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The Cuban Revolution, the U.S. Imposed Economic Blockade and US-Cuba Relations

I find this article on Cuba fascinating. The disruption to the Cuban economy from the United States embargo is obvious and the stories of how they have kept pre-embargo cars running are legion. But here are some amazing observations:

Despite its longevity and severity, the embargo was not particularly effective in achieving its objectives, as summarized by Lester D. Mallory. Cuban Socialism still managed to be lauded for a number of notable achievements, including attaining full employment, providing universal health care services and universal access to free education, and achieving higher life expectancy, lower child mortality, lower child malnutrition, and lower poverty rates compared to any other Latin American country (Navarro, 2014, Vandepitte, 2011). In fact, a 2014 study published by the World Bank confirmed that Cuba’s education system is comparable to those of Canada, Finland, and Singapore14. In the past, the World Bank also recognized that Cuba’s international “success in the fields of education and health, with social services that exceeds those of most developing countries and, in certain sectors, are comparable to those of the developed nations”15. Furthermore, based on estimates from the United Nations Development Program, Cuba is ranked third in Latin America in terms of the Human Development Index (HDI)16. More precisely, according to the United Nations Human Development Report 2014, “Cuba’s HDI value for 2013 is 0.815— which is in the very high human development category—positioning the country at 44 out of 187 countries and territories17”.

In addition to its success in areas of human development, Cuba has also been active in providing practical foreign aid in the form of sending highly-trained specialists, such as teachers, doctors, and engineers, to developing countries where they are needed. Since 1959, Cuba has been sending doctors to countries in Latin American and Africa that are unable to meet the health care needs of their citizens on their own; this is a practice for which the island is particularly well-regarded. Currently, “around 50,000 Cuban health professionals work in 66 countries worldwide18”. Recent examples of such assistance include sending Cuban doctors to West African countries during the recent Ebola outbreak and to Haiti after the earthquake in 2010 where they were largely credited with ending a cholera outbreak19.  Additionally, Cuba also helps combat doctor shortages by providing free medical school to students from various developing countries. Havana’s Latin American Medical School20 is “the largest medical school in the world”21; since 2005, this institution has produced approximately 23,000 doctors and another 10,000 graduates are expected in the near future22.

End of quote.

For me, amongst many other things, including the health levels of the people, this exposes the fees now charged to tertiary students for what they are: a mechanism to begin the students’ financial enslavement at an earlier point than was so 50 years ago. Also, I suspect the high Human Development Index reflects an education system that seeks to uplift the student rather than dumb them down, and they probably don’t have compulsory vaccination programmes for their children. Castro was very astute regarding the games of the elite. I remember years ago how he brought his own chickens with him on a visit to the United States. I now realise he understood that there were those who would try and poison or otherwise try to destroy his health. He warned other South American leaders of this risk, not all of whom apparently took his advice.

How the U.S. Paid for Death and Damage in Afghanistan

An armored vehicle ran over a six-year-old boy’s legs: $11,000. A jingle truck was “blown up by mistake”: $15,000. A controlled detonation broke eight windows in a mosque: $106. A boy drowned in an anti-tank ditch: $1,916. A 10-ton truck ran over a cucumber crop: $180. A helicopter “shot bullets hitting and killing seven cows”: $2,253. Destruction of 200 grape vines, 30 mulberry trees and one well: $1,317. A wheelbarrow full of broken mirrors: $4,057.

A child who died in a combat operation: $2,414.

These are among the payments that the United States has made to ordinary Afghans over the course of American military operations in the country, according to databases covering thousands of such transactions obtained by The Intercept under the Freedom of Information Act. Many of the payments are for mundane incidents such as traffic accidents or property damage, while others, in flat bureaucratic language, tell of “death of his wife and 2 minor daughters,” “injuries to son’s head, arms, and legs,” “death of husband,” father, uncle, niece.

End of quote.

The glories of war. But this war was never about winning anything in the traditional sense. It was about developing and cementing the opium supply and locking in access to rare minerals. Job done.

Clear evidence that Britain’s JCVI puts vaccine policy before public and individual health

I recently came across a 2011 paper by Lucija Tomljenovic, PhD, entitled “The vaccination policy and the Code of Practice of the Joint Committee on Vaccination and Immunisation (JCVI): are they at odds?”

The Introduction to this paper says the following:

No pharmaceutical drug is devoid of risks from adverse reactions and vaccines are no exception. According to the world’s leading drug regulatory authority, the US Food and Drug Administration

(FDA), vaccines represent a special category of drugs in that they are generally given to healthy individuals and often to prevent a disease to which an individual may never be exposed [1]. This, according to the FDA, places extra emphasis on vaccine safety. Universally, regulatory authorities are responsible for ensuring that new vaccines go through proper scientific evaluation before they are approved. An equal responsibility rests on the medical profession to promote vaccinations but only with those vaccines whose safety and efficacy has been demonstrated to be statistically significant. Furthermore, vaccination is a medical intervention and as such, it should be carried out with the full consent of those who are being subjected to it. This necessitates an objective disclosure of the known or foreseeable risks and benefits and, where applicable, a description of alternative courses of treatment. In cases where children and infants are involved, full consent with regards to vaccination should be given by the parents.

Deliberately concealing information from the parents for the sole purpose of getting them to comply with an “official” vaccination schedule could thus be considered as a form of ethical violation or misconduct. Official documents obtained from the UK Department of Health (DH) and the Joint Committee on Vaccination and Immunisation (JCVI) reveal that the British health authorities have been engaging in such practice for the last 30 years, apparently for the sole purpose of protecting the national vaccination program.

Here I present the documentation which appears to show that the JCVI made continuous efforts to withhold critical data on severe adverse reactions and contraindications to vaccinations to both parents and health practitioners in order to reach overall vaccination rates which they deemed were necessary for “herd immunity”, a concept which with regards to vaccination, and contrary to prevalent beliefs, does not rest on solid scientific evidence as will be explained. As a result of such vaccination policy promoted by the JCVI and the DH, many children have been vaccinated without their parents being disclosed the critical information about demonstrated risks of serious adverse reactions, one that the JCVI appeared to have been fully aware of. It would also appear that, by withholding this information, the JCVI/DH neglected the right of individuals to make an informed consent concerning vaccination. By doing so, the JCVI/DH may have violated not only International Guidelines for Medical Ethics (i.e., Helsinki Declaration and the International Code of Medical Ethics) [2] but also, their own Code of Practice ( ).

The transcripts of the JCVI meetings also show that some of the Committee members had extensive ties to pharmaceutical companies and that the JCVI frequently co-operated with vaccine manufacturers on strategies aimed at boosting vaccine uptake. Some of the meetings at which such controversial items were discussed were not intended to be publicly available, as the transcripts were only released later, through the Freedom of Information Act (FOI). These particular meetings are denoted in the transcripts as “commercial in confidence”, and reveal a clear and disturbing lack of transparency, as some of the information was removed from the text (i.e., the names of the participants) prior to transcript release under the FOI section at the JCVI website (for example, JCVI CSM/DH (Committee on the Safety of Medicines/Department of Health) Joint Committee on Adverse Reactions Minutes 1986-1992; ).

The paper then follows with the following assertions:

In summary, the transcripts of the JCVI/DH meetings from the period from 1983 to 2010 appear to show that:

1) Instead of reacting appropriately by re-examining existing vaccination policies when safety concerns over specific vaccines were identified by their own investigations, the JCVI either a) took no action, b) skewed or selectively removed unfavourable safety data from public reports and c) made intensive efforts to reassure both the public and the authorities in the safety of respective vaccines;

2) Significantly restricted contraindication to vaccination criteria in order to increase vaccination rates despite outstanding and unresolved safety issues;

3) On multiple occasions requested from vaccine manufacturers to make specific amendments to their data sheets, when these were in conflict with JCVI’s official advices on immunisations;

4) Persistently relied on methodologically dubious studies, while dismissing independent research, to promote vaccine policies;

5) Persistently and categorically downplayed safety concerns while over-inflating vaccine benefits;

6) Promoted and elaborated a plan for introducing new vaccines of questionable efficacy and safety into the routine paediatric schedule, on the assumption that the licenses would eventually be granted;

7) Actively discouraged research on vaccine safety issues;

8) Deliberately took advantage of parents’ trust and lack of relevant knowledge on vaccinations in order to promote a scientifically unsupported immunisation program which could put certain children at risk of severe long-term neurological damage;

Notably, all of these actions appear to violate the JCVI’s own Code of Practice ( ).


The paper concludes with the following Summary:

In conclusion, by apparently prioritizing vaccination policy over vaccine safety, the JCVI, the DH and the Committee on Safety of Medicines (CSM) may have shown a disregard for the safety of children. Through selective data reporting, the JCVI in conjunction with the DH, has promulgated information relating to vaccine safety that may be inaccurate and potentially misleading, thereby making it impossible for the parents to make a fully informed consent regarding vaccination. Furthermore, by 1) apparently misleading patients about the true risks of adverse reactions as to gain their consent for the administration of the treatment and 2) seemingly siding with vaccine manufacturers rather than public health interests, the JCVI and the CSM appear to have signally failed their fiduciary duty to protect individuals from vaccines of questionable safety. If these provisional conclusions are indeed correct, then the information presented here may help us in understanding the UK government’s and the JCVI’s official position on vaccine damage, that is, one of persistent denial.

End of quotes.

So, this strongly indicates that Britain’s JCVI is mirroring the behaviour of America’s FDA when it comes to vaccination practice, not that this is surprising when you understand the game behind the game, and it will be like this globally, since the forces driving mass vaccination are global and their agenda is not public health. More accurately, it is maximising Big Pharma profit whilst reducing human function amongst the elite’s cannon fodder (you and me and our children), and reducing the global population to under 0.5BN.

If you are interested in looking further into this paper and its underlying references, you will find that all of the papers referred to have been “archived” by the British Government – except they didn’t show up in the archives when I searched for them (how surprising…). However, as I suspected, Lucija had copies of them all and you can access them in a zip file from my website.

Ohhh… One other thing…

I quote:

In 1989, 10 years prior to the “controversial” Lancet report by Wakefield et al. [3], the JCVI appeared to have been fully aware of the outcomes of the investigation carried out by the National Institute for Biological Standards and Control (NIBSC), which unequivocally established a link between the mumps component of the MMR vaccine (the Urabe-9 strain) and cases of vaccine-induced meningitis/encephalitis. In response to this, the JCVI appeared to have actively engaged in skewing and censoring data available to the public, continued to use the Urabe-9 containing MMR vaccines and made intensive efforts to reassure both the public and the authorities of the safety of all MMR vaccines.

End of quote.

Of course, Dr. Wakefield has been manifestly vindicated since his classic whistleblower harassment and persecution, but there are still those who argue that “Authorities” have discredited his paper.

Lucija has also done several interviews on this subject, which you can find by searching YouTube with the name Lucija Tomljenovic.

It’s time we all recognised what a lie is being perpetrated upon us over vaccination, and we recognised its true purposes. Again, I do not deny the possible place for limited vaccination (I do not have the knowledge to argue this case), but I do know that what we have is so, so far from that. I also acknowledge that there are those who do have the knowledge who argue there is NO place for vaccination.

Evidence that ISIL is a CIA and related Psyop

There is quite a lot of evidence as to the true nature of the ISIL radical Islamic operation as being a creation of the CIA, Mossad and cohorts. For example, this article reveals two British planes were shot down whilst delivering weapons to ISIL. Further, this article analyses the issue in great detail, providing extensive evidence to support this notion.

Police arrest lawyer questioning DNI James Clapper AFTER Senate hearing ends

This 2 minute video is a powerful illustration of the farcical nature of the public display of Government and the application of law, or lack thereof, when it comes to the likes of James Clapper and his lying to the Senate. Clapper outright lied to a Senate hearing about NSA tracking Americans and no action has been taken against him for his lying. I quote from the video page:

Despite a Senate hearing featuring Director of National Intelligence James Clapper having officially ended, Capitol police arrested and forcefully removed lawyer and activist Shahid Buttar for asking questions of the high-ranking official. Inquiring as to why Clapper lied to Congress about the NSA’s mass surveillance practices and how he has not been prosecuted for ‘perjuring himself,’ Buttar was ignored by Sen. John McCain and others as they filed out of the chamber.

They are all just actors on the public stage, and they are becoming so arrogant, there is not even an ATTEMPT to seek to demonstrate they are in any way subject to the law.

This was also demonstrated by the prosecution of CIA whistleblower John Kiriakou for revealing CIA torture, yet not one person involved with the torture has even been charged over it, let alone convicted. This excellent interview with Kiriakou by Abby Martin is worth watching. John compares the actions over unauthorised torture during the Vietnam War with what is (not) happening now. Very, very different.

To me, it illustrates that those who run the game behind the scenes believe they are on the verge of reaching their goal and they can begin to let the façade of human rights fall away.

Another forewarning of 9/11?

I have previously shared some of the fascinating work by Betsy McGee in revealing the foretelling by TPTB of the 9/11 events, showing how it was displayed in updated American banknotes, how a fountain has been repositioned in N.Y. to align with the towers and how the unfolding was foretold in many articles and TV shows, etc. in the years leading up to 9/11. This will not be of any surprise to those who track the practices of those who run the game behind the game. On some level they feel obligated to pre-announce their actions.

And now Betsy has shared another possible forewarning with us; namely, Divided We Stand: A Biography Of New York’s World Trade Center by Eric Darton. Published in 1999, it pre-dates the 9/11 events by a couple of years.

Section 1, Chapter 1 of the book is entitled “Fair Warnings”, and after a page or so, we find the following:

St. Paul’s is the oldest building on the island— a survivor still standing where New York City began—with a beautifully proportioned Georgian facade of brownstone Ionic columns facing Broadway. But it is St. Paul’s ancient cemetery behind the church that you’re heading for, where anyone who navigates the serpentine slate path among the headstones can find a bench to sit on and eat in complete tranquillity, just yards from the rush of pedestrian traffic on the other side of the palings. Even with the canyon walls rising around you, on a clear day you may find a patch of sun.

Here, you stare up at the tapering spire of the church, topped with its golden ball and pennant weathervane. A slight shift of your head, and you take in the massive square towers of the trade center, rising in parallel lines for a quarter mile until they simply stop.

A hot dog lasts only so long, and it is the World Trade Center you came to see, up close. So you leave the graveyard and walk diagonally across Church Street, past the pushcarts selling trinkets and souvenirs, past the huge concrete planters that are supposed to guard against car bombs, and up the steps into Austin Tobin Plaza, to where you encounter an entirely different WTC.

From, here you can see the Gothic detailing of the towers’ closely massed, aluminum-faced columns, stretching upward to what seem impossible heights. Even the skyscrapers surrounding these twins seem paltry by comparison. You look two Hocks northeast, toward Wool-worth’s soaring “cathedral of commerce,” relatively modest in its proportions, yet once regarded as the city’s most awesome exercise in skyscraper engineering. West and south lies the harbor, but your view is blocked by the twin towers that stand in between. You look up at them again. There is no denying the power of their mass and sleekness. But how much more clearly you could see the city, with its layers of accumulated history, if only these two vast and imposing structures weren’t here. (My emphasis)

The trick, then, is to make the World Trade Center disappear. This is not as difficult as it seems. Nearly anyone can do it. You don’t have to be a terrorist, a demolition expert, or a photo retoucher. You just have to go to the plaza and stand in the right spot. Choose either Tower 1 or Tower 2 and walk right up to it— not to one of its broad sides, but instead, to one of its narrow , beveled corners. Stand about as close as if you were going to have a conversation. Then look straight up. Four million square feet of office space stacked a quarter mile into New York’s skyline have been transformed into a thin gray ribbon of highway, stretching into space. With a subtle shift of perspective, you have caused one of the most massive buildings of the modern era to perform its built-in vanishing act.

But if one of the WTC’s secrets is that it can be made to disappear, what other kinds of knowledge might the towers hold? If you are going to find out, you will have to explore them, get to know their origins, their habits. You will have to ask them questions about what they are, and would be if they could. And you will have to talk with other people who have lived with and around them. To start by making the trade center disappear, though, seems a good way to begin. Because if you are going to get to know the WTC well— make it part of your own space and time— you must unbuild the towers, cause them to vanish from, the landscape. Then it will be possible to rebuild the World Trade Center, story by story.

Suddenly, without warning, the paving stones of the plaza heave up beneath your feet, and a blast of warm, acrid air buffets your cheek. Then comes the sound of the explosion. Seconds later, the streets fill with panicked workers rushing out of their offices, and before long, streams of dazed, soot-streaked survivors begin staggering mutely past. Then sirens shriek as ambulances arrive and medical personnel begin to attend to the hundreds upon hundreds of injured. Police cordon off the blast site as ire engines from every corner of the city converge. The mayor, obviously shaken, steps out of his limousine and is immediately surrounded by reporters. At the perimeter, you take your place among thousands of spectators, peering in mute astonishment.

Before you a familiar scene unfolds, yet different in its details from the traumas of your own time. It is as though by unbuilding the World Trade Center in your mind, you have entered a city that came before it: the Lower Manhattan of September 16, 1920, where a massive bomb, hidden in a horse-drawn carriage, has just blown up in front of J. P. Morgan’s Wall Street bank. And here you find that the blast of February 20, 1993, had a long-forgotten twin.

End of quote.

Now, all of this could be coincidental but, like Betsy, I doubt it. I am particularly drawn to its “built-in vanishing act”. Few people seem to understand that all N.Y. skyscrapers and perhaps all skyscrapers in the US require a demolition plan to be included as part of the building’s original design. None of these buildings stay there forever, so when you build one, you need to plan for how you’re going to bring it down at the end of its life. Betsy has bought into the directed energy weapon as the means of destruction as championed by Dr. Judy Wood. Although I’m not drawn to this explanation myself, it is very likely that many mechanisms were involved, some perhaps as a distraction from the main game. For example, it is clear nano-thermate was found in the WTC dust and could have had a role of sorts, but it is not going to pulverise the building and everything in it.

Instead I am drawn back to the built-in vanishing act mechanism apparently installed when the buildings were constructed, as revealed by Dimitri Khalezov, along with now abundant evidence of nuclear explosion results, including the many deaths in N.Y. from radiation exposure-related issues. Let me share a segment of a prior post of mine on this:

In my view, in order to understand the 9/11 event, we need to look behind the scenes. Yes, there is abundant evidence that those in the current mainstream political and financial structure had much to gain from 9/11, including the rapid implementation of the draconian Patriot Act, but was this ultimately planned at an even higher level?

Firstly, it is clear from this interview segment with Aaron Russo just before his death that Nick Rockefeller was well aware of the plans for 9/11 and the subsequent war on terror, including the plan to supposedly chase bin Laden through caves in Afghanistan well before it happened. So at the very least, the Rockefeller family was aware of the plan.

Secondly, it is also clear that the destruction of the buildings at 9/11 was a nuclear event. In this article, Gordon Duff discusses the extensively covered up trail of radiation poisoning that resulted from 9/11. This is further illustrated by the fact that, prior to 9/11, the term Ground Zero only meant the point on the ground above or below a nuclear event, and this was subsequently disguised by retrospective changes to dictionaries as documented by Dimitri Khalezov (p93 & p559). For me, the only question is: what kind of device was responsible?

Some argue that there were mini-nukes used; however, the level of ground shaking and the swaying of buildings reported (p171 of Khalezov’s book) was consistent with a much more powerful explosion. Moreover, the large craters left at Ground Zero are consistent with a massive underground explosion (this article claims it was glacial damage, rather than the result of nuclear melting…). Here is a closer view of the glazed, previously molten rock surfaces.

For me, the trump card is the knowledge shared by Khalezov from his time in the Soviet military that there were nuclear devices placed under the these buildings for its pre-approved demolition plan (skyscrapers in Manhattan and perhaps all major American cities require a plan for their demolition before they are built). I quote from p58 of his book:

“I indeed knew from the time of my former military service mentioned above about the existence of a so-called “emergency nuclear demolition scheme” of the World Trade Center in the city of New York, in the United States of America; and I knew about the existence of this so-called “emergency nuclear demolition scheme” of the World Trade Center in New York City during not less than ten years prior to the eleventh day of September, year 2001 (two thousand one) A.D.”

Bizarre though this sounds, these were not the only buildings where this demolition strategy was deployed.

So were these the devices that were used to blow up the WTC buildings? In my opinion, yes, based on the extensive evidence and technical analysis provided by Khalezov. The craters left behind, the size of the seismic shockwave, the pulverizing of the buildings and those unpulverized segments, including at WTC-7 are all consistent with the use of 150 kiloton devices, not mini-nukes.

End of quote.

To me, this is the source of the “built-in vanishing act” that was used to transform the world as we knew it, just as two World Wars, the assassination of JFK and other events were used before it.

The Mystery of Consciousness

The nature of consciousness is a subject I will return to in the future, but for now I want to share this refreshing perspective – for a scientist. Dr. Michael Clarage acknowledges the extensive work using the rigorous application of the scientific process in areas of psychic phenomena.

The results are more statistically certain than the clinical trials have to be in order to get a new drug released.”

Now, given the compromised nature of the FDA, this might not be saying much, but it does point out that there are powerful results that demonstrate the reality of these phenomena well beyond chance, and he provides some links to the underlying work. One of my favourites is the evidence using random number generators of a massive shift from randomness beginning some 8 hours before 9/11. Purely chance, of course.

So, if my scientific worldview friends are willing to challenge your rigid materialist belief systems, this video and its associated links might be a good place to start. But beware. Your beliefs will be placed under some serious threat by the work of those such as Dean Radin and Rupert Sheldrake.

Seeds of Destruction: Hijacking of the World’s Food System

In my opinion William Engdahl is one of the most important authors of our time. His research is thorough and his analysis up there with the very best. His book on GMO and its impact is important reading as the back doors begin to be activated via Ukraine and other paths to get bring the abuse to humanity called GMO to Europe, despite the public’s outspoken rejection. And once the wind-borne pollen spreads (grains are pollinated by the wind), it’s all over.

Chicago police detain Americans at abuse-laden ‘black site’

Think it it’s only the CIA that has illegal rendition sites? Think again. I quote:

The Chicago police department operates an off-the-books interrogation compound, rendering Americans unable to be found by family or attorneys while locked inside what lawyers say is the domestic equivalent of a CIA black site.

The facility, a nondescript warehouse on Chicago’s west side known as Homan Square, has long been the scene of secretive work by special police units. Interviews with local attorneys and one protester who spent the better part of a day shackled in Homan Square describe operations that deny access to basic constitutional rights.

Alleged police practices at Homan Square, according to those familiar with the facility who spoke out to the Guardian after its investigation into Chicago police abuse, include:

  • Keeping arrestees out of official booking databases.
  • Beating by police, resulting in head wounds.
  • Shackling for prolonged periods.
  • Denying attorneys access to the “secure” facility.
  • Holding people without legal counsel for between 12 and 24 hours, including people as young as 15.

At least one man was found unresponsive in a Homan Square “interview room” and later pronounced dead.

Brian Jacob Church, a protester known as one of the “Nato Three”, was held and questioned at Homan Square in 2012 following a police raid. Officers restrained Church for the better part of a day, denying him access to an attorney, before sending him to a nearby police station to be booked and charged.

End of quote.

I wonder where else they are in the United States and elsewhere?

Fresh leak at Fukushima nuclear plant sees 70-fold radiation spike

Fukushima continues to feed massive amounts radiation into the sea, contaminating the US & Canada’s West coast and with time the entire northern hemisphere. This article provides details of a new leak at the site.

So, are the world’s powers treating this is a global tragedy and bringing all of the available resources and innovations to bear upon it, or are they largely leaving it in the hands of TEPCO to manage? The answer is self-evident, and as such, it is clear that those who run the game WANT this to be happening. If you think there’s another conclusion to be made, I’d like to hear from you.

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