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The Seth Rich murder story continues to grow

I keep asking if the Seth Rich murder will be the thread that will pull the Washington psyop asunder.

This update from Starship Earth: The Big Picture maps out just how far this has got.

Then this video from Bill Still turns up:

I know why Seth Rich had to die. There were two sets of polling places this primary season– – One set for most of the voters, who went on state websites to find their polling locations–– a second set for Hillary Clinton supporters who looked on Hillary Clinton’s website to find their polling location.
The Secretary of State for each state had one set of locations on the record; the other set of locations, the ones listed on Hillary’s website, we’re not on the state record. I know this because I looked on her website to find where a friend should vote–– then double checked the state website, which shows a different address. I thought there must be a mistake –– I kept checking, right up to election day.
But until they killed Seth Rich, I couldn’t figure out why there would be two different polling places. This is how I think the scam worked: while most voters looked up their location on their state website, voters who were signed up as Hillary Clinton supporters would be directed to her site to find their polling place.
It was set up the same as any other DNC polling place –– with DNC volunteers, regular voting machines, etc.
And a duplicate voter roster, the same as the roster at the other polling place. Voters would be checked off on the roster, same as at the other polling place. Period.
And after the polls close, the DNC supervisor would pick up the roster and the ballots. The supervisor would then pick up the roster at the legitimate polling place and the ballots there.
He (or she) would then replace a number of Bernie Sanders ballots with an equal number of the ballots from the Hillary Clinton voting location. Then the duplicate roster from the HRC would be shredded and thrown away, along with all the Bernie Sanders ballots that had been replaced.
That way the number of people who voted (on the remaining roster) still matches the number of ballots. This is why so many states reported a ”lower than expected voter turnout”.
Seth Rich, who was responsible for the app that helped voters find their polling places, did not realize that there were two sets of polling places until he himself went to vote.

End of quote.

And so, it continues…


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Unlocking the meaning of Stonehenge and other ancient memory storehouses

Thank you, Nods.

If you have an interest in ancient archaeology and culture and you are not familiar with the revolutionary work of Lynn Kelly, I recommend you take a listen to this extraordinary interview:

Lynne Kelly is a science writer, who was researching the methods used by ancient cultures to retain vast amounts of information about animals and plants.

She was looking into the way knowledge was recorded through stories, song and dance.

On a journey to Stonehenge in England, Lynne was struck by the thought that the makers of that monumental stone circle were doing the same thing.

Lynne’s research suggests the stone circles of England, the huge animal shapes in Peru, and the statues of Easter Island, were not so much objects of superstition, but tools allowing people to create huge storehouses of knowledge.

An academic with diverse interests including spiders, history, and scepticism, Lynne applies the memory ‘code’ to manage her own stores of facts and information.

End of quote.



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A few observations on the Manchester bombing

Firstly, I don’t need to tell you that this was a staged event. And if I do…

However, there a few observations and views of others worth sharing.

Firstly, Kevin Barrett’s article entitled: Manchester false flag: “Man, 22, kills 22 on May 22” gives you a few things to reflect on:

Was Manchester a false flag? The recurrence of the numeral 22 – 22 victims, a 22-year-old perp, on May 22 – is a dead giveaway.

The freemasonic cabal responsible for false flag events often “signs” their work by prominently featuring the number 11 or its multiples. 9/11/01 and 11/22/63 are prominent examples. For details, see my articles:

11 examples of Illuminati numerology

“77 dead on 7/14” – numerology signals false flag

3/22 False Flag! Gladio Strikes Brussels on Satanic Holiday

Another London False Flag (dated March 22)

There were also the usual “terror drills” ahead of the live event.

The perpetrator, as always, was “well known to the authorities.” As always, Rita Kaatz of the Israeli Mossad spin-off SITE claimed responsibility on behalf of her #1 client, ISIS. And as always, the perp/patsy was kind enough to bring along an ID card and make sure it would quickly be found.

In short, all of the preliminary indications suggest that we are looking at yet another false flag, along the lines of those analyzed in my edited False Flag Trilogy.

End of quote.

Then we have the falsified collage of victims, except a mum recognized her already dead daughter: Mum horrified after picture of daughter murdered by ex used in collages of ‘missing in Manchester’


Though it does appear there were actual deaths and serious woundings from the nail bombs. Unlike some of these events, such as Sandy Hook, where no-one was killed.

And Richie Allen’s reaction, who lives in Manchester and understands the games being played, is worth a listen – “I Can’t Bear To See My City Turned Into A Movie Set, Designed To Manipulate Our Perception.”, along with his interview of Nick Kollerstrom, who’s developed a nose for these things.

And so, what has been tiptoed forward as a result?

It looks likely, as has been done in Paris and perhaps across France, the military are now a continuous presence – “for our protection”, just like the security crap at airports since 9/11 is “for our protection”. Hegelian Dialectic at work. And perhaps there are other steps forward in the tightening of the police state noose. I try not to focus on the details overly much. My focus is on changing it.


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