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Some messages of hope

It is easy, given what I most often write about, to think I’m negative about humanity’s future. I’m not.

Indeed, my business is focussed on exciting new technology that can potentially play a role in transforming life as we know it.

Rather, as I’ve said many times, unless we understand the true state of things, we can’t change them.

And so, let me share two encouraging videos with you.

Firstly, this interview with Foster Gamble by Luke Rudkowski, which focusses on emerging healing and energy technologies,

and this one, which shares breakthrough technologies that cost peanuts to help transform health diagnostics in the world of the have nots – a microscope and a centrifuge, each for less than a dollar- the work of Manu Prakash.

We will get through this darkness and into the Light.


Check out the extraordinary new, life-changing technology at

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