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Was the plane claimed to be MH-17 in Fact the ‘Lost’ Flight MH-370?

Thank you, Sean.

When I saw the photos of pristine passports, I began to wonder if there was some connection to the missing MH-370. Well, there is some interesting evidence that has emerged that this may be so. For example, the window layout on the crash site wreckage does not match that of the plane supposedly flying MH-17 that day, but it DOES match the window layout of the missing MH-370 plane. This may sound far-fetched to some of you, but when you consider the scale of the illusion created on 9/11, this is but child’s play. For example, the planes supposedly crashed that day were still flying years later… I’m not saying this is the plane that was flying as MH-370 that day, but it is an interesting possibility to consider. And I wonder what the window layout of the MAS plane the Israelis purchased and held/hold in Tel Aviv is like? Certainly the official version has many pieces that just do not fit.

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