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Study Finds Athlete Deaths Are 1,700% Higher Than Expected Since COVID-19 Vaccination Began.

“An investigation of official statistics has found that the number of athletes who have died since the beginning of 2021 has risen exponentially compared to the yearly number of deaths of athletes officially recorded between 1966 and 2004.

So much so that the monthly average number of deaths between January 2021 and April 2022 is 1,700% higher than the monthly average between 1966 and 2004, and the current trend for 2022 so far shows this could increase to 4,120% if the increased number of deaths continues, with the number of deaths in March 2022 alone 3 times higher than the previous annual average.”

I have previously shared some earlier, less thoroughly documented data on this. This report is hard to jump over. For me, athletes are a “canary in the coalmine”, since they operate at much higher levels of physical stress than most of us, especially their heart. So far, it has been kept out of the MSM quite effectively, but if a series of elite tennis players die mid-tournament or several elite Tour de France bike riders similarly, it will be hard to ignore, given they are so strongly in the public eye. Perhaps we will have to wait until next year. And the horrific death rates of the elderly are not so newsworthy, but the evidence of their genocide is easy to find if you want to look.

There are those working hard to expose this genocide.

I was surprised to see this article by Dr. Russell Blaylock published by the US NIH. That Blaylock would highlight this is no surprise but the NIH publishing it definitely was.

More powerfully, these few minutes of video by Dr. David E Martin share a litany of the companies and individuals deeply engaged in this genocide and introduces his own efforts to bring these players to account through litigation. His earlier litigation efforts saw the removal of the ridiculous masks from US air travellers.

Ultimately, the outcome of this and other current “games” in our world is assured. But we still have some journeying to do to reach the other side. Few can currently imagine how difficult life will become for most people on our beautiful planet over the next 2-3 years and many will depart the mortal coil in that time window and beyond – the jabs, starvation and despair perhaps being the major causes, but what is beyond all of this is beyond any of our imaginations – in a positive way. Life and people’s understanding and experience of it will be transformed as a plan that is far, far older than life on Earth unfolds around us.


Dr. Richard Presser

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