Facebook and Tavistock – British Unholy Alliance Out to Destroy Humanity

Michael McKibben and his researchers at Americans for Innovation expose the dangerous alliance of the Tavistock Institute and Facebook… …Richard Allan and his partner Ana Padilla Jargstorf and their evil plan to use Tavistock and Facebook to mind control YOU.End of quote. If you are unaware of the Tavistock Institute, I have written about it here. Tavistock is the home of mind control, MK Ultra, created the practices of psychology and psychiatry and many other things sinister in our world. It is my view that Sigmund Freud was their creation. He was richly rewarded with a gentlemanly house when he moved to Britain, and the fruit of the tree is illustration enough. There is strong evidence Sir Clement Freud, Sigmund’s grandson, and a former UK politician and broadcaster, was a pedophile and a satanic sacrificer of children. De riguer for those who run our world.The connection between Facebook and Tavistock is of no surprise. The exposure of it is what interests me.
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