She’s a model citizen, but she still can’t hide in China’s ‘social credit’ system

This article discusses how systems are in place to track Chinese citizens 24 hours/day as part of their “social credit” system. I have read about this elsewhere. My view is we are kidding ourselves if we think this kind of tracking is not happening in all major countries.
In ways, we’ve been tracked for years. Our credit card data not only shows what we bought but where we were. The automated number plate reader in the shopping centre shows where we’ve been. And then there are all the CCTV cameras mounted everywhere, included along the freeways in many countries. And that’s before we get to your mobile or cell phone, especially if it’s Android. Apple makes it more difficult. The NSA has been recording and tracking phone calls globally for decades.
And these are just a few. Have your watched “Minority Report”? It’s not about the future. It’s with us now.
I’m not saying we should be in fear of this because, within this temporal domain, we cannot change it and what you do is probably not going to trigger some authorised thugs at your door. But I hold the view that we live in the time when all of this and so many other abuses will be exposed and dismantled, and humanity will be set free.
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