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Thank you, Kate.

If you don’t understand and accept what Dr. Peter McCollough, a highly credentialed and published cardiologist, internist and epidemiologist shares in this presentation, you probably won’t watch it or, if you do, believe it. I simply share it here in the hope that one more person will wake up and at least survive this genocide and, ideally, act to end it.

Have you noticed how even 3 jabs is not enough any more to stop this terribly dangerous virus that has the mortality rate of the common flu – which no longer exists? I understand Spain has recently officially declared COVID-19 as just another flu – the flu to replace/rule over all others… 

Have you noticed that the jabs are actually introducing the very spike proteins that the virus itself carries?

Have you noticed how often when someone dies of COVID-19, they have already been jabbed? It just shows how truly dangerous this virus is and why we need to destroy our world as we know it in the face of this ogreish virus.

We are living through the attempted implementation of “Commandment 1” as revealed to us on the Georgia Guidestones:

Maintain humanity under 500,000,000 in perpetual balance with nature.

The current global population is about 8BN.

And if you wake up to what’s going on, there is a simple product, made from food, that triggers your body to deal with the virus and to clear the interference from the jabs. Simple. And all of what is happening now was planned before life began on Earth.

I spent 7-8 years looking at how the world actually works, not how it is presented to us, and I have been expecting what is now happening for about 9 years. I didn’t foresee a “scamdemic”. In hindsight it’s obvious. However, if you haven’t realised this scamdemic is but the leading blunt instrument for what is happening in our world, you won’t have long to wait before the rest bowls you over. Visited a supermarket in the last week or two? All due to this dastardly virus, of course…

And I accept that most of you will go looking for one piece of evidence that you can use to counter what is being said here and go back to sleep. It’s how beliefs work and how we’ve been trained. Very, very few understand the difference between beliefs and Truth. Even fewer than I expected.

Some accuse me of not applying the “Scientific Method”. Spare me. I wrote about the hijacking of this years ago.

Enjoy the journey.

Ohhh… If you want to know about the solution to this scamdemic that was planned before life began on Earth and was documented in the Indian Rigveda of 5,600 BC, reply to this post.
Kind Regards,Richard 

Dr. Richard Presser

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