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BOMBSHELL! Larry Silverstein designed NEW WTC-7 in April of 2000

Nice one, Kevin.

Bombshell indeed. Watch this 1 minute video clip in which Silverstein reveals the planning for the replacement WTC-7 began in 2000!!!

Not only that, the destruction on 9/11 doesn’t even rate a mention.

Of course, no action will be taken over this cut and dried evidence.

Hawaii Citizens Beat Monsanto, Bypass ‘Right to Spray’ Pesticides Bill

Residents of the Hawaiian Islands just breathed a sigh of relief – literally, as the deadline passed for Hawaii’s House Judiciary Committee to hear House Bill 849, relating to Right to Farm, that would force residents to succumb to pesticide spraying without any say. All the while, companies like Monsanto, Dow, Syngenta, and BASF use Hawaii land as a testing ground for GM crops.

Bill 849 amends Hawaii’s Right to Farm Act to ensure that counties cannot enact laws, ordinances, or resolutions to limit the rights of farmers and ranchers to engage in agricultural practices – including spraying with carcinogenic pesticides.

Hundreds of citizens called and wrote letters to state legislators urging them to stop giving Monsanto, one of the largest lobbyists in the Islands, permission to continue spraying pesticides, especially near their schools, homes, and hospitals.

End of quote.

May it be a new beginning of humanity regaining our right to a safe living environment.

It’s one small step in the ten thousand such steps that are needed.

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