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Fukushima out of control

A very concerning update on what’s happening at Fukushima. In my view, it is a global catastrophe for which traditional tools have no answer. And all the while, the nuclear industry and ostriches continue to promote this technology.

TAO Revealed: The NSA’s ‘top secret weapon’

There has been a lot of press coverage of the Der Spiegel article on the TAO hacking program today. Here is a brief overview from RT and a more detailed interview about the ramifications of this with Glenn Greenwald by Amy Goodman.

For an in depth discussion of this and way beyond it, here is Jake Applebaum (@ioerror), one of the authors of the Der Spiegel article, presenting at the 30c3 conference in Germany today – well worth watching if you are interested in the depth of this surveillance. It will blow your mind, to use Jake’s words.

Here is the Der Spiegel article (there are 3 pages).

Here is an example of the NSA technology.

I will end with this with a tidbit from Mark Phillips, who told us many years ago that he was informed that all United States school children have been profiled SINCE 1952!!! They didn’t have much technology back then… Imagine what’s being done now. Mark knew about it because it was why those who employed him were interested in him. Mark did not speak for many years, I believe until he was a teenager, and they were interested in the workings of his brain…

For me, the idea that this is about terrorism (a US Government invention to begin with) is a complete sideshow. This is about complete tracking and control of every human being on the planet.

Thank you, Edward Snowden, Julian Assange, Jake Applebaum and everyone else willing to put themselves on the line to share this with us.

A miracle in Wisconsin

Jon Rappoport shares a great story about the impact of diet on children.

A Miracle in Wisconsin

by Jon Rappoport

December 30, 2013

I published this article in October of 2002. At the time, it was the most widely read piece I’d written and posted on my site. Its basics still hold up.

What I didn’t mention at the time was the corrosive role school-food distributors and their allies on boards of education play in the health of children.

These are the people who operate a corrupt system and mandate the feeding of toxic and nutritionally empty junk to students across the country.

One school took another path:

A revolution has occurred in Appleton, Wisconsin.. It’s taken place in the Central Alternative High School. The kids now behave. The hallways aren’t frantic. Even the teachers are happy.

The school used to be out of control. Kids packed weapons. Discipline problems swamped the principal’s office.

But not since 1997.

What happened? Did they line every inch of space with cops? Did they spray Valium gas in the classrooms? Did they install metal detectors in the bathrooms? Did they build holding cells in the gym?

Afraid not. In 1997, a private group called Natural Ovens began installing a healthy lunch program.

Fast-food burgers, fries, and burritos gave way to fresh salads, meats “prepared with old-fashioned recipes,” and whole grain bread. Fresh fruits were added to the menu. Good drinking water arrived.

Vending machines were removed.

As reported in a newsletter called Pure Facts, “Grades are up, truancy is no longer a problem, arguments are rare, and teachers are able to spend their time teaching.”

Principal LuAnn Coenen, who files annual reports with the state of Wisconsin, has turned in some staggering figures since 1997. Drop-outs? Students expelled? Students discovered to be using drugs? Carrying weapons? Committing suicide? Every category has come up ZERO. Every year.

Mary Bruyette, a teacher, states, “I don’t have to deal with daily discipline issues. I don’t have disruptions in class or the difficulties with student behavior I experienced before we started the food program.”

One student asserted, “Now that I can concentrate I think it’s easier to get along with people.” What a concept—eating healthier food increases concentration.

Principal Coenen sums it up: “I can’t buy the argument that it’s too costly for schools to provide good nutrition for their students. I found that one cost will reduce another. I don’t have the vandalism. I don’t have the litter. I don’t have the need for high security.”

At a nearby middle school, the new food program is catching on. A teacher there, Dennis Abram, reports, “I’ve taught here almost 30 years. I see the kids this year as calmer, easier to talk to. They just seem more rational. I had thought about retiring this year and basically I’ve decided to teach another year—I’m having too much fun!”

Pure Facts, the newsletter that ran this story, is published by a non-profit organization called The Feingold Association, which has existed since 1976. Part of its mission is to “generate public awareness of the potential role of foods and synthetic additives in behavior, learning and health problems. The [Feingold] program is based on a diet eliminating synthetic colors, synthetic flavors, and the preservatives BHA, BHT, and TBHQ.”

Thirty years ago there was a Dr. Feingold. His breakthrough work proved the connection between these negative factors in food and the lives of children. Hailed as a revolutionary advance, Feingold’s findings were soon trashed by the medical cartel, since those findings threatened the drugs-for-everything, disease-model concept of modern healthcare.

But Feingold’s followers have kept his work alive.

If what happened in Appleton, Wisconsin, takes hold in many other communities across America, perhaps the ravenous corporations who invade school space with their vending machines and junk food will be tossed out on their behinds. It could happen.

And perhaps ADHD will become a dinosaur. A non-disease that was once attributed to errant brain chemistry. And perhaps Ritalin will be seen as just another toxic chemical that was added to the bodies of kids in a crazed attempt to put a lid on behavior that, in part, was the result of a subversion of the food supply.

For those readers who ask me about solutions to the problems we face—here is a real solution. Help these groups. Get involved. Step into the fray. Stand up and be counted.

The drug companies aren’t going to do it. They’re busy estimating the size of their potential markets. They’re building their chemical pipelines into the minds and bodies of the young.

Every great revolution starts with a foothold. Sounds like Natural Ovens and The Feingold Association have made strong cuts into the big rock of ignorance and greed.

Jon Rappoport

Daniel Ellsberg fears a US hit on Wikileaks founder Julian Assange

I find it interesting that this video interview with Daniel Ellsberg from a couple of years ago saying Assange was at risk should come to me today, within hours of this video discussing the making of the Wikileaks movie “Mediastan”. Look at how different Assange appears. To me, he looks like someone who is on powerful medication and I would not be surprised if he is not with us for much longer.

There is no doubt that the US has the ability to deliver cancer and other fatal illnesses to people. This was discussed by Judyth Vary Baker, the girlfriend of Lee Harvey Oswald in New Orleans at the time the JFK assassination, i.e.  1963 – 50 years ago!!! It’s hard to imagine what they currently have at their disposal. I have no doubt this is why Fidel Castro brought his own chickens to New York all those years ago. He knew the Americans would try and kill him. It is said Castro warned Hugo Chavez to be vigilant about this and Chavez discussed this in this report. Unfortunately he was not vigilant enough and succumbed in March 2013.

I also cannot help but wonder about the virulent cancer that killed the brilliant, articulate, unconventional, fearless, outspoken Terence McKenna in 2000. He was such a threat to the stupor that most have been comatosed into, regardless of your opinion of what he had to say.

I hope I’m wrong about Assange.

MT Keshe taking stand against TEPCO

Thank you, Hedy. May enough people get behind this possibility to demand and force change. As I have said before, I believe this being allowed.


Mehran Keshe warns of the consequences of TEPCO dumping contaminated waters in the ocean.  He has the technology that can clean it up and free humanity from nuclear energy.  This has become no longer only a Japanese crisis, but a planetary crisis.


Posted Dec. 28, 2013 – 9:38 am 

The Fukushima situation has to be resolved now and not in the future and through a different channel than TEPCO.

I have put all my effort in these holidays and have canceled everything even my holidays with my family to write and make papers and manuals for Japanese community in how to recover their lands from contamination.

We have requested for the intervention of the Washington directly in this matter in the past 48 hours.

I have written through the channels available to us to His Excellency President Obama, asking for his intervention in this matter between the Foundation and the Japanese organizations (TEPCO) concerning Fukushima.

We hope the response will be positive as it was with the peace treaty and USB stick. We know His Excellency and the White House keep an eye on our work and have been doing so for sometimes as we are all aware.

You have to realize that once we release videos as has been asked by Japanese community of how to do the decontamination, then we need the government apparatus to get involved to collect and store the cesium and other radioactive materials, which farmers collect from their land.

Secondly public need to have the know-how in how to handle the collected contaminated materials.

We are here to help, and not to create a bigger problem.

We have been asked and we will keep this move very close to us until we solve the matter.

As I have said in my communications in the past week, now we are free from the power generator unit development and now we enter to solve this subject with full force and will not stop until is done.

As what has alarmed me, is that in the last week the authorities have mentioned in their press conference in Tokyo that they are considering in diluting waters held in giant tanks in the station and they are talking of then dumping this diluted water in the high seas.

We are not from the back of the mountain ignorant people, as TEPCO think.

This is not sugar to dilute and becomes less tasty and sweet to swallow.

This is tritium-contaminated water you are talking about, and tritium contamination will be on every man plate around the world in less than 12 month, if this move is carried out.

This move by TEPCO is lethal and inconsiderate and they have already through backdoors released large quantities of the contaminated water into the ocean anyway.

This shows that TEPCO think everyone is ignorant, as they have got away with their play for the last two years and have been playing with every mans life on this planet.

We are not opposing the cleanup, but we are setting the scene for reduction in contamination and reduction in volume of contaminated matters through the right channels and methods for their retraction from the ground and water and their safe storage.

Members of the Foundation and our readers, Please put as much work as you can on TEPCO, this is where the problem has to be solved.

TEPCO needs to know that there are correct solutions available to them and as world citizens, it is our jobs to protect the next generation and ourselves.

TEPCO has had problem with me and with the Foundation, as I am an Iranian nuclear physicist and the Japanese government has banned them to enter in any negotiation with us.

I offered the technology for the decontamination to the Japanese government, when I handed the USB stick to the embassy personally last year.

They did not refuse the USB and they never returned it back to us either.

So, if the patents and the information on the USB were good, then so is the decontamination process we offer should be good too.

If we do not see positive move, within days, as has been requested by our Japanese friends, we will release full process step by step on video to the public that they can start to decontaminate their lands and homes.

Do not forget that there are children whom are getting affected by cesium through playground in Japan too, and this is much worse than anyone could imagine and it is not getting reported.

We are here to serve humanity, we have asked for no financial rewards or payment from TEPCO or Japanese government, our technology is free for you to use, but if the move is not made by the White House and TEPCO, then I will teach Japanese in the coming days line by line, minute by minute live on the YouTube how to handle the whole situation, from making the material they need up to how to protect themselves and how to dispose of the contaminated materials.

I am sure then the world scientists will join us too to give their advice too to finish this job as a team.

Enough is enough, for foot pedaling for TEPCO.

We need to organize the same force as for peace treaty and help the situation, 2 years has been long enough to wait and go from one disaster to another with TEPCO.

I understand that they are under pressure to solve this problem, but now it is time to open the door for world scientists to come in and help.

Protectionism is killing all of us.

My message to TEPCO and Japanese government is simple, please learn from our Russian friends and Chernobyl, they asked for the others outside their borders for help and help was given and we all are living in a fairly moderate condition with that disaster as a humanity as we all helped and we did what we could at that time or at least we thought we did and could do.

Please open the doors and let us help or we will let the people to help themselves and you will follow the people.

Moreover, this is not how to govern, as it is not Japan, but the whole of human race, which this situation is putting and has put under threat.

We are not a pressure group, but scientific group, which we let our voice to be heard through our technology.

NHK Japanese television from their e-mail sounds to support us, once we start teaching and they will report.

We are waiting for the response from the world leader, if he can come in to give a helping hand.

IAEA will be involved soon and it has no choice but getting involved as they should have done something long ago and they were to busy with Iran situation and they have taken their eyes of the ball of the Fukushima.

TEPCO needs to listen to world scientists.

What I do not understand is that how can Japan’s Emperor and Prim-minster be living in the country, which its air and food is giving them and their family cause for cancer and they are not asking for their government to do something about it.

TEPCO does not have the expertise, others do, and now we are coming in as world scientists to make the change if they like it or not.

The tsunami destroyed the Fukushima PowerStation, but the PowerStation tsunami contamination is destroy the rest of the humanity.


Steve Pieczenik updates us on Sandy Hook

Thank you, Steve.




The   Rise of  Liberal Fascism:  Eric Holder’s “Project Longevity”   Targeted “Gun Violence” BUT FUNDED Connecticut Governor Daniel Malloy’s NON-EXISTENT   Newtown Massacre! 


Scripted   by Yale University Child Psychiatrist,   Dr. Robert A. King and St.   Anselm’s College Graduate Kathleen Koenig, RN  and investigated by 1983   Best Dressed Conn. State Police Keystone Cops.

  Welcome to the New Reichstag!!
    When Hitler burned the Reichstag in   the late 1930’s and created False Flag attack in Poland,     Hitler never would never have imagined that a Black Liberal American   President  Barack Hussein Obama and his sycophant Attorney   General Eric Holder [Mark Rich’s Whore] would create a completely   nonsensical narrative about a non-existent Adam Lanza and a confabulated   Newtown School massacre.   

Of   course, Hitler’s rise could not have been possible without the German Jews’   “Transfer Agreement”;  the Zionist assistance of Palestine;  the   funding of bankers [Jews and non-Jews]; and the help of American companies   like IBM [Watson];  Rockefeller Brothers [funded Mengele’s eye projects   in Aushwitz]; and the greedy Ford Company.

  Money drives ideologies and wars.

  But real people die in real   wars.

  And fake people die in fake   wars or school massacres.

  Which is more terrible?
    Do the means justify the ends? 

Is   a black president above reproach for having lied continuously   to the American people about Osama Bin Laden;  Benghazi;  Newtown   Massacre; and, of course, folks,  Obamacare? 


Should   the first black Attorney General Eric Holder be impeached for having created   Newtown Massacre through his Project Longevity intended to decrease gun   violence?   Or should Eric Holder should be impeached for lying about   “fast and furious”,   IRS Tax investigations of conservative groups et   al.?


When   should Connecticut Governor Daniel P. Malloy be recalled and  indicted   for misappropriating federal funds from FEMA to create a   Nonsensical Narrative and Stand Down called “Newtown Massacre.”????

  Dear readers,   I have waited a long time   for the this so-called 7000 Page CONFABULATED “LANZA’S PSYCHIATRIC TREATMENT   REPORT.” 

It   finally came,  as expected with a sordid,  highly textured,    conflicting,  deception by  Retired- Reuben  F. Bradford–the   first black Connecticut State Police Commissioner.   Conveniently,    Bradford,  Holder’s tool,   recently resigned.
    This coward,  Bradford,    working at the behest of the  Governor Malloy and his   Multi-Masters:  FEMA,  FBI and Eric Holder’s   Department of Justice,  did not have the guts to stay around and answer   real questions about this completely nonsensical,  pseudo-psychiatric   absurdity-called,  the Lanza’s Psychiatric Evaluation.       This report,  written by Adult Board Certified,    Child Board Certified,  Professor of Child Psychiatry:  Dr.   ROBERT A. KING M.D.    Dr King is a  Psychiatrist,    Child Psychoanalyst who worked at Anna Freud’s Clinic in London and Worked EXTENSIVELY   IN ISRAEL!!!

  Folks, remember this name!
    This is the Ultimate Judenrat!!    

The   Jew who betrays his own people—Americans,  Jews,  Christians,    Muslims,  Hindus,  Atheists.

  Why do I indict him?
    Because he,  by his own   incredible admission  “conducted a three-hour psychiatric   evaluation of Lanza on OCTOBER 2006″…  Furthermore,  this   unethical psychiatrist who should have never revealed any details of a   patient’s record,  if he did see him.     He   diagnosed the NON-EXISTING ADAM LANZA as  having  “PROFOUND   AUTISM SPECTRUM DISORDER WITH RIGIDITY AND ISOLATION AND LACK OF   COMPREHENSION OF ORDINARY SOCIAL INTERACTION AND COMMUNICATIONS. ” 


Wow!    Imagine that,  a diagnosis tailor made for the year long,    contrived narrative of the Sandy Hook False Flag!
    What is Dr Robert King’s purported   expertise?

     Obsessive Compulsive Disorders and   Psychoanalysis of Children!!

Very   interesting that I,  a Jewish psychiatrist trained at Mass Mental Health   and Harvard Medical college,  am criticizing the diagnosis by a Jewish   psychiatrist trained at the same schools within a few years from the time I   was there!!??  Such a coincidence!   

  Of course,  this is nonsense.

  It took a psychiatrist like me to disprove this   ridiculous narrative and to give the legitimacy to the NRA and others who do   not want gun control.  


But   let’s examine why the state of Connecticut is in such a sorry state.       Why would Governor Malloy and the chief of State Police go   along with such a doosey of a false flag like Sandy Hook??     What   do you do if you have millions of federal dollars at stake in FEMA,    Dept Of Justice,  FBI funds and you have terrible crime rates   (especially black on black crime)  in your big cities like Hartford,    New Haven (home of Yale: skull& bones, training center for many   past presidents), and Bridgeport???    Wouldn’t you go   along to get a lot of money???? 


  Why Robert King?  from Yale?
     I don’t know him and I don’t   care to know him.   But I do know a lot about him.

  First,  he was trained at the same   psychoanalytically pathetic institution that I had trained in and left –Mass   Mental Health.    King has the perfect credentials for RECRUITMENT   into the CIA, FBI , BOTH and other INTELLIGENCE ORGANIZATIONS like the   Mossad.    King is at best one of the countless number of   psychoanalysts that were and are recruited by the CIA,  the American   intelligence community /Military , and/or Mossad—he spent years in ‘Neuropsychiatric   Disorders’  IN ISRAEL.

  Why him?

  Why the big deal?
    I have no problem if a psychiatrist   works for the CIA,  FBI, or any intelligence organization.      As a former DAS and an America citizen I was more than proud to work with the   finest of the CIA,  the FBI,   and Military Intelligence.

    These guys should work against   enemies of the U.S.A.  not against American Taxpayers/Citizens!

Yale   gets big money grants from FEMA,  Darpa,  FBI,  CIA….so   they use the presidents of the Yale and its doctors/nurses to do their   bidding,   even if it means lying/ falsifying narratives to manipulate   and dupe the American public.    For those of you that want more,    look up the present and recent past presidents of Yale,  see for   yourself their area of expertise.    Look at the massive increase   in funding Yale received under its past president who just conveniently   stepped down in October.     I am sure the similar things happened   in Nazi Germany…..citizens wonder “How did this happen?” but its   after the fact….citizens still take hush money or are intimidated to   “accept the government story”.     How many times do we   need to show that the government lies!   9/11,  Kennedy   assassination,  Benghazi,  Death of Osama bin Laden….


Back   to Sandy Hoax…… 

What   about the other idiotic characters in Eric Holder’s nonsensical story called   the Newtown Massacre?

The   mother,   Nancy Lanza,  took her desperately autistic   son to the shooting range?   Despite the fact that the good Dr King says   he was on anti-anxiety/anti depressant medications.   Yet she was from a   idyllic, privileged  background in Kingston N.H.?  

The   father,   a big shot a GE capital,  escapes   prosecution in Libor scandal but his colleagues get indicted.  


The   killer himself,  will we forever be haunted by the amateur   photoshop image of his sweet,  robotic face?

The   Sandy Hoax Yale doctor,  Robert King,   who supplies the retro   diagnosis/evaluation for the killer.  Where will his next big grants   come from???  Big Pharma?  

The   crisis actors that look so fake on the videos fed to us by the controlled   media??? 


Let’s   look at the past/present political liars that have come from   Skull/Bones Yale.   This is how this stuff happens folks…..dive   in and see for yourself.    The funny thing is that the Sandy Hook   story is so bad,  most people that are talking,  don’t believe it.      

This   is a federal government that is out of control and they are   using your tax money to scare the crap out of you,  spy   on you and send you off to wars or experiment on you with   dangerous drugs.    Get rid of these people.   Start with   Holder,  then Obama and down the line…..before its too late.  

Let’s   make this false-flag-filled “Project Longevity”    short lived!


View article…


Journalist Glenn Greenwald condemned the mainstream media during an address at a German hackers conference on Friday

Thousands of attendees at the thirtieth annual Chaos Communication Congress in Hamburg packed into a room to watch the 46-year-old lawyer-turned-columnist present a powerful keynote address delivered less than seven months after he started working with former National Security Agency contractor Edward Snowden.

Here is a brief introduction to his speech, and you can listen to his entire speech here. You may want to skip the first 4:30 or so.

As you may have noticed, U.S. District Judge William Pauley yesterday dismissed an American Civil Liberties Union lawsuit contending that the NSA collection of “bulk telephony metadata” violated the bar against warrantless searches under the Fourth Amendment of the U.S. Constitution. 9/11 was a key part of his argument.

As I’ve said, I do not see any way that this full court press to control humanity and every minutia of our lives will end short of a shift in the context within which all of this arises. Those who point the finger at the US are missing the point – the game behind the game. This is where the control arises from.

Gone Fission: Fish caught near Fukushima may swim in food chain

We can expect an endless stream of stories such as this one.

Satanic Ritual Abuse

You need to know that this goes on and is deeply imbedded in the highest levels of power in our world.

I have previously shared this extraordinary testimonial of Toos Nijenhuis with many of you, which reveals how these rituals reach to the very highest levels of religion and political power. I never imagined a pope and his entourage and a head rabbi attending the same ritual abuse event.

And I have worked personally with two people who have suffered these extremes of abuse, and many who have experienced sexual abuse as children. Here is the story of one of them:

I was born in 1941; the German Nazis were still busy creating havoc in Germany!  No MK Ultra Mind Control at that point in time but when I read Cathy Obrien’s books, I could see some similarities between my upbringing and hers which led me to say “on the fringes of MK Ultra Mind Control”.  I believe that my father was a sociopath/psychopath but very smart and cunning.  He was very abusive and controlling. How did he learn to control? I don’t know.  As a little girl, I went to ritual gatherings with him where animal abuse and murder happened. He would take my blood and bring it to the gatherings for “communion”.  I was “sexually used” by the members of the group and at one gathering there was discussion of my being a ritual sacrifice. He also took me on “outings” where he would abuse and sometimes murder his victims.  He mutilated my vagina with a knife to create a larger opening so that it was easier to use me. My first more public outing was to the Freemasons Club where I was “shared” with the members who desired sex with a very young girl. His older brother seemed to arrange it all as a member of high standing in the Masons. Was this uncle a handler?  I don’t know.  

I learned from an early age that the next day after an event I had absolutely no memory of the previous day’s happening.  My life was perfect from the outside looking in and I believed it too.  I continually “forgot” all the bad stuff.  My father was a lawyer in the law firm established by my grandfather.  His brother was the District Attorney and my grandfather was a Judge. My Dad had almost free rein to make mayhem and not be caught or punished. I remember going to the police station after one particularly disturbing event when I was older. I was driven home by the police and told to keep quiet and to ‘be good”. 

I don’t remember a “handler” of me other than my Dad. I do remember being forced to contribute to the mayhem and I believe that I may have. My Dad had plans to continually “use” me as he desired and certainly did not want me to go to college. However, my maternal grandmother came to my rescue and said that if he did not send me to college, then she was going to the press and was not going to stop talking until someone paid attention to her.  She said she had secret notes stored in a place that would become public upon her death. I believe she knew a great deal. So I got to go to a good university and then to graduate school.  

There was a local boyfriend of mine that my Dad took a shine to.  He was offering him a place in the law firm if and when we married. I never made a life with this man to my Dad’s disappointment and this man spent his entire career in the CIA. In fact he still is working for them.  Was he supposed to be my next handler?  What missions were I supposed to do with him?  I wonder.  Instead I married a gentle man – stubborn with a temper but with a kind heart.  He believes that my Dad was abusive. Amazingly we have two grown children who are kind and loving and two grandchildren who know first-hand the pain of Newtown, Ct. but who are also loving and resilient. 

I had an incredible 25 year career as a real estate developer in the Boston area. My partners and I went from being a small boutique firm to the fifth largest residential developer in New England when I retired. Upon reflection I was almost always the one who continually stressed that the customer’s needs were first; I encouraged us only think of being “of service” (knowing the money would follow). 

What is absolutely amazing is that I had no knowledge of this dark past until about 16 or 17 years ago. I only knew the perfect parts of my life.  My Dad was visiting and I remember looking at him and saying to myself – he is old and frail now and he can no longer hurt you. With that, memories came flooding back.  And I do mean flooding in!  For months every night it was like going to the horror movies.  My life kept coming at me and the post-traumatic stress was incredible. It was hard for my family to take it in.  In fact the depth of the abuse has never been accepted by the members of my family.  My brother is convinced it is “false memory syndrome” and he will have nothing to do with me.   

I still have returning memories.  I still have huge bouts of fear but I continue to work through it.  I can’t say that I take complete responsibility for this life choice (maybe I was on a coffee break when this choice was made) but maybe it was for the very reason that you explore and write about what is happening on the Earth right now. I know first-hand about the dark.  From the depths of my heart and soul I desire a better world.   

I have written notebooks filled with these memories. I wrote as the memories surfaced.  At first because I did not want to forget them!  

I know the false memory syndrome’s origins.  My brother was not subject to the abuse as far as I know. I often suffered more abuse in order to protect him from abuse (so my father said).  My brother feels that it was not possible in our household. My father was a very revered member of our community. 

My father was born as a second son to my grandmother, many years after the first son.  She had desperately wanted a girl and dressed him in girl’s clothes.  Quite the start for him! 

Yes it runs in families. My mother was also a victim of abuse by her Dad. This grandpa was a Methodist minister and he abused me as well. I was often called to his study where the abuse took place. In fact he would drag me to the church when no-one was there and preach from the pulpit about my sins!  I believe that my father may have abused my daughter when she was a toddler and left in his care.  She has no memories of this. I do know that my grandchildren are NOT abused. They have a loving father and family.  We have finally stopped this multigenerational tragedy. 

I guess I did know that these practices are very, very old.  Some similarities between Cathy’s life and mine were very interesting to me. I certainly did not to go on and have the “career” in high level espionage and sex slavery that she did.  

I do feel loved.  It has taken a long time for me to be able to say that!  It has taken even longer to be able to say that I love me! And I admit that it sometimes is still elusive. 

Thank you for your continuing efforts to help me find peace.

My friends, let us not enter 2014 with our heads in the sand about what goes on in our world and how it is run and for what purposes. Our denial, our glib comfort in our own lives, our busyness with the minutiae of our own existences, our self-righteous assessment that what I write about is somehow not relevant to you or how or where you live, is the basis upon which this persists. Begin to understand the context of your life, how it is created and by whom, not just its content. Don’t wait for a bomb to go off in your own life before you begin to look.

Talking with the Christ

A blunt message delivered with colour and humour about the ridiculous state of Christianity in the world.

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