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More pointers to the COVID-19 scamdemic and its consequences

There is a growing amount of public evidence that more and more people are “smelling a rat” with this COVID-19 scamdemic or Plandemic, as it is variously called by those who can see it.

Firstly, this excellent analysis by medical doctor, Dr. Carrie Madej (also posted here in case YouTube removes it), discussing the role of the planned vaccination in moving towards what she calls Human 2.0, a hybrid human, tracked, trained and programmed. If you think this is some fiction, listen to Madej. For me, this is not new; however, Madej expresses it very cogently and in the context of what is currently being done.

Next we have an Italian doctor, calling this for what it is, including the inaccuracies of the RT-PCR test.

We also have a top French Professor of Medicine revealing the psyop on mainstream television.

Here is Dr. Ted Noel demonstrating the lunacy of masks in supposedly preventing the spread of COVID-19. It was never the purpose in wearing them, as many have shown. This is the best demonstration of this I’ve seen.

Then we have Bill Gates revealing his plans to reduce the global population.

Finally, yesterday (August 29) there were many protests around the world about this scamdemic. Here is David Icke (alternative at this link) presenting at the “Unite for Freedom” protest in London.

As I said, there are signs people are waking up.

Thank you to everyone who sent this material to me.


The COVID-19 Scamdemic, Part 1: The Hard Road To A New World Order

As I read this article by Iain Davis, I recognised a kindred spirit, another with his eyes open.

I am reminded, as I write about what is currently unfolding in our world, of that phrase, “There’s none so blind as those who will not see.”

This is where most people are. It is “safer” to deny what is in front of our faces than contemplate its consequences in our own lives…

I quote from Davis:

This global network of oligarchs is moving towards the final stages of its long held plan to construct a single global system of governance. Often referred to as the New World Order (NWO), it is a collaboration between supranational political organisations, like the United Nations and the European Union, controlled scientific authorities, such as the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) and the World Health Organisation (WHO), global financial institutions, including the World Bank, IMF, ECB and Bank for International Settlements (BIS), globalist organisations like the World Economic Forum (WEF), NGO’s like the World Wildlife Fund (WWF) and policy making thinks tanks such as the Council on Foreign Relations (CFR), Club of Rome and the Trilateral Commission.

End of quote.

Davis gets it.

I encourage you to read this article and watch the embedded video sharing the speeches of many political leaders espousing this vision. Apart from anything else, it illustrates beautifully that they are all puppets of those controlling the game behind the scenes – and that it’s not just me saying these things…

It also illustrates why this scamdemic could be rolled out globally, with few exceptions. And some of those exceptions are part of the plan, making it look like they are making independent choices, such as Sweden without a lockdown. These exceptions are also used for their own research and modelling.

As David Icke put it, “They have broken cover and the door has clicked closed behind them.” And Bill Gates, despite his money, influence and power, will be a fall guy as the true controllers seek to offer up a scapegoat.

But it won’t work this time…

Though expect them to throw everything at us. For example, I view the recent acknowledgements of UFOs as a preparatory step for a potential false flag alien “invasion”. I may have more to say about this.

We truly live in interesting times.


Tunisia’s PM-Designate Mechichi Proposes ‘Neutral’ Technocrat Cabinet – a stepping stone to planned global change

I quote:

Tunisian Prime Minister-Designate Hichem Mechichi has proposed a cabinet of technocrats without allegiance to any political parties, in an effort to solve an impasse in the country’s politics.

Mechichi barely met the deadline to present his new cabinet. A press briefing at midnight on Monday ensured his cabinet was submitted just before the deadline on Tuesday.

Technocratic government

Mechichi has attempted to circumvent Tunisia’s entrenched political divisions by proposing a cabinet of technocrats with no representation from any political parties. In the midnight press briefing, he stated that he aimed to use a non-political cabinet to accelerate economic development and improve social support for Tunisians.

Mechichi’s proposed cabinet is the second cabinet under consideration in six months. Former Prime Minister Elyas Fakhfakh resigned following a scandal over a conflict of interest with his business ties, leading President Kais Saied to appoint Mechichi as the new prime minister.

The newly-proposed cabinet needs to win a vote of confidence from Tunisia’s divided parliament. Without a positive result, President Saied would be forced to order a dissolution of parliament and new elections, which would present a new blow to Tunisia’s post-2011 democratic process.

End of quote.

When you understand the plans of the global elite, you begin to notice these events and see them as markers of the global plans being implemented in the “softest underbelly”. Part of their plan is to do away with the false paradigm, designed to distract the public, of politics.

Who created the political “democratic” system of “government”? Nobody asks. So few people look at context. They are completely absorbed by the content. If you don’t understand context, you are completely directed by those who set up the context. Think about it. It applies in EVERY area of life.

Most people think that politics provides the opportunity for the public to choose who rules over them, who they give their power away to. It has always been a false paradigm. Try to convince an American of this, especially in a Presidential election year. But…, but…, but… How could this all be false?


And so, when you have complete control, as they plan, you can do away with any semblance of choice by the public. In truth, politics is just a façade behind which the true power and control in our world is carefully hidden, and has been for centuries if not millennia.

When you look at English history and when you understand that Oliver Cromwell, the man responsible for the beheading of Charles I in 1649, was on the payroll of the Jewish bankers of Amsterdam, as documented by Captain Ramsay, you take a different view of our world. For example, Captain James Cook “discovered” Australia in 1770. That’s 120 years later… Which means Australia in its post Original people model, has ALWAYS been under their control. Do you begin to understand why Australia is such a benign police state?

And so, instead of politicians, we will have technocrats who will run things. In truth, mostly they already do. Look at the EU. A perfect example.

Expect it to show up elsewhere. And probably soon…


DPE technology shown to neutralise radioactive fallout in Italy from the Beirut waterfront nuke

Most people believe that nuclear weapons technology is still where it was at the time of WWII or thereabouts – big explosions and massive devastation that the world will immediately recognise. It’s so far from the truth and it is intentionally fostered to hide what Mossad, primarily, gets up to. Mossad has been using micro-nukes for decades, and they are attributed to “truck bombs” or similar. I understood this in detail from reading Dmitri Khalezov’s 3,000-page tome related to 9/11. Amongst other things, he provided ample proof that both the 2002 Bali nightclub bombing and the 2004 Djakarta Australian Embassy bombing were both nuclear events, conducted by Mossad.

Most people have no idea of this. This will never be in the MSM, and you only learn these things by looking outside the mainstream narrative, whose purpose is to obfuscate and keep you ignorant. This has been so for over 100 years…

It’s not something new with the COVID-19 scamdemic.

In 1920, Henry Ford wanted to share what he had come to understand about who actually ran America, and 100 years ago, he knew it would never be printed in a newspaper of the day, so he bought his own newspaper, the Dearborn Chronicle, to publish what he wanted to tell the American public about who owned and ran their country.

Here is a man of power, influence and wealth, and 100 years ago, even he could not get his insights into print.

And you trust today’s media to tell you the truth?

In a way, the nuclear weapons obfuscation reminds me of the allopathic treatments for cancer – chemotherapy and radiation therapy. Few know that these were enshrined in legislation in the UK in 1939 as the only allowed treatments for cancer, and I understand there is similar legislation in the US. And medical treatments have not progressed since that time??? Think about it.

I have shared with some people receiving this that the second and major bomb blast in Beirut early in August was an Israeli nuke, and some simply can’t accept it because of the conditioned perceptions of the current state of nuclear weapons technology.

And so, this article simply sweeps that away. It is discussing the evidence of the nuclear radiation fallout across Europe and how it was dealt with by an amazing new piece of technology, the PDE Shield and the DPE100.

That nuclear fallout soon showed up in Sicily and then elsewhere in Europe is not open to question. No question it was a nuke and the likely source, if you understand the game, will have been responsible – Israel. Indeed, there is evidence that they have followed this up with white phosphorus bombs along the Lebanese border regions. Again, the MSM will never tell you.

“Oh, well then, it can’t be true. It’s just another of your conspiracy theories”.

Spare me.

Almost nobody knows that this term was invented by the CIA to discredit those who questioned the Warren Commission conclusion that Lee Harvey Oswald was the lone gunman who killed JFK. Did you know that? It’s gone on to have a life all its own, a powerfully weaponised term, which is sufficient in itself to justify your dismissal of anyone who dares question the mainstream narrative on anything. The next time you use it, examine your emotional response. You immediately feel self-satisfied and vindicated – and you don’t need to critically consider the idea that has been presented to you. Job done. Go back to sleep.

Returning to the Beirut bombing – this article demonstrates how the extraordinary new DPE technology can clear radioactivity. We knew this, but this a powerful demonstration of its capability to do so.

So, this act of war has had one useful outcome.

And in case you wonder, sometime, why the Middle East is such a hotbed of seething tension and war, I suggest you seek out the details of the 1916 Sykes-Picot Agreement and reflect on its true purpose.

But you won’t find that in the MSM, either. These articles are one place to start.


WFP Requests $5 Billion In Emergency Funds To Prevent ‘Famine Of Biblical Proportions’

I quote:

United Nations World Food Program (WFP) Director David Beasley said the WFP is requesting $5 billion in emergency funds within the next six months that will help in the effort to thwart a global famine. “All the data we have, including WFP’s forecast of an 80% increase in the number of food-insecure people – from 140 million before the pandemic to 270 million by the end of this year – points to a real catastrophe, a famine of biblical proportions, “he said.

The dramatic rise in the number of people who don’t have the means to feed themselves because of depressionary unemployment, supply chain breakdowns, and crop failures is set to cause long-term economic damage that could prevent a vibrant economic recovery. 

End of quote.

Sigh… All part of the plan… Beasley cries crocodile tears.


Another example illustrating the psyop we are inside of with the COVID-19 scamdemic

Thank you, Gairn.

These two examples came to me within about 30 minutes of each other. The contrast exposes the psyop beautifully. There are many examples.

This is a video from Spanish MSM news, where a Spanish Emergency medicine doctor was interviewed, and he revealed that despite the MSM narrative that the level of hospitalisation in Spain was ongoing, just as it was in the Spring, it was simply untrue. They were seeing very few patients coming into the hospital and most of the staff were on summer holidays. He also reveals the inaccuracy of the PCR test, which is well recognised by informed and thinking people. It is taken from this YouTube video of August 19, 2020, but I posted this segment elsewhere because it is unlikely to remain on YouTube for long, given the unrelenting censorship.

Now, compare that with this announcement in Victoria, Australia, where the Premier plans to submit legislation to give him the right to set up a 12-month long lockdown, because of the threat of COVID-19 to all Victorians (my words).

The contrast is hard to ignore. Yes, Spain is in summer and Australia is in winter, but the ridiculousness is clear for anyone who wants to look.

In a way, I welcome this, because when this psyop is exposed, as it will be, the extreme behaviours, when they try to defend them, will look to more people as what they are – an exercise in deceit and disinformation. And when this thread is pulled, there is much that is connected to it.

As I have said, I have been expecting this grab for total control of humanity and an attempt to usher in the “Hunger Games” world for close to a decade. I have also understood that it will fail. I still don’t know how, but I am beginning to see a glimmer of how it can happen.

Watch this space…


The Siamese Twins Of Technocracy And Transhumanism

Patrick Wood has been writing and speaking about Technocracy for years, so what is unfolding currently is of no surprise to him. This article shares his current thinking.

I quote:

Technocracy and Transhumanism have always been joined at the hip. Technocracy uses its “science of social engineering” to merge technology and society. Transhumanism uses its field of NBIC to merge technology directly into humans.

To put it another way, Technocracy is to society what Transhumanism is to the humans that live in it.

Transhumanism as a philosophy has been growing for centuries, but only in the metaphysical realm. Its ultimate goal is for humans to escape death and live forever in a state of immortality. With the advancement of science in the last 30 years, Transhumans naturally migrated from the metaphysical to the physical in order to convert their beliefs into reality.

End of quote.

You may also like to watch this interview of Patrick by Spiro Skouras.


De Blasio’s ‘Utopia’? Quarter-Mile Food-Bank Line Spotted In Queens

This Zero Hedge article provides some insight into how things are falling apart in the United States. You are unlikely to see this in the MSM. Their focus is entirely on the record breaking stockmarket, which has the naïve punters piling in like there’s no tomorrow, just like 1929.

This earlier article provides some more details.

There’s a saying “when the bellhop is giving you stock tips, it’s time to get out of the market”. We are in that time. And when the stockmarket falls, as it will do – my guess on timing is October/ November, maybe after the US Presidential election – it will be the trigger that reveals the devastation that’s been wrought by the global elite under the cover of the COVID-19 scamdemic.

A number of commentators have described the current state as “the everything bubble”. Which means, when it pops, there’s nowhere to hide. Well, perhaps, except precious metals… Some add in cryptos. They could be right. Cryptos have no history and no underlying tangible value, so they are not for me. They are just another form of currency and the form that is planned for our future (personally, I believe Bitcoin was created by the elite as a stalking horse, but that’s another conversation), not real money. The world has been weaned off money over the last 2/3rds of a century and hoodwinked into putting their trust in currency alone, by disconnecting the USD from gold.

In 1929 and after, the DOW fell nearly 90%. I expect something similar. And it will be global.

Aussie real estate has to fall by 50% to approach “fair value” even at current (read historical) income levels. This could also fall 90%. Most people cannot conceive of such a thing.

Many people will have their life savings destroyed and will never recover in their lifetimes. In the US, at least the bank gets to wear the shortfall if your real estate sells with a shortfall. Not so in Australia. Most Aussies cannot imagine what is coming.

It’s all planned, my friends. All planned…

And much of this we cannot prevent. It’s locked and loaded, along with the global food shortages. We can change the medium-term outcomes in some ways, but not this.


Halting Our Descent into Tyranny: Defeating the Global Elite’s COVID-19 Coup

A good article on the COVID-19 scamdemic and what is being done.

Sadly Burrowes, its author, still buys another of their psyops, namely global warming, so please ignore his comments on that subject. Perhaps he will soon awaken to that one, also. Otherwise, he covers many of the issues quite well.


The Secret Society You’ve (Probably) Never Heard Of

Thank you, Rob.

The voice in this video is the free thinking, free spirited, wonderful fellow Aussie, Max Igan.

One of the phrases used to describe what humanity is faced with is “waking up”. Max has “woken up” to the distorted reality that is foisted upon us in every moment, and this video, provides some of the evidence of what has been hidden from us and, in a way, the transition we are currently going through. Not the COVID-19 scamdemic but the transition to which this will act as a trigger for, for many people.

Max talks about how beliefs lock us down and are used to control us, as I have expressed to a number of people reading this. It is only when you realise that your beliefs are not you that this awakening becomes possible.

I encourage you to watch this brief video. If you have not yet begun the process of which Max is speaking, there’s a chance it is not too far in your future. It is a key aspect of the time in which we live.


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