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Top French Meteorologist Persecuted for Debunking Climate Hysteria

Thank you, Sean, for this article.

Just months before the massive United Nations “Climate Change” summit hosted by the French government is set to take place in Paris, France’s top meteorologist is blowing the whistle on the hysteria surrounding alleged man-made global-warming theories. Blasting the UN’s controversial climate agenda and the corruption of science to serve radical political goals, chief weatherman Philippe Verdier (shown) with state-funded broadcasting giant France Televisions said the world had been taken “hostage” by misleading data peddled by politicians and climatologists. He also touted the benefits of climate change, especially to France, and blasted “renewable energy.” In response, his employer — essentially, the French government — promptly took the climate heretic off the air and put him on “forced holiday,” ironically, confirming a key thesis of his book. The devastating blow dealt by Verdier to climate hysteria in France, though, may be impossible for the nation’s Socialist Party rulers and media apparatchiks to repair before the UN climate summit. And he may not be the last whistleblower waiting to expose the fraud before the Paris confab.

Verdier is France Televisions chief of meteorology and the nation’s most famous weatherman, providing nightly forecasts to millions of viewers. Everything was fine until he ventured into what might come in the decades and centuries ahead. In a new book, dubbed Climat Investigation, or Climate Investigation in English, Verdier lambasted the UN Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC), saying its climatologists and political backers have “taken the world hostage” with misleading or downright inaccurate data. The revelations took France by storm, sparking furious outrage by politicians, Big Labor, climate alarmists, and establishment media outlets. Within days, the scandal went global, with the U.K. Telegraph and media outlets across Europe picking up the story. The news is especially explosive because it comes less than two months before the start of a massive UN climate summit in Paris where the UN, its member regimes, and establishment interests hope to approve a sweeping global-warming regime to ration energy use and re-engineer civilization under the guise of saving humanity from itself.

End of quote.

I was once told by a TV weatherman that most media weather people do not accept the global warming hypothesis. In his case, he had shared his opinion about it in another forum. Lo and behold, the thought police turned up at his work and demanded from his boss’s boss that he be dismissed and came with the resume of someone to replace him who would toe the line. They brought with them copies of, as I understood it,  everything he had ever expressed in any forum over the last several years. Fortunately in this case, he survived the onslaught after agreeing to keep his opinions to himself.

So, this outburst and the response is of no surprise to me whatsoever.

And if you think this was an isolated incident, think again. In this wonderful presentation by Ralph Ring, you will hear him tell how the “Men In Black” would turn up at a critical juncture and confiscate his antigravity spacecraft and other technology, which was based upon the work of Nikola Tesla. As is so often the case, movies are about hiding the truth in plain sight or foretelling events that will unfold.

As I have often said, our world is not as it seems.

Long-term climate variability in the Northern Hemisphere linked to solar variations

Another important study demonstrates that the sun is a major driver of global climate. It might seem self-evident to most, but we live in a world where we are blamed for a warming that ended nearly 20 years ago. Now, I’m not saying that every effect of that warming stopped 20 years ago since, as this study shows, there are inevitably lagging effects which may, for example, see sea levels continue to rise around low level islands for some years. Of course, those island dwellers are encouraged to continue to scream loudly about the need for climate action. We are familiar with leading and lagging factors in our economic system (tightening credit and higher interest rates slow economic growth, fairly quickly leading to a stockmarket fall, but real estate will usually lag this by a couple of years or so), and climatic systems are no different.

I quote:

The researchers found a time lag between variations in solar irradiance and atmospheric pressure patterns of about one to two years, which can be explained by an interaction between the atmosphere and the ocean. By comparing the two experiments with or without solar activity, they were able to prove for the first time that the sun irradiance serves as a phase-lock for the North Atlantic Oscillation. With this context, an increase of the predictability of the decadal NAO phase can be expected.

“The fact that the circulation in the upper atmosphere responds significantly to the solar fluctuations, is already known,” Prof. Dr. Katja Matthes, initiator and co-author of the study from GEOMAR explains. “On one hand we can demonstrate with this new study how the transmission of the signal to Earth’s surface and its interaction with the ocean works, and on the other hand we can show the importance of the chemical reactions for the coupling,” Prof. Matthes continued. So far, most global climate models have neither a sufficient resolution in the stratosphere nor interactive chemical components. “Although the solar effect on the North Atlantic Oscillation explains only a few percent of the total variance, the close relationship between solar activity and phase North Atlantic Oscillation is an important indicator to improve the predictability of climate variability,” Dr. Thiéblemont summarizes.

There is still a long way to go, for successful and reliable long-term forecasts up to a decade. Nevertheless, for successful predictions it is important to include solar fluctuations, Professor Matthes concludes. (My emphasis)

End of quote.

Despite the evidence, the monster that is transforming our world without public awareness (Agenda 21 and about to be revved up to become The 2030 Agenda later this month by the UN), justified by non-existent anthropogenic global warming, will continue on. It’s currently unstoppable. Does no-one stop and think about the consequences of these carbon emission reduction targets being set around the world? In the absence of alternative energy sources (suppressed by those same forces driving Agenda 21, since they also own the oil industry and most of the electricity generation industry), the consequence is a dramatic change in the way we live.

Do you have a smart meter installed at your house? Have you started to receive notices of how your energy consumptions compares with your neighbours? Have you received an offer from your energy supplier(s) to come by and do a house inspection to assess the condition of your house for energy conservation? All of this is tiptoeing steps towards telling you how much energy you can use. It’ll take a few years, but the wheels are turning and the direction is clear. The water is being warmed up and we are the unaware frogs. Our boiling is inevitable in this consciousness; not just in this way, but a thousand others. And it’s all carefully planned.

Exxon knew of climate change in 1981 funded deniers for 27 more years

I quote from this article:

ExxonMobil, the world’s biggest oil company, knew as early as 1981 of climate change – seven years before it became a public issue, according to a newly discovered email from one of the firm’s own scientists. Despite this the firm spent millions over the next 27 years to promote climate denial.

The email from Exxon’s in-house climate expert provides evidence the company was aware of the connection between fossil fuels and climate change, and the potential for carbon-cutting regulations that could hurt its bottom line, over a generation ago – factoring that knowledge into its decision about an enormous gas field in south-east Asia. The field, off the coast of Indonesia, would have been the single largest source of global warming pollution at the time.

“Exxon first got interested in climate change in 1981 because it was seeking to develop the Natuna gas field off Indonesia,” Lenny Bernstein, a 30-year industry veteran and Exxon’s former in-house climate expert, wrote in the email. “This is an immense reserve of natural gas, but it is 70% CO2,” or carbon dioxide, the main driver of climate change.

However, Exxon’s public position was marked by continued refusal to acknowledge the dangers of climate change, even in response to appeals from the Rockefellers, its founding family, and its continued financial support for climate denial. Over the years, Exxon spent more than $30m on think tanks and researchers that promoted climate denial, according to Greenpeace.

End of quote.

It is this kind of so-called evidence that the believers in anthropogenic global warming froth at the mouth about with a great sense of victory. Game over.

“See, we’ve been saying for years that it’s these big global sources of pollution that have been promoting the global warming denial. Therefore it has to be true.”

Or so the logic goes.

There are 3 issues here that I see:

  1. Of course the big sources of pollution want to deny it. Their business is driven by being polluters.
  2. Those who run our world have long funded both sides of every significant argument. It lets them control the debate and fashion the nature of the opposition.
  3. There is simply NO correlation between CO2 levels and global warming since man began to contribute to CO2 levels. See the following graph.

CO2 vs. Temp feb2009_fig1

The historical data in this graph is Vladivostok ice core data from Antarctica, with more recent data added.

This shows you that there was a historical correlation between temperature and CO2, but this has clearly broken badly since humanity began to generate CO2.

We are also told that the historical data says CO2 is causal. Actually, closer examination shows us that the CO2 rise LAGS temperature by about 800 years, thought to be because there is CO2 release form the oceans as they warm, which takes a lot longer than warming the atmosphere.

You can also see that Antarctica has been a lot warmer in the past than it is now. This is not the only data to show the our planet has been much warmer in the past.

For me, the important thing about the above article is that it is perfect reinforcement for those who believe in anthropogenic global warming; yet another reason to not look below the surface and see how we are being manipulated on this critical subject, for the specific objective of justifying Agenda 21, a subject NEVER mentioned in the mainstream press, yet it is a major, global, UN-driven programme, justified by this lie.

And just to remind you, I am NOT advocating that we should not behave more responsibly regarding our planet. We should. And this is how global warming deniers are discredited by warming supporters as a simple knee-jerk reaction, when the two issues are not connected. But they have been connected in the public’s mind. It’s like saying because you don’t accept the Holocaust myth based upon the undeniable scientific evidence, you are anti-Semitic. Excuse me?

Indeed, had the work of Nikola Tesla not been foreshortened by JP Morgan, we would have no need for the carbon economy or the planet covered with electricity grids we’ve suffered for the last 100 years or so.

Until enough people recognise that most of what we are told is true on almost every subject is in fact a lie and they need to do some real work to find the truth, then things will not change in this current consciousness. I know there are some wonderful, dedicated people who disagree with me, and I support their efforts to prove me wrong.

Psychologist-led study claims climate change deniers are conspiracy theorists and are damaging the public debate on global warming

I quote this article:

Professor Stephan Lewandowsky, an experimental psychologist at the University of Bristol who led the work, said: ‘These results add to a growing body of research on the nature of internet discourse and the role of the blogosphere in climate denial.


Prince Charles, who campaigns on environmental issues, recently insisted there was no such conspiracy.

He said the international bodies that now accept the threat of climate change could ‘scarcely be accused of being part of some half-baked conspiracy dreamt up by extreme environmentalists intent on undermining capitalism’.

End of quotes.

When they are using psychological research and Prince Charles to shore up the walls, things must be getting grim – the man whose mother is reportedly the world’s largest landowner.

I especially love the “undermining capitalism” bit. If you understand who is behind this scam and why, you will also recognise that the only capitalism they care about is their own. The “state” – meaning them – will own everything and we will be but serfs. If we’re still alive.

Look at what has been done to the world in the name of free trade and promoting democracy. Anyone want the democracy that has been brought to Iraq and Libya, for example? Bombed back to the stone age and the education system and literacy standards destroyed. Similarly Afghanistan.

And the notion of free trade has destroyed the United States and most other established industrial economies. Few are aware that the entire source of US government funding in the plans of its founders came from tariffs on imported goods. There was no personal income tax prior to the first term of Woodrow Wilson, which also saw the introduction of the private Fed, owned and directed by the global Zionist bankers. And who benefited from GATT and NAFTA and will benefit from TPP, etc.? The global companies, of course. GATT and NAFTA were the vehicle to destroy US manufacturing, and they were completely successful.

And I’ve already made my position clear on the global warming scam, created to justify the secretive Agenda 21 by the same forces that gave us the Holocaust hoax to justify the creation of Israel and embarrass the demonising goyim.

But these people hide their tracks carefully. Perhaps I’ll get some time in the coming days to expose more of their activities to you.

When Will Climate Scientists Say They Were Wrong?

I quote from this article:

Day after day, year after year, the hole that climate scientists have buried themselves in gets deeper and deeper. The longer that they wait to admit their overheated forecasts were wrong, the more they are going to harm all of science.

The story is told in a simple graph, the same one that University of Alabama’s John Christy presented to the House Committee on Natural Resources on May 15.


The picture shows the remarkable disconnect between predicted global warming and the real world.

The red line is the 5-year running average temperature change forecast, beginning in 1979, predicted by the UN’s latest family of climate models, many of which are the handiwork of our own federal science establishment. The forecasts are for the average temperature change in the lower atmosphere, away from the confounding effects of cities, forestry, and agriculture.

The blue circles are the average lower-atmospheric temperature changes from four different analyses of global weather balloon data, and the green squares are the average of the two widely accepted analyses of satellite-sensed temperature. Both of these are thought to be pretty solid because they come from calibrated instruments.

If you look at data through 1995 the forecast appears to be doing quite well. That’s because the computer models appear to have, at least in essence, captured two periods of slight cooling.

The key word is “appear.” The computer models are tuned to account for big volcanoes that are known to induce temporary cooling in the lower atmosphere. These would be the 1982 eruption of El Chichon in Mexico, and 1992’s spectacular Mt. Pinatubo, the biggest natural explosion on earth since Alaska’s Katmai in 1912.

Since Pinatubo, the earth has been pretty quiescent, so that warming from increasing carbon dioxide should proceed unimpeded. Obviously, the spread between forecast and observed temperatures grows pretty much every year, and is now a yawning chasm.

It’s impossible, as a scientist, to look at this graph and not rage at the destruction of science that is being wreaked by the inability of climatologists to look us in the eye and say perhaps the three most important words in life: we were wrong.

End of quote.

There are many threads to this global scam, one of which I discussed recently regarding Maurice Strong; but the key focus has been to create the context for Agenda 21. It’s called “Problem, Reaction Solution”, otherwise known as the Hegelian Dialectic, and we have it used upon us regularly, including with every false flag event. That’s why they are conducted. And global warming has been given such a shove, it’s hard to doubt it and few still do. It is so, so similar to the lies told around The Holocaust to justify the creation of Israel. The average person experiences similar disbelief to the notion that they are scams in both of these cases – just as was intended.

And whilst we are discussing the global warming scam, you may like to review this video, which discusses the recent arguments surrounding the growing ice extent in the Antarctic, including the area showing thinning due to an undersea volcano.

Maurice Strong – the key to understanding global warming and Agenda 21

The life and role of Maurice Strong is key to understanding how the myth of anthropogenic global warming was created and how it was used to establish the context for Agenda 21, arguably the most significant and most secretive plan for global transformation we have witnessed; more significant than the two world wars of the last century. As such, I feel it is important to understand how this has been unfolded in our world.

Arguably, the notion of scarcity as an issue for humanity as a result of human behaviour was given perhaps its first serious outing via the Club of Rome, with its 1972 report “The Limits to Growth”. This report contained projections that, if they had been accurate, would have seen us running out of most of the world’s resources by the end of the last century, if my memory serves me correctly. I remember reading it not long after it came out, in my student days, and being very concerned about the impact of these projections. It turned out to be a very healthy piece of fear-mongering by the global elite, perhaps their first step down this path.

Today as I look back, I now understand that our world had no need for an oil-based economy, except it served the interests of that same elite to promote and sustain it, and then use its likely scarcity as a powerfully ramped tax on the global population. Nikola Tesla demonstrated how to harvest the background energy field back in the early 20th century, but was stopped in his tracks by JP Morgan, a powerful banking agent of the Rothschilds. But I digress.

In my view, it is important to understand the way the controlling NWO global elite operate in the background and who the key players and organisations are if we are to see the threads of the Maurice Strong story. This video provides a useful, if inevitably favourable perspective on the emergence of Maurice Strong. I quote from that video’s notes:

From the CBC documentary ‘Life and Times’ (2004).
This clip takes a look at one of the world’s leading figures behind the New World Order agenda, and someone near the very top of the global warming/global tax/one world government swindle. For the past several years, Strong has been living in China following his exposed involvement in the UN’s Oil for Food scandal.
While the documentary casts an unabashedly favorable and glowing light on Strong, making him out to be a humanitarian of sorts and someone wanting to make the world a better place through his connections in business and government, those who have done the research and have studied Mr. Strong’s background and associations understand that this simply isn’t the case. However, this clip does at least highlight the dizzying speed in which Strong rose to power, as well as his many elite associations.
Despite having little education and almost no credentials, Strong was quickly risen through the ranks of power after being vetted by globalist kingpin David Rockefeller in the mid-40s, at the United Nations headquarters in New York City, after Strong landed a job there with the help of people who had connections to the UN.
Strong played a vital role in the rise to power of former Canadian Prime Minister, Paul Martin, landing him his first real job at Canada’s Power Corporation. The same goes for James Wolfensohn, former president of the World Bank, who also later hired Strong as an adviser.

End of quote.

This video explains how Strong was born in 1929 into a poor Canadian family. His desire to succeed was very evident and, at the age of 17, was working for David Rockefeller at the UN, which was when the UN was just getting started. It is clear that Rockefeller took Strong under his wing and defined his life path. It is only when you consider this can you explain Strong’s meteoric success in his 20’s in the Canadian oil industry, leading to financial independence and to heading up Canada’s Power Corporation, which this video demonstrates has been used as a training ground for Canada’s power elite. Interestingly, this Wikipedia profile of Strong fails to mention that early UN connection. No surprises there. In fact it says the following: Strong first met with a leading UN official in 1947 who arranged for him to have a temporary low-level appointment… Well, we know better…

But the real game for Strong – changing life as we know it on behalf of the global elite he serves – began in 1971. I quote from Wikipedia:

In 1971, Strong commissioned a report on the state of the planet, Only One Earth: The Care and Maintenance of a Small Planet [12] and co-authored by Barbara Ward and Rene Dubos. The report summarized the findings of 152 leading experts from 58 countries in preparation for the first UN meeting on the environment, held in Stockholm in 1972. This was the world’s first “state of the environment” report.

The Stockholm Conference established the environment as part of an international development agenda. It led to the establishment by the UN General Assembly in December 1972 of the United Nations Environment Programme (UNEP), with headquarters in Nairobi, Kenya, and the election of Strong to head it. UNEP was the first UN agency to be headquartered in the third world.[13] As head of UNEP, Strong convened the first international expert group meeting on climate change.[14]

Maurice Strong was one of the commissioners of the World Commission on Environment and Development, set up as an independent body by the United Nations in 1983.

End of quote.

Here is a brief 1972 interview with Strong by the BBC leading up to the 1972 conference.

The 1972 Stockholm conference was the first of what, so far, has been 3 conferences, 20 years apart, driving this agenda of global change; 1972 in Stockholm, 1992 in Rio and 2012, again in Rio. Coincidence or a pointer to a carefully crafted plan? The 1972 conference was also the basis for setting up the International Panel on Climate Change (IPCC). This video is part one of two made at the time to discuss the context for an unfolding of the 1972 Stockholm Conference. It is worth listening to the carefully crafted speeches and the words of Maurice Strong.

Wikipedia gives us a useful introduction to the IPCC:

The Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) is a scientific intergovernmental body under the auspices of the United Nations,[1][2] set up at the request of member governments.[3] It was first established in 1988 by two United Nations organizations, the World Meteorological Organization (WMO) and the United Nations Environment Programme (UNEP), and later endorsed by the United Nations General Assembly through Resolution 43/53. Membership of the IPCC is open to all members of the WMO and UNEP.[4] The IPCC produces reports that support the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change (UNFCCC), which is the main international treaty on climate change.[5][6] The ultimate objective of the UNFCCC is to “stabilize greenhouse gas concentrations in the atmosphere at a level that would prevent dangerous anthropogenic [i.e., human-induced] interference with the climate system”.[5] IPCC reports cover “the scientific, technical and socio-economic information relevant to understanding the scientific basis of risk of human-induced climate change, its potential impacts and options for adaptation and mitigation.”[6]

And this:

The aims of the IPCC are to assess scientific information relevant to:[6]

  1. Human-induced climate change,
  2. The impacts of human-induced climate change,
  3. Options for adaptation and mitigation.

End of quote.

Notice their brief is just to look at anthropogenic causes, implicitly ignoring such things as the sun!!! Was that a guffaw I heard? It’s a classic set-up, with the terms of reference defining the outcome. It is the assertion of this page entitled IPCC History Lesson and others that “Maurice Strong wrote the terms of reference for the IPCC Climate Assessments to cover only man-made causes of climate change”.

The next significant stop on our journey is the 1992 UNCED (appropriately pronounced unsaid…) Earth Summit in Rio, at which Agenda 21 came into being. George W. Hunt was exposed to the plans and actions of Strong, Edmond Rothschild and David Rockefeller leading up to the 1992 conference. He shares his extraordinary insights here. At that time, he did not know that Agenda 21 would come forth from that conference. Hunt’s interactions and insights leave little doubt as to the agenda, focus and allegiance of Maurice Strong.

This article by Julian Websdale spells out the context for and the content of Agenda 21, rolled out at the 1992 UNCED conference, including the role of Maurice Strong:

Agenda 21 was established at the United Nations Conference on Environment and Development in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, in 1992, hosted by Maurice Strong, a Canadian oil and business billionaire and long-time front man for the Rothschilds and Rockefellers. Strong has been a leader of their exploit-the-environment-to-scam-the-people programme which is now in full flow. Strong is a member of the Club of Rome, the environmental Hidden Hand in the Round Table network that includes the Bilderberg Group, Trilateral Commission and Council on Foreign Relations…

… Agenda 21 is called ‘the agenda for the 21st century’ and that refers to global fascism / communism. This is a summary of what Agenda 21 / Sustainable Development / Biodiversity is seeking to impose:

  • An end to national sovereignty
    • State planning and management of all land resources, ecosystems, deserts, forests, mountains, oceans and fresh water; agriculture; rural development; biotechnology; and ensuring ‘equity’ (equal slavery)
    • The State to ‘define the role’ of business and financial resources
    • Abolition of private property (it’s not ‘sustainable’)
    • ‘Restructuring’ the family unit
    • Children raised by the State
    • People told what their job will be
    • Major restrictions on movement
    • Creation of ‘human settlement zones’
    • Mass resettlement as people are forced to vacate land where they currently live
    • Dumbing down education (achieved)
    • Mass global depopulation in pursuit of all the above

This horrific plan is being coordinated through the United Nations, the stalking horse for world dictatorship, via a non-governmental network once called the International Council of Local Environmental Initiatives ICLEI), and now known as Local Governments for Sustainability although still using the shortened name ICLEI. The United Nations is now opening ‘embassies’ around the world called ‘UN Houses’ under the guise of raising awareness of UN activities, but not the activities that people really need to know about. They have opened one in Hunter Square, Edinburgh, Scotland, for example.

Local Governments for Sustainability (ICLEI) and other organisations are integrating the plan into every village, town, city and region and it is already becoming widespread across the world. The organisational infrastructure of Agenda 21 is already fantastic and involves government agencies, non-governmental organisations (NGOs), think-tanks, trusts, foundations, ‘training’ (mind control) operations and ‘initiatives’ which have been building the infrastructure for what they call ‘the post-industrial, post-democratic’ society while the public go about their daily business oblivious of the prison being built all around them by the hour.

Harvey Ruvin, a vice-chairman of ICLEI, was asked how Agenda 21 would affect liberties with regard to the US Constitution and Bill of Rights, private property and freedom of speech. He replied: ‘Individual Rights must take a back-seat to the collective.’ The arrogance of these people is breathtaking. The extraordinary network supporting ICLEI and Agenda 21 includes the Rockefeller-sponsored America 2050; United Cities and Local Governments (UCLG); Metropolis; World Economic Forum; United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change; United Nations International Strategy for Disaster Reduction; World Bank; Clinton Climate Initiative; Climate Group (Tony Blair); World Conservation Union (IUCN); Renewable Energy and Energy Efficiency Partnership; Global Footprint Network; Renewable Energy and Energy Efficiency Partnership; Global Footprint Network; International Centre for Sustainable Cities; Earthquakes and Megacities Initiative and the Stakeholder Forum. These and so many others are working to the same end – Agenda 21 and total human enslavement worldwide, although most of those involved will have no idea that they are building a global prison for themselves and their families.

End of quote. I commend this article to you if you want to understand what is unfolding.

This article entitled Maurice Strong – Man Behind Agenda 21 is also worth reading.

In essence, Maurice Strong’s key mission was completed at the UNCED conference, but he has continued on. Here is an insider video leading up to the Rio+20 conference in 2012, including words from Maurice Strong, made in April 2012.

For me, tracking Strong’s role through all of this is an illustration of how a potential player is identified by the elite, placed on a fast track and delivers for them.

And if you still consider that anthropogenic global warming is real, you may like to read this fictional romp by Michael Crichton called “State of Fear”. Crichton provides an engaging fictional framework within which he provides detailed actual data on global warming and how the scientific data does not support the heavily promoted lie.

Wake up, my friends, to the world in which you live.

Australian PM’s adviser says climate change is UN-led hoax to create ‘new world order’

The Australian prime minister’s chief business adviser says that climate change is a ruse led by the United Nations to create a new world order under the agency’s control. The statement coincided with a visit from the UN’s top climate negotiator.

Maurice Newman, chairman of Prime Minister Tony Abbott’s business advisory council, said the UN is using false models which show sustained temperature increases because it wants to end democracy and impose authoritarian rule.

“It’s a well-kept secret, but 95 percent of the climate models we are told prove the link between human CO2 emissions and catastrophic global warming have been found, after nearly two decades of temperature stasis, to be in error,” he wrote in an opinion piece published in The Australian newspaper on Friday, without providing evidence. (though there is plenty… Richard)

“The real agenda is concentrated political authority. Global warming is the hook,” he said, adding that the UN is against capitalism and freedom and wants to create a “new world order.”

End of quote.

Well, what he says is true (see Agenda 21), but why is he saying it?

Is it one of those cases of putting the truth out there in some way, as those running the game behind the game do?

I find it intriguing.

An informed perspective on climate change – and more

Ben Davidson is, in my view, one of the brightest young minds that have come to the subject of our weather and its influences. The ground he covers is truly extraordinary, and he shares all of his sources. I watch his 4-5 minute solar and terrestrial weather update most mornings. Ben has just released a video which discusses climate change and brings the facts to the global warming “debate”. I qualify the word debate because, for the most part, what we are told is a human blame and shame exercise to justify the secretive rollout of Agenda 21, a UN-driven (read global elite) program to transform life on Earth – for the worse for most of us. Ben confirms the 17-18 year global warming pause we have experienced, the latest views on modelling our climate, which have been horrendously bad until very, very recently, he refreshes the data on solar system-wide change, which in some cases completely overwhelms the changes on Earth and much, much more.

I commend Ben’s 20 minute video to you, regardless of your views on the subject of climate change. As always, he brings information to the conversation that you will simply not find anywhere else, expressed with a clarity and directness few can muster, and he gives you the links to check it all out for yourself. Thanks, Ben.

Evidence that the sun is important in climate change

Whilst the IPCC labours away with a budget of an obscene $4BN per annum to find evidence of anthropogenic global warming – their terms of reference EXCLUDE considering the sun – (this spending originally kicked off by George HW Bush, when he was President, with an allocation of $2BN), evidence is emerging – surprise, surprise – that THE SUN is important in climate change!!! (Hold the fanfare and the dancing girls…)

I quote:

In a new study published in the scientific journal Geology, researchers from institutions including Aarhus University in Denmark show that, during the last 4,000 years, there appears to have been a close correlation between solar activity and the sea surface temperature in summer in the North Atlantic. This correlation is not seen in the preceding period.

Since the end of the Last Ice Age about 12,000 years ago, the Earth has generally experienced a warm climate. However, the climate has not been stable during this period, when temperatures have varied for long periods. We have generally had a slightly cooler climate during the last 4,000 years, and the ocean currents in the North Atlantic have been weaker.

“We know that the Sun is very important for our climate, but the impact is not clear. Climate change appears to be either strengthened or weakened by solar activity. The extent of the Sun’s influence over time is thus not constant, but we can now conclude that the climate system is more receptive to the impact of the Sun during cold periods – at least in the North Atlantic region,” says Professor Marit-Solveig Seidenkrantz, Aarhus University, who is one of the Danish researchers in the international team behind the study…

…The detailed study makes it possible to draw comparisons with records of fluctuations of solar energy bursts in the same period, and the results show a clear correlation between climate change in the North Atlantic and variations in solar activity during the last 4,000 years, both on a large time scale over periods of hundreds of years and right down to fluctuations over periods of 10-20 years. (My emphasis)

End of quote.

You can find the study here.

There is abundant evidence elsewhere of the impact of sunspot activity on global temperature, the best known being the Maunder Minimum, so-called because a husband and wife team conducted very detailed tracking of the sunspot activity during this time and showed it correlated with that cool period, displaying an apparent “shyness” to release solar flares when the sunspots were Earth-facing, just as we’ve seen in the current period.

And it is so bleeding obvious that the sun should be a major factor in our climate. Yet good ol’ propaganda can convince us that black is white. And it does.

I’m drawn to share with you, once more, this graph of temperature vs. CO2 levels, the basis for the “Inconvenient Truth” video.

CO2 vs. Temp feb2009_fig1


This Antarctic ice core data (updated with more recent direct measurements) shows a very close correlation between temperature and CO2 up until about the time when humanity began to add to the CO2 levels. Then it breaks completely. CO2 levels are not driving global temperature. Al Gore’s pitch conveniently stopped short of the recent data.

But what’s interesting to me is that, if the data is examined more closely, it turns out the CO2 level is actually LAGGING temperature by about 800 years. That is, the rising temperature has caused the CO2 increase, not the other way around, as Al Gore would have us believe. Well, he made a damned good paid shill for a while.

Note, also, that the current high, which appears to have peaked according to this graph, is lower than the previous 3, which occurred roughly every 100-120,000 years.

And as I’ve said before, just as the Holocaust lies were set up over the prior 50 years about 6 million Jews being persecuted and the lies of Auschwitz gas chambers to justify the setting up of Israel and to make the goyim feel guilty for their anti-Semitic behaviour, so it has been that the anthropogenic global warming myth has been created to justify Agenda 21, by the same global elite in both cases. If you have a successful, working model, why change it? And don’t think these are the only examples, because they’re not.

Environmental scientist blasts IPCC “climate consensus”

Another example of informed people waking up to the man-made global warming lies of the IPCC.

Until nearly the end of the 20th Century global temperatures had increased by about 0.6o C, overall, with a period of cooling in the 1960s and early 70s, followed by continuing warming. However temperatures began to level off just before the year 2000 holding a steady, on average, since then. Then came the Northern Hemisphere winter of 2013-14.

Followed by a cool 2014 summer and what is already shaping to be an even colder 2014-15 winter. One cold winter proves nothing, though we are all predisposed to thinking a few hot or cold days mean there is a more significant shift happening. But in reality, global warming peaked about 18 years ago.

But it was never about global warming. It was always a stalking horse for Agenda 21. It is the most profound change happening on the planet today and almost no-one I mention it to has heard of it. Just as it was planned.

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