US corporate debt. The economy will surely be swept away by a tidal wave of corporate default.

As you can see, it isn’t just one nation or one region of the world that we need to be concerned about.

Economic chaos is erupting literally all over the planet, and global leaders are starting to panic.

Unfortunately, they have had seven years to try to fix things since the last global recession, and they didn’t get the job done.  Anyone that believes that by some miracle they will be able to pull us out of the fire this time and that everything will somehow be okay is simply engaged in wishful thinking.

*About the author: Michael Snyder is the founder and publisher of The Economic Collapse Blog. Michael’s controversial new book about Bible prophecy entitled “The Rapture Verdict” is available in paperback and for the Kindle on*

Gordon Duff reveals a lot more of what he knows about the technology and intentions of Mehran Keshe

Gordon Duff at VT shares a lot more about what he knows of the technology of Mehran Keshe, in part because Keshe has publicly revealed its use in the capture American drones at the end of 2011  and 2012, and Russia’s disabling of the USS Donald Cook in the Black Sea:

Several years ago, one thing became clear — that if Keshe technology was real, the world would change, and hydrocarbons would be a thing of the past as fuel, and that our world economy, an energy slave economy, was dead. It goes further.

Governments, the US, Israel and Britain, have been contacted about “sharing” technology that would, if Keshe is right, make the planes, missiles and even the billion dollar cradle to grave surveillance nightmare useless.

Now we can share what we do know, the basis for Keshe theory, for the Keshe machines, for Keshe’s irritating language of “magravs” and “plasma” is very real. His “crap” actually makes electricity “out of thin air” just like he said and, if that is true, and it is, then the whole thing is going to burn to the ground, the whole sick mess.

As of today, we can categorically state that Keshe tech is very real, that physics we are taught in school, physics the US publicly espouses as valid, is not. We had known that several major aerospace companies were involved in projects, not only outside conventional science but much further, including time travel, thought inducement and deep space exploration, all using capabilities beyond conventional reality.

We now know that though it all may not be true, much of it is now “probably” true and some of the “impossible” is certainly true. We begin:

Iranian nuclear physicist and peace activist, Mehran Keshe, has officially announced that it was his technology that brought down an American RQ170 Sentinel drone over Iran and disabled the AEGIS destroyer, the USS Donald Cook, in the Black Sea.

End of quote. I commend the rest of this article to you.

I share Gordon’s view that the Keshe technology is for real.

And perhaps it is an appropriate time and place to share my own involvement, as I have set up a business to distribute the products developed by the Keshe Foundation under the name Magravs Plasma Products, which is offering the growing range of Keshe Foundation products globally. This is not about the military (or perhaps better expressed as anti-military) application of this technology that Gordon primarily refers to, but products that can dramatically transform our personal experience of what it means to be a human being. Take a moment and pay the Magravs Plasma Products website a visit. It’s early days for this business and for the material I share with you on the website; however if you register on the site I will keep you informed.

WHO report reveals diabetes epidemic on an enormous scale

MICHAEL BRISSENDEN: The first ever World Health Organization global report on diabetes published today paints a deadly picture of a disease growing on an enormous scale.
It shows there are four times as many diabetics in the world now as there were 30 years ago and the disease is responsible for the deaths of 3.7 million people each year.
The report recommends governments around the world fully fund programs to bring down rates of diabetes and suggests using legislation and fiscal policies to discourage unhealthy foods like sugary drinks.
The only Australian contributor to the report says a sugar tax should be considered here, and questions whether there is the political will to address the problem.

End of quote.

Actually the WHO must be cheering. They are one of many global organisations that posture as having the health of humanity at heart but do not. WHO was created by the global elite and does their bidding, part of which is to reduce the global population whilst generating massive profits for those elite owned companies that posture as trying to protect and preserve human life. It’s a key part of the strategy, wherever you look: posture as helping humanity, whilst profitably killing and maiming them. Big Pharma is a classic.

So, what causes Type II diabetes? Simply put, it’s the huge and ongoing spikes of blood sugar, which trigger insulin to remove it. Apart from precipitating this excess sugar as fat (which is what makes us fat, not the consumption of saturated fats as we are told), the insulin regulation system becomes fatigued and finally gives up – which is what Type II diabetes is.

Returning to the article, of course sugary drinks are a factor (and the so-called diet sodas are not better – another way to quietly kill people), but that’s only the beginning of the game.

What is not spoken about is that so-called modern wheat, which came into the diet in about 1980, has been designed to kill. I say this for two primary reasons (there are others):

  1. The consumption of modern wheat spikes the blood sugar more than consuming straight glucose
  2. There are compounds in modern what that plug into the same brain receptors as heroin. They make us feel good and trials have shown we eat more when what we eat includes modern what than when it doesn’t.

This video by Dr William Davis tells this story better than I can begin to.

And modern wheat was created before GMO came into place, using cruder but nonetheless effective tools, so it escapes the GMO “labelling”.

But there’s more…

If you read the “science”, all sugars are largely the same – bad for you.

But there’s a little, well-hidden secret. The body has a mechanism for regulating the release of natural sugars into the blood stream that doesn’t work for refined sugars and carbohydrates, including white sugar and flour, that permeate so much of the food we eat. I have never seen anything specifically written about this. The understanding of it came to me through the spiritual work I have done for many years.

But there is very clear evidence.

The Glycaemic Index (the rate of conversion into blood sugar) for raw honey is about 32, whereas table sugar (sucrose) is about 60. Fructose (fruit sugar) is 12-25 if unprocessed.

At first blush, you would expect that honey would pass into the blood stream as rapidly as sucrose, but it doesn’t.

In other words, the body regulates the release of natural sugars, but not processed, foreign sugars and carbohydrates, thus not triggering the insulin regularity system in the same way.

But don’t expect the WHO to discuss this, nor the processed food industry.

They’re all too busy making money as they kill us with what they have addicted us to.

It’s a great model. Masterful. And all the while they posture as if they have our interests at heart.

The global epidemic in Type II diabetes is easy to understand and to protect yourself from if you are willing to look. Just don’t expect to find the answer on your television or in your supermarket food aisle.

Put simply, drink spring water and buy single ingredient foods and prepare them as your grandparents did – or not all. And read the ingredients of everything you buy and select those without added sugar and flour. It takes effort, but once done you can easily rebuy them.

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