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The case against Popes Francis and Benedict, Queen Elizabeth and others for child sacrifice progresses

This video provides an update on The International Common Law Court of Justice (ICLCJ) actions against Popes past and present as well as other key world figures regarding child sacrifice rituals that they have participated in. It seems they are not short of witnesses, and it does appear that these figures are reacting to this action. More than that, a growing number of people seem to be understanding that the power truly rests with them and not with those they have empowered. May this action deliver on all of its possibility.

Climate models do not predict reality. None of them.

This is the daily weather update from Suspicious Observers for May 30, 2014. I am sharing it with you because it begins with a discussion of a 2013 paper comparing the accuracy of the various climate models. Woeful, in a word, but I’ll let Ben tell the story. It’s a sad fact that some of them correlate better with each other than any of them do with the reality we have been experiencing. He also gives you a link to the underlying paper if you are inclined to examine it for yourself.

All regular recipients of these emails or readers of my blog will know that the global warming story is complete nonsense, aided and abetted by the mainstream media and stitched together to justify Agenda 21. Yes, we need to derail the global warming lie, but the real target, the tool being used to clear people out of the countryside and herd them into tiny 300 sq. ft. urban apartments – Agenda 21 – is where our core focus needs to be. It is a global plan being implemented locally, and the full implementation of Agenda 21 will mean life as we know it on this planet will cease to exist.

Operation Choke Point forces bank to dump gun store

Here’s one way to shut down the gun business in the United States – have their banks stop doing business with them. This video discusses the process and refers to this Washington Times article.

It will take a lot to remove the guns from the public in the United States, and a multi-pronged approach is clearly being used. They are not simply relying on the false flag events that seem to be happening almost weekly, now.

Ed Snowden reveals the true depth of his skills and knowledge to NBC News

Snowden is not some low level analyst. He has worked undercover and overseas for both the CIA and NSA. He has lectured for the DIA. He has designed core systems for protecting Americans overseas. And he is forcing the overreach of public officials into the public domain, having tried to address it from within and been told to keep quiet.

This is a powerful and important interview, and in my opinion worth 40 minutes of your time to watch. Although this is but the tip of a very large iceberg, it is about as much as the public can possibly swallow at this time.

Why Common Core Must Be Opposed

This report by James Corbett on the origins and focus of the Common Core Curriculum education program being introduced in the United States with massive funding by Bill Gates is an excellent overview. It demonstrates how it has been put together in the classic “bait and switch” manner, and extends the “Education 2000” program that Cathy O’Brien was exposed to through GHW Bush and Robert C Byrd, her primary controller, and wrote about in “Trance Formation of America”.

It is a classic example of the broad range of mechanisms and practices put in place to focus the general populace on its place as dumbed-down, subservient, unquestioning workers to serve the global elite.

But people are waking up and fighting back.

And if you haven’t yet figured the agendas that Bill Gates is pursuing, take a closer look. Perhaps his significant purchase of Monsanto shares might give you a clue.

Paranormal You: welcome back by Jon Rappoport

Throughout the madness of what we call human history, people have always managed to make room for places where imagination can operate.

This operation isn’t about the normal avenues of emotional feedback. It isn’t about solving problems. It isn’t about staying faithful to standard beliefs. It isn’t about reflecting daily life.

It’s about something Beyond.

It doesn’t matter that most people consider these flights brief respites from the real business of living. It doesn’t matter that most people prefer to remain spectators. It doesn’t matter that most people deny their own imaginations have any true power.

It doesn’t matter that the works of artists have been co-opted, frozen, and recast as organized religions. It doesn’t matter that, time and time again, the work of artists has been stolen to assist control agendas.

Humans continue to make a place for something Beyond, in the hope that they can experience what they really are.

In my book, The Secret Behind Secret Societies, I recount my friendship with Richard Jenkins, an extraordinary healer, who worked with my people in New York, in the 1950s and early 60s.

Richard once wrote to me, “There you are in your apartment on Bleecker Street, painting night and day. You come up to my apartment to watch me work with patients, to find something different. I’m telling you that it’s the same thing. I hope you realize that. We’re in strange times, and they’re going to become stranger. People are organizing themselves as never before, on a much larger scale, all over the world. That’s the space of the future. Then there are other spaces, which very few people believe in. In those spaces, the most extraordinary things happen. This will be the choice that humanity makes as it creates its own fate. Live in the organized territory, or explore the other spaces. Dedicate yourself to one or the other. Don’t fool yourself with compromises. One day you’ll look back on our work together, and you’ll either cherish it or you’ll think of it as a momentary illusion…”

1960. First day of rehearsal for a college play, The Lower Depths. I walk out on the stage and look around. It’s quiet, but inside I feel thunder. Everything is different. New shining space. I start smiling. Without knowing it, I’ve been waiting for this moment for God knows how long. A place apart. A world where imagination takes on flesh and comes to life.

The theater director, Walt Boughton, is leaning against a wall. He looks at me. He sees and he knows. He nods. His message is clear: That’s right, my boy, you’re here, this is it, nothing will ever be the same…

We live in a society where consumers can pick and choose among thousands of narratives about themselves, their lives, their future, their duties, their needs, their status—all happening in the consensus organized space.

Awhile back, I wrote about a new Pentagon/DARPA project aimed at studying brain signals, in real time, to understand how and why people buy some narratives and reject others.

A common feature of most narratives is: limited life, limited power.

Or to put it another way, limited access to larger aspects of Self.

The trick of narratives, as retired propaganda master, Ellis Medavoy, once told me, is: built-in limitation; it looks like “desire fulfilled”; it looks like happiness.

But it isn’t.

And when people find that out, they experience buyer’s remorse.

“Why did I think that narrative described what I wanted? Why did I think it would make me satisfied?”

The space-continuum in which we live has its own narratives. They hang from it like barnacles. The gist? You can’t get out. There is nothing to get to.

Again, I refer to the brilliant hypnotherapist, Jack True, whom I interview 43 times in my collection, The Matrix Revealed. Jack did sessions with patients that went directly at the space-time matrix.

“Under hypnosis,” he said, “I had people look at the continuum and tell me what they saw. I had them describe it in their own way. Then I asked them to look outside it.”

The material from those sessions is extraordinary, in several respects. It helped me, when I was researching my companion collection, Exit From the Matrix.

Some of Jacks’ patients came “back around the barn,” as Jack characterized it, and ended up relating what sounded like dreams, dreams they would have while asleep. The narrative wasn’t smooth, it wasn’t moving from beginning to end. It was asymmetrical, just as in dreams, where the scenery shifts, where one event ends in midstream and another pops up, where the “plot line” dissolves…and a new plot takes over.

Several of Jack’s patients said their encounters outside the space-time continuum felt very familiar—as if they’d been there before.

Jack: “One patient said he found himself in a dim hall. It was very large. People were talking, but he couldn’t see them. A single voice took over, and a character stepped out of the shadows. He told the patient this was one of a great number of places outside ordinary space-time. He said there was no reason to consider this ‘visit’ strange or unusual. On the contrary, life inside space-time was unusual…”

There are millions and millions of narratives that are used to convince people that life inside this space-time is It, is all there is, is normal…

And normalcy is the key. That’s the icon, the symbol, the header, the trance-inducer. What is normal seals the deal. It labels what is allowed to be experienced. It tells people what is not allowed to be experienced.

These narratives about normalcy hold people inside the gates, and provide boundaries for Self. “Self can’t get any bigger than this.”

In the early 1960s, I was teaching at a private school in West Los Angeles.

These kids in our small private school were all rejects from the public system, or from other private schools. They couldn’t make it there. Many of them were what the psychologists called “acting out.”

I’d have to write a few hundred pages just to begin giving you the flavor of what it was like to deal with 15 or 20 of them, at once, in a classroom. It wasn’t about teaching content, believe me. It was about me surviving.

But at bottom, every one of those kids was, in his/her own highly idiosyncratic way, Not-Normal. That’s all. And what was driving them completely bat-crazy was, no one would deal with them on their own terms.

Everyone was trying to fix them. Everyone was feeding them narratives about “normal, fitting in.”

One day, out of desperation, I changed all that. In my classes, we worked up improvised sketches. Theater. No plot, no direction, no narrative, just off-the-cuff dreamtime in the moment and lots of roles, some of which they were already playing every day to a dead audience of teachers. But it wasn’t dead now. They had me and they had each other.

They jumped at the chance. They didn’t need any direction or instruction. It was as if they’d been waiting all their lives for someone to say, “Just perform what you’re already performing.”

They were actors. That’s what they’d been trying to tell adults.

And everything fell into place. They loved it, I loved it, we all offloaded a few tons of stress and a whole lot of insane normalcy…and then they calmed down. Not because there was a strict rule about behavior, but because they had escaped the tyranny of Is. And Has To Be. And Must. And Normal.

That day, the space-time of the continuum, in that classroom, went away. It disintegrated. What took its place was an island of joy. Which is to say, what sits outside this matrix is more real than real. When you find it.

It doesn’t have to be spooky.

It’s Magic Theater.

Sit down some time with a bunch of real stage actors and ask them when they feel most alive. A certain percentage of them will confess it’s when they’re on the boards, performing a role. That’s when they feel most like themselves, even though they’re pretending to be somebody else. That’s when the day-to-day space-time continuum goes away and new one comes into being.

That’s when normal steps aside and paranormal makes its entrance.

A fake space, a repressed space, a continuum of frustration vanishes.

Conventional standards don’t explain what is happening. They can’t.

Life. Theater. Theatricality. Roles played to the hilt. The Paranormal.

There is no single narrative for a human being. Sometimes the stage is dead, the lights are off, the seats are empty. But then we get a glimpse of something else. We walk up on the stage and feel that space and realize the old walls are gone and this is it, and we’re ready, and the energy comes out of nowhere and we do things we thought were impossible.

Normal disintegrates.

This is art. This is a level of life that is waiting for all of us. And whether we admit or not, we’ve been waiting for it, too.


Jon Rappoport

The Slow, Sure Death of “Climate Change” Lies

Writing in the Financial Post in October 2013, Lawrence Solomon, the executive director of Energy Probe, a Toronto-based environmental group, noted that “solar activity is now falling more rapidly than at any time in the last 10,000 years.” The Earth’s climate is primarily a reflection of solar radiation or the lack of it. From 1300 to 1850, the Earth was subject to a mini-ice age. While the global warming hoax began in the late 1980s, Solomon noted that, in the 1960s and 1970s, the scientific consensus was that the Earth “was entering a period of global cooling. The media in those years was filled with stories about a pending new ice age.

It was only the intervention of the UN’s IPCC that changed the “consensus” to one of global warming. A cooling cycle that began around fourteen years ago could lead to another mini-ice age or the planet could be on the cusp of a full-fledged one. On average, the interglacial periods of the Earth have lasted about 11,500 years and we are at the end of such a period.

As I’ve said before, you need to look at the parameters under which the IPCC was set up to understand their reports, and the parameters direct them to only look at man-made effects. Anyone noticed the sun recently? But it will take far more awareness to derail Agenda 21, which used global warming as its justification. Its rollout is at the grassroots level, all over the planet. It is how far the tentacles of this octopus reach.

How Monsanto’s GMO and “economic therapy” have been used to create famine in Ethiopia

This article is an excellent example of how the game is being played in Africa and elsewhere.

The “economic therapy” imposed under IMF-World Bank jurisdiction is in large part responsible for triggering famine and social devastation in Ethiopia and the rest of sub-Saharan Africa, wreaking the peasant economy and impoverishing millions of people.

With the complicity of branches of the US government, it has also opened the door for the appropriation of traditional seeds and landraces by US biotech corporations, which behind the scenes have been peddling the adoption of their own genetically modified seeds under the disguise of emergency aid and famine relief.

Moreover, under WTO rules, the agri-biotech conglomerates can manipulate market forces to their advantage as well as exact royalties from farmers. The WTO provides legitimacy to the food giants to dismantle State programmes including emergency grain stocks, seed banks, extension services and agricultural credit, etc.), plunder peasant economies and trigger the outbreak of periodic famines.

There are many threads to the plan to reduce the human population to 0.5BN, starvation being one of them. Do you consider it an accident that there is a surfeit of food on the planet and people are left to die?

America fosters the entrapment of Internet activists

The Government respectfully submits this memorandum in connection with the

sentencing of defendant Hector Xavier Monsegur, a/k/a “Sabu” (the “defendant” or

“Monsegur”), which is currently scheduled for May 27, 2014 at 11:00 a.m.  In its Presentence

Report (“PSR”), the United States Probation Office (“Probation”) correctly calculates that the

defendant’s United States Sentencing Guidelines (“U.S.S.G.” or “Guidelines”) range is 259 to

317 months’ imprisonment.  Probation recommends a sentence of time served.  As set forth in

more detail below, Monsegur was an extremely valuable and productive cooperator.  Assuming

that the defendant continues to comply with the terms of his cooperation agreement, and

commits no additional crimes before sentencing, the Government intends to move at sentencing,

pursuant to Section 5K1.1 of the United States Sentencing Guidelines (“Guidelines” or

“U.S.S.G.”) and Section 3553(e) of Title 18, United States Code, that the Court sentence the

defendant in light of the factors set forth in Section 5K1.1(a)(1)-(5) of the Guidelines, and

without regard to the otherwise applicable mandatory minimum sentence in this case.


What we have here is the US Government asking for and receiving what amounts to a pardon for “Sabu” for the active entrapment of on-line activists. He actively invited and encouraged on-line activities to hack into websites and other crimes on the Internet for the purpose of them being convicted for those offences.

Summarised in this tweet – USG asks for time served (7 months) as Sabu’s sentence for “extraordinary cooperation” with FBI to rat, admit, aid.

There are a number of tweets from leading Internet journalist Jacob Appelbaum @ioerror – a target of Sabu’s – about this and I share some these below:

What is the reward for Sabu for directly trying to entrap me and for actually entrapping many others? This: …

Jeremy Hammond is a political prisoner serving TEN YEARS for activities with Sabu, who will walk FREE by snitching on and entrapping others!

Sabu encouraged people to commit what the government says are serious crimes under government watch. It then puts them in prison for it.

Sabu (and thus FBI?) tried directly to entrap me – he would encourage me to do criminal things with him – which I always refused.

Sabu is part of a modern #COINTELPRO operation at the FBI and the DoJ to attack, discredit and harm modern social movements on the internet.

It appears that Sabu tried to entrap all of these people as well: 

Needless to say, the judge complied with the request.

John Pilger’s Utopia on SBS next Saturday

For my Aussie friends – if you haven’t seen John Pilger’s Utopia, I encourage you to catch this:

This controversial documentary film by acclaimed filmmaker John Pilger draws on his long association with Indigenous Australians. Saturday 31st May, 8:35pm SBSONE.

You may not like this but perhaps you will learn the truth about how we treat our indigenous colleagues and an introduction to why, and perhaps you will enjoy – as I did – being introduced to some who powerfully belie the stereotyping we white Aussies are indoctrinated with.

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