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Ronald Bernard part 3, Revelations of an insider

Here is Part 3 of the interview series with Ronald Bernard, the Dutch entrepreneur who became part of the trusted banking structure run by the Satanic Jewish global elite. You can find the link to part 1 here and to part 2 here. In this segment, Bernard shares his frustration that so few good people in the world are willing to stand up to those who torture and sacrifice children along with harvesting their organs, and he also makes the point about the extraordinary number of children who die every day from starvation and dehydration.

He also mentions the veracity of the Protocols of the Learned Elders of Zion, and how they accurately describe the world in which we live. Bernard also reveals how he was part of this tortured and abused world as a child, so he is speaking from first hand experience.

But what excites me most about this interview is that he, like me, is noticing how people are waking up to the reality of how our world works; and this awakening, in my opinion, is critical to changing our world, which I believe we will experience in the coming years.

May it be so.


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The Startling Emergence of Epidemic Autism in the New China

The connection between autism and vaccination is clearcut to those who are willing to step outside the official brainwashing sent our way which, sadly, does not include those in the allopathic medical world created by John D Rockefeller just a 100 or so short years ago.

Dr Rima Laibow is very clear about it, and is pushing for a 5 year Childhood Vaccination Moratorium in the United States. I wish Rima every success.

However, perhaps the most graphic illustration of this correlation arrived today from F William Engdahl, and it discusses the dramatic and undeniable correlation between the commencement of widespread vaccination in China and the explosion in cases of autism. Here is the article. Before vaccination began 20 years ago, autism was virtually unknown in China.

Read it and weep. And see if you can still deny this correlation. This data sweeps away the nonsense about genetics or older parenting that some cling desperately to in their efforts to deny the truth of vaccination being the cause of autism.

Although many will continue to deny it because to question this belief pulls the thread on the reality they take to be true and have built their lives upon. As I have often said, we are not our beliefs, but most still make that error because they know nothing else and when someone questions one of those beliefs, the individual feels threatened because they take it as a personal attack. Such a sad phenomenon and I witness it often.


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