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Dr Rima Laibow has taken up the cudgels on the GcMAF and nagalase story. I feel this story is so important, I am reproducing her entire article here, though I encourage you to connect directly with her work:

These Dead Doctors Told No Lies. Is That Why They Are Dead?
Rima E. Laibow, MD
The social media has been full of speculation regarding the dozen or more holistic doctors who have been murdered in the US and Mexico (or have died under suspicious circumstances) over the past month or so. This is, frankly, quite frightening to me as a holistic doctor and frightening to me as a member of our society, as well. It is imperative that we understand clearly what is happening, why and how to stop it.
We have been researching and communicating with our insider contacts with great urgency in order to unravel this horrifying story for you and for me.
I am writing to you today to share everything that we know so far – and it is not good. If you know me, you know very well that I am one holistic doctor who does not intend to disappear or be silenced. I am in excellent health and am careful about my whereabouts and security. Having a retired major general as a husband helps.
I pondered out loud on FB/NaturalSolutionsFoundation whether these doctors were connected in their work and therefore in their tragic deaths and it looks very much as if that is the case.
The implications are beyond monumental and could, quite literally, change our whole world.
It would appear that there are several links among these tragically deceased doctors. The link is not in how they died (assault weapons, blunt trauma, apparent induced heart attack or stroke, rifle wound to the chest, etc.)
The link appears to be that they were on a potent cure for two major cash cow depopulation tools: autism and cancer, using a simple strategy to give the body back the immune capacity to health itself that the DEADLY CHEMICAL INTRODUCED INTO US THROUGH MISLABELED, APPARENTLY INTENTIONALLY CONTAMINATED VACCINES literally poisons.
Of course, these doctors were using natural, non-toxic means to cure, yes, CURE, autism, cancer and other degenerative diseases of immune distortion and failure. That’s the link.
Two of the most recent, and unexpected, deaths, autism doctor Jeff Bradstreet and cancer doctor, Nick Gonzalez, appear to point to the fact that both of them were looking at, and using, supplementation with a naturally produced immune factor, GcMAF, after it was blocked by the apparent vaccine-related introduction of a highly disruptive and dangerous enzyme. This involved understanding the curious connections among a certain enzyme (Nagalase), an immune factor (GcMAF) in cancer and autism as well as a host of other degenerative (and wildly profitable) diseases.
The accusation is that Nagalase, which inhibits GcMAF, is an undeclared ingredient in many vaccines. This remains to be proven. Certain facts lead me to think it is probable, thereby making those vaccines “misbranded” and illegal. That, of course, would open the door to tort (damage) liability on the part of the vaccine manufacturers for the one area they are still vulnerable to legal action for: Willful Negligence. When Congress illegally took away our right to redress against the vaxx pushers in 1986, they left this one loophole.
Take a deep breath. What I am about to share with you is, as see it, negligent at a level so breathtaking that its magnitude is literally hard to wrap my mind around. It appears that the very companies that make a profit from every illness we experience, have been adding something that they KNOW will cause autism, cancer and a wide variety of other diseases into the vaccines that they – and their complicit criminals in our regulatory agencies, the FDA, CDC, etc.- claim are “safe and effective” — while the science shows what the Supreme Court said, vaccines are “unavoidably unsafe.”

Yes, they make tainted vaccines. That didn’t stop when the SV40 cancer-causing virus was removed from the polio vaccine (after infecting 98,000,000 Americans). We pay for these vile brews and infect them into ourselves and our children and then they make a ghastly blood profit from the needless suffering that they have induced.
Although drug companies have been granted an insane level of insulation from tort liability from their unavoidably unsafe vaccines there is one area in which they still are vulnerable: they are still liable for damages if they are found to have engaged in willful negligence. Putting poison into vaccines without announcing that fact on the label constitutes willful and negligent behavior.
Denying us the “informed” part of Informed Consent constitutes a crime against humanity.
Yes, if you wanted to find the one link that would raise Big Pharma’s ire, impelling them to call upon the deadly resources of their government’s security apparatus to rid them of troublesome doctors, you could not do better than linking vaccines, cancer and autism and showing the cure is at hand through a simple supplement!
The plot thickens, however. Bear with me here. This may seem to wander far afield, but it is right on target.
Vitamin D is the key here because this vitamin is the key to our body turning out enough GcMAF to get rid of cancers that appear, control auto immune damage and carry out all sort of immune functions.
So, along with introduced Nagalase, which stops the production of GcMAF and allows the cancer to proceed out of immune system control, the autism to progress, the viral disease to evade immune repair, etc.
Along with vile crimes committed by contaminating vaccine vials and murdering good doctors who figured out how to reverse the intentional damage caused by adding Nagalase and were actually curing their patients with GcMAF, we have to ask why the frantic recommendations to have people wear sunscreen and the urgent recommendations to lower the amount of Vitamin D3 they take.
Study after study shows that cancer, influenza and a host of other diseases are reduced when D3 levels are high.
Fifty percent of Malignant Melanoma, the disease “prevented” by sunscreen, are in areas that NEVER SEE THE SUN. But if the official program is profit and population reduction through decreasing GcMAF, you need to get rid of Vitamin D3 which is the molecule from which GcMAF is manufactured in the body! Nagalase directly interferes with that process.
Without GcMAF, the entire cascade of immune actions cannot be initiated. So getting rid of Vitamin D AND introducing Nagalase assures, absolutely guarantees, that there will be huge numbers of cancers, autism cases and illness and death at every hand from viral and other diseases.
Oh, yes. The only company manufacturing GcMAF has been shut down. Can’t have people getting cured, now can we?

Here’s what we need to do:
1. Create a huge demand for a complete moratorium on vaccination of any type immediately Do that here: Share this link WIDELY
2. Test six vials of currently available vaccines for Nagalase immediately (write to me if you have vials available and we will coordinate this test and make the results available world wide).
3. Join us in calling for an Independent Special Prosecutor to investigate the murders of the doctors and the adulteration of vaccines with Nagalase. This Special Prosecutor must be acceptable to us as well as to the Politicos and the Big Pharma companies they serve.
4. Support Informed Consent by taking this Action Item demanding the FDA honor US and International Law
5. Support our FDA petitions and litigation:
7. Like our FB page, NaturalSolutionsFoundation, and ask all of your contacts to do the same. We’ll be spearheading this action through this page and the information will be there. I can promise you that we’ll be facing a huge amount of opposition but we have the capacity to win this and end the decades of damage that the Pharmaceutical industry and its bought-and-paid-for co-conspirators have done to all of us.

Yours in health and freedom,
Dr. Rima


End of quote.

Thank you, Rima. If someone will dig out the truth on this, it is you.

If you are not familiar with Rima, her background and her work, I recommend this wonderful interview of Rima by Kate Johnston.

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