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Why do the Israelis have a 777 identical to MH370 in a hangar in Tel Aviv?

This story hit the Internet last night.

According to reports from plane-spotters, Israel has an identical Malaysia Airlines Boeing 777-200 in storage in Tel Aviv since November 2013. The only visible difference between the missing plane and the one in Tel Aviv would be its serial number. What do the Israelis have planned with the twin Malaysia Airlines plane?

A little publicity might stop any nefarious plans they may have.

Kirby de Lanerolle demonstrates we do not need food to live

Kirby de Lanerolle is a Sri Lankan who claims he has lived with only minimal food – living as a breatharian –  for 5 years. He says he eats occasionally for the joy of eating, not for its sustenance. I have written about this phenomenon before, including the story of Prahlad Jani, who has lived for 70 years without food or water; but the thing that is different about Kirby is here we have an articulate champion and teacher of this practice. And we may we all look as fit and healthy as Kirby does!!!

Here is a 23 minute interview by Lilou Mace, which I recommend, and here is a short, 3 minute segment from a longer program by National Geographic on Kirby. In simple terms, food does have to be the defining factor in human life that it currently is. Mehran Keshe claims that we all already get some 80% of our energy requirements from such energy sources (e.g.  prana from the sun).

But don’t hold your breath waiting for breatharianism to be taught through any official channels. It threatens way too many pillars of this matrix we live inside.

“The True Stories of the Templar Knights” videos now available for pre-order

I am excited to announce that “The True Stories of the Templar Knights” videos are now available for pre-order.

Back in 2010 and 2011, Carolyn Evers and I took a series of messages from the Knights Templar. The Knights Templar lived nearly 1,000 years ago and left a trail in history that is widely misunderstood. They lived in a time when the Catholic Church was at the height of its power, and anyone who did not abide by its teachings was brought before the Inquisition and likely to be tortured to death. This meant secrecy was paramount, and it meant that the Knights Templar kept their most precious secrets orally – never written down – and many died to protect those secrets. So, on the surface they were good Catholics, but behind this was layer upon layer of secrets of the Light that would have seen them hauled before the Inquisition if it was discovered.

They told us that they came forth to share their story with us because their work was in part to support the changes coming forth in our time, and because their secrets could now be safely shared, since the changes in energies meant those secrets could no longer be misused by those who might wish to do so.

They built the Gothic Cathedrals

What is not well known is they built the Gothic Cathedrals in Europe, on ancient energy sites known to the Druids and those who went before them.

Chartres Cathedral – focussed upon the heart chakra

Amongst these extraordinary Cathedrals is a set of seven, beginning in Spain and ending in Scotland that were built as an initiation path – indeed, an Ascension path – and each one corresponded to one of the key chakra points in the body. Not only that, the Cathedrals were lined with secret symbols that were relevant to several esoteric traditions, including alchemy (see Fulcanelli’s Le Mystère des Cathédrales).

So, even though they worked under the auspices of and with the approval of the Catholic Church, they built these buildings for a completely different purpose than what the Church understood them to be for. These were brave and brazen men.

There are so many things I could share with you about them, but then I would be stealing their thunder – and quite a thunder it is. They gave us 39 episodes that make up over 5 ½ hours of material that the wonderful Adam Daglis has turned into Blu-ray and DVD video format for us, and these are now available for pre-order.

Some people have been kind enough to preview these videos for us, and I have been deeply touched by their response. For example, Adam, who has lived with the material for a year recently had this to say, “What a great work, it still makes me cry in some episodes.”

The first production run will not be large, so I’m giving you the opportunity to pre-order these on a first come, first served basis. To learn more about this amazing material and to place your order, go to

Monsanto Threatens to Sue Over GMO Labeling in Vermont

It seems Monsanto has no plans to take GMO labelling in Vermont lying down…

This Man Went to Prison for Collecting Rainwater

These events reported on by Abby are all part of the grand plan.

Agenda 21 in Action: The ‘Water Police’ is Enslaving America — Detroit First

One take on the implementation of Agenda 21. Heard of Building One America?

Most of you have never heard of Krulig or Building One America and there is a good reason for their anonymity. If a majority of the American people were to discover Krulig’s true intentions for suburban dwelling Americans, they would chase him down the street and string he and his people up from the nearest light poles.

Be Prepared, Israel’s Sampson Option is on the table.

This is an interesting perspective on what might be in play currently, and for me, it is a real possibility as I have indicated previously. Until you understand who and what Israel really is and whose interests it represents, none of this makes any sense. When you do, it makes perfect sense.

This article passingly states that Fukushima was nuked by the Israelis, and whilst I haven’t discussed it here, there is strong evidence for this view – the combination of a mini-nuke and the Stuxnet virus. At some point I will discuss the Israeli and the American use of nuclear weapons over the last 20 or so years.

For now, this article is a “heads up” for you.

Australia’s Basically Fucked Card

A brief piece of satire on the Basics Card being trialled in Australia. I see some very large global fingerprints all over it.

The Federal Reserve Cartel: The Eight Families

An interesting article on those who control global banking and how this has all come into place.

Note the connection of the Dulles brothers to the Rockefellers – cousins. These things are kept in the family.

FLT 370 – A Little Bit of Prestidigitation

An interesting perspective on flight 370.

The Malaysian government and several members of the search and rescue teams involved have publicly thanked INMARSAT for their diligent review of the data. So who exactly is INMARSAT, and what could a private company hope to gain by providing information which may be a “sleight of hand”  rather than a valid end to the Saga?


Harbinger Group Inc. (NYSE:HRG), formerly Zapata Corporation, is a holding company based in Rochester, New York, and originating from an oil company started by a group including the former United States president George H. W. Bush. Links between the company and the United States Central Intelligence Agency exist . In 2009, it was renamed the Harbinger Group Inc. in an attempt to thwart such affiliations.


Harbinger has owned large stakes in The New York Times Company, Cleveland-Cliffs, and 28% stock ownership of satellite communications company Inmarsat.

Some interesting threads.

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