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One World Currency And The SDR Bond – and does China’s joining it on October 1st have a connection to the Shemitah?

I received the following in an email this morning from a friend (thanks, Steve):

it would appear they have timed it to the Sh’mita!

I have also noticed that my flight tickets in the fine IATA print at the bottom of the printed receipts has included the SDR value for several years at least.

“Special consideration should be given to giving the SDR a greater role. The SDR has the features and potential to act as a super-sovereign reserve currency,” wrote Zhou in 2009. He also wanted the yuan to be included in the SDR, which is going to happen on Oct. 1. Take heed of his predictions.



And in receiving it, I realised I knew next to nought about the SDR and what it represented, but my alarm bells went off. SDR value on airline tickets? China joining the SDR on October 1st? Que?

But isn’t the Internet wonderful?

So what is the SDR? Who better to tell us than the IMF, whose baby it is. I quote:

Special Drawing Right SDR

April 6, 2016

The SDR is an international reserve asset, created by the IMF in 1969 to supplement its member countries’ official reserves. As of March 2016, 204.1 billion SDRs (equivalent to about $285 billion) had been created and allocated to members. SDRs can be exchanged for freely usable currencies. The value of the SDR is currently based on a basket of four major currencies: the U.S. dollar, euro, the Japanese yen, and pound sterling. The basket will be expanded to include the Chinese renminbi (RMB) as the fifth currency, effective October 1, 2016.

The role of the SDR

The SDR was created by the IMF in 1969 as a supplementary international reserve asset, in the context of the Bretton Woods fixed exchange rate system. A country participating in this system needed official reserves—government or central bank holdings of gold and widely accepted foreign currencies—that could be used to purchase its domestic currency in foreign exchange markets, as required to maintain its exchange rate. But the international supply of two key reserve assets—gold and the U.S. dollar—proved inadequate for supporting the expansion of world trade and financial flows that was taking place. Therefore, the international community decided to create a new international reserve asset under the auspices of the IMF.

Only a few years after the creation of the SDR, the Bretton Woods system collapsed and the major currencies shifted to floating exchange rate regimes. Subsequently, the growth in international capital markets facilitated borrowing by creditworthy governments and many countries accumulated significant amounts of international reserves. These developments lessened the reliance on the SDR as a global reserve asset. However, more recently, the 2009 SDR allocations totaling SDR 182.6 billion played a critical role in providing liquidity to the global economic system and supplementing member countries’ official reserves amid the global financial crisis.

The SDR is neither a currency, nor a claim on the IMF. Rather, it is a potential claim on the freely usable currencies of IMF members. Holders of SDRs can obtain these currencies in exchange for their SDRs in two ways: first, through the arrangement of voluntary exchanges between members; and second, by the IMF designating members with strong external positions to purchase SDRs from members with weak external positions. In addition to its role as a supplementary reserve asset, the SDR serves as the unit of

End of quote.

Sounds innocent enough. The birth of a new reserve currency alongside gold (yep, still around) and the USD. And the Chinese are being allowed to come to the party (as I understand it, at the expense of the level of the Euro’s participation, not the USD or anyone else – an interesting phenomenon in itself).

And then comes the next step:

Here Come the SDR Bonds March 2, 2016

We have also previously discussed the use of IMF Substitution Accounts to facilitate the issuance of SDR bonds and act as a tool to diversify and substitute USD denominated foreign exchange reserves with SDR bonds.  This will likely be a major component of the G20 report on broadening the use of the SDR.

To make all of this work, banking and finance must accept and adopt the SDR as a unit of account.  Financial instruments, or intermediaries, need to be further developed and implemented in order for this concept to gain ground as a viable partial-solution to the problem of contracting growth.

A framework needs to be created where SDR liabilities can be matched against SDR deposits.  This would entail a greater private use of SDR as a unit of account and lead to its enhanced role as a reserve asset in the international monetary system.

End of quote.

And come they do.

World Bank Approved as the First SDR Bond Issuer in China

The World Bank (International Bank for Reconstruction and Development, IBRD) announced today that the People’s Bank of China (PBOC) has approved the World Bank’s inaugural issue in the Chinese domestic market of bonds denominated in Special Drawing Rights (SDRs).  The World Bank is the first entity to receive such approval and it marks the launch of the SDR bond market in the world’s second-largest economy…

… The size of the World Bank’s new issuance program is 2 billion SDRs (approximately equivalent to USD 2.8 billion). The bonds will be denominated in SDRs and payable in Chinese renminbi (RMB). The precise timing of issue and individual bond terms will be based on market conditions at the time of issuance.

End of quote.

Which is where Steve’s link to One World Currency And The SDR Bond comes in:

It seems this whole situation is moving much faster than anyone could have predicted. With this new SDR being planned since the 1970’s it seems they have been working on this for quite some time. There was another important development in the 1970’s, August 1971 to be precise – President Nixon closed the gold window. Seems there was a little more to that step being taken than meets the eye.

As we reported, the day it happened, the new M-SDR is official and will be moving into the hands of the Chinese banks over the next several weeks. China has been pushing the IMF and World Bank since 2009 to consider a serious change to the current world reserve currency system. The current governor of the Peoples Bank of China (PBOC), Zhou Xiaochuan, has spearheaded this call to change and it appears China is not going to be satisfied with just the M-SDR Bond; they want the whole system to change, now…

… As the new M-SDR Bond, as we stated, begins to mature it will be in demand, not only from large investors – nations, large banks and hedge funds – but will become more attractive to retail investors. This is where the change will occur and the SDR will move from a bond to a currency. If you listened to the interview conducted with Larry White I describe a very specific scenario that moves the M-SDR from a bond to “acting like a currency”. As this aspect of the M-SDR bond grows it will be very easy for the citizens to accept this as a currency. The citizens already accept a “blip-on-the-screen” as currency why wouldn’t they accept a different form of illusion – what is the difference?

End of quote.

Certainly, Rory Hall sees this rapidly becoming the single global currency long spoken of.

And let’s look at the article in the Epoch Times Hall refers to – What China’s SDR Bond Issue Really Means:

Worth Wray, the chief global macro strategist of STA Wealth Management, agrees: “Right now there is no organic demand, but over a five-year horizon it could develop globally and maybe that creates another channel for capital to flow into China—if that’s the only market there is for it,” he said in an interview.

The SDR bonds issued by the two official institutions are different from the official SDR issued by the IMF. In fact, they are a derivative of it. When the World Bank unit called International Bank for Reconstruction and Development (IBRD) issues the bonds, it receives payment in yuan from the Chinese market or at first from the issue’s underwriter, the Industrial and Commercial Bank of China.

It can then proceed to either spend the yuan in China or exchange them for other currencies and spend them abroad. So far, the IBRD has disbursed $46 billion worth of loans, grants, and credits in China. It is important to note that this process is effectively creating SDRs, which have previously not existed.

Chinese investors receive the SDR bonds, but what do they actually own?

For the Chinese investors, there is the advantage that they can hold a sizeable non-yuan denominated asset in China and reduce their risk to the Chinese currency.

Official SDRs can be redeemed for dollars, euros, yen, pounds, and soon yuan through the IMF. However, the new private SDR, or M-SDR as the IMF calls it, cannot. The new bonds represent a claim on the IBRD. Since the IBRD doesn’t have any SDR assets, the repayment will also be in yuan, dollars, euros, yen, or pounds. So what’s the point of having this new basket?

For the IBRD, there is no advantage because it is borrowing in strong currencies and getting paid in a relatively weak one. For the Chinese investors, there is the advantage that they can hold a sizeable non-yuan denominated asset in China and reduce their risk to the Chinese currency, which may further fall in value. Because of still-existing capital controls, buying foreign assets in size is not yet possible on the Chinese domestic bond market.

However, this is only an advantage for the time being. At the point of maturity, foreign currency will have to flow from the IBRD to the Chinese bond holders, unless they choose repayment in yuan, in which case the whole exercise would be rather pointless.

So given this lackluster value proposition, why are China, the IMF, and the U.S.-controlled World Bank going out of their way to push the SDR into private markets?

Prominent market observers like James Rickards and Willem Middelkoop have long argued that the SDR will be the next world reserve currency. In fact, the current governor of the PBOC, Zhou Xiaochuan, has advocated for the SDR to become the next global reserve currency for a long time now.

“Special consideration should be given to giving the SDR a greater role. The SDR has the features and potential to act as a super-sovereign reserve currency,” wrote Zhou in 2009. He also wanted the yuan to be included in the SDR, which is going to happen on Oct. 1. Take heed of his predictions.

It’s a geeky name but it’s a kind of world money printed by the IMF. They’ll flood the world with trillions of SDRs.

— James Rickards, author, ‘Currency Wars’

“The Chinese … have made it very clear that the Special Drawing Rights of the IMF is the preferred future international world reserve currency,” Middelkoop wrote in a note to clients.

“What you are going to see is world money. You are going to see the IMF print Special Drawing Rights (SDR). It’s a geeky name but it’s a kind of world money printed by the IMF. They’ll flood the world with trillions of SDRs,” Rickards told the Epoch Times earlier this year.

Now that the first issuance is well underway, it is easy to lever up the balance sheets of international development organizations and keep issuing—or printing—SDR obligations even in the trillions until even private market actors support and accept them. Once the SDR is widely accepted as payment, the IMF could just redeem all outstanding local currencies for SDR and the world would not only have a new reserve currency, but just one global currency.

“You create new liquidity. That’s the kind of reform that could change the international system immediately,” says Worth Wray.

Willem Middelkoop says this could be done through an IMF substitution fund, an idea already discussed in the 1970s. “This fund could facilitate a direct exchange of dollars for SDRs. The liquidity issue would be resolved with one stroke of the pen, as an SDR would be created for every dollar that was exchanged,” he wrote in his note.

Sounds crazy? It is, but the official plan is right here, for everyone to see.

End of quote.

So, some certainly the see SDR or, more accurately, the M-SDR Bond becoming the new global currency.

And the timing for all of this fits. This 1998 cover of The Economist – a recognised Rothschild mouthpiece – forecasts a new global currency in 2018. Remember, these horrific people seem bound in some way to reveal their plans ahead of time.

Economist cover showing global currency in 2018 January 1988

Which seems a natural segue to the Shemitah, given this shows the phoenix global currency arising from the ashes of the US dollar.

I have written about the Shemitah phenomenon before, initially regarding the 7 year cyclical pattern that completed last year, and then this year, given it is what is known as a Jubilee Year. But I was interested to understand this phenomenon in more detail, so I read Jonathan Cahn’s The Mystery of the Shemitah.

Wikipedia describes Cahn as follows:

Jonathan Cahn is a pastor and a Messianic Jewish self-professed Rabbi best known for his best-selling novel The Harbinger, in which he compares the United States and the September 11 attacks to ancient Israel and the destruction of the Kingdom of Israel. In particular, he sees Isaiah 9:10 as a prophetic warning to the United States.

End of quote.

I’d call that trying to have a foot in both camps…

Cahn tells a colourful story of the 7 year cycle that keeps turning up in the markets and world events, which is abundantly evident if you look. Not exactly like clockwork, but very close. The Shemitah tradition is that every 7 years, on the eve of the last day of the month of Elul, there is a financial reset:

“At the end of every seven years” refers to the last day of the Sabbath year. Elul was the last month of the Hebrew civil year, and the twenty-ninth day was the last day of Elul. So on Elul 29, the very last day of the Sabbath year, a sweeping transformation took place in the nation’s financial realm. Everyone who owed a debt was released. And every creditor had to release the debt owed. So on Elul 29 all credit was erased and all debt was wiped away. The nation’s financial accounts were, in effect, wiped clean. It was Israel’s day of financial nullification and remission.

In the Hebrew reckoning of time, each day begins not with the morning but with the night. This goes back to Genesis 1, when the account of Creation records that there was first darkness, night, and then the day. So every Hebrew day begins with the night before the day. And since night begins with sunset, every Hebrew day begins at sunset. Therefore the moment that all debts had to be reckoned as wiped away was the sunset of Elul 29.

End of quote.

Cahn then suggests this ancient Jewish pattern of biblical times is simply manifesting itself in our time. There’s no doubt it is, but when he attributes it to the re-expression of biblical prophecy that sees America as the “new Jerusalem”, paying for its sins in the same way, that’s where we part company. If he attributed the pattern to the plans of the satanic Jewish global elite who run our world setting up this old Jewish pattern, then we might strike some agreement, because that, in my opinion, is what sits behind the current pattern.

And it’s important to remember that any reset discussed would only apply to the Jews between themselves. The goyim, as per the Talmud, are worse than cattle, put on the Earth to serve the Jews.

So, is Cahn naïve or complicit? I’ve drawn my own conclusions. I’ll let you draw yours.

So, the 7 year cycle of the Shemitah completed last year. Why is it in play this year, 2016?

It turns out that after 7 rounds of 7 years (49), the following year (50th) is a reset of far greater magnitude. 2016 is a Jubilee year.

But this jubilee year bubbles in “unexpected” places:

Pope Francis opens St Peter’s Holy Door to launch jubilee

Coincidence? I think not.

And so, when is Elul 29 in 2016? October 2nd. A Sunday.

Is China joining the SDR basket on October 1st a coincidence? Not in my reckoning.

And, more broadly, is this the time when the stockmarket house of cards will be allowed to seek its real value?

Time will tell.


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Jeff Berwick’s SHEMITAH EXPOSED II: The Most Disturbing Events and Trends We Face in September and Beyond

If you step past the hype in this video, there is a lot of “on the money” information here about the time we are in and how we got here, and what is likely to unfold.

Do with it what you will.

How Central Bankers reshaped the world economy following the 2008 economic crisis

Another informed view explaining the intentionally precarious nature of the global financial system.
The intent of this situation is the planned breakdown of the current fiat monetary system and its likely replacement with a global fiat currency, most likely a cryptocurrency based upon the IMF’s “Special Drawing Right (SDR). Also this article
Many informed commentators have warned us:
To name a few. And now Naomi Prins in her new book Collusion: How Central Bankers Rigged the World.
This from her bio page:
Nomi Prins is a renowned journalist, former international investment banker, author and speaker. Her new book, Collusion: How Central Bankers Rigged the World, explores the recent rise of the role of central banks in the global financial and economic hierarchy. Her last book, All the Presidents’ Bankers, is a groundbreaking narrative about the relationships of presidents to key bankers over the past century and how they impacted domestic and foreign policy. Her other books include a historical novel about the 1929 crash, Black Tuesday, and the hard-hitting expose It Takes a Pillage: Behind the Bonuses, Bailouts, and Backroom Deals from Washington to Wall Street (Wiley,2009/2010). She is also the author of (The New Press, 2004) chosen as a Best Book of 2004 by The Economist, Barron’s and Library Journal.
End of quote.
The only question is: “Have you prepared for what is coming?
Because there is simply no doubt this is on our doorstep. And the evidence is it will begin later this year. In ways, it has already begun, though it’s not visible to the public (of course not!!!)
If you are not prepared, in my opinion, you need to get very proactive because time is running out.
These experts vary in what actions they recommend to prepare. The only one they all agree on is precious metals that you hold yourself. And, in my opinion, given the inflated real estate values almost globally, real estate is NOT one of the things to be holding beyond, perhaps your own home, unless it’s your core source of income, and even then you need to look very closely at your position.
It’s also a time when the elite harvest the little people. Every economic cycle has this, but few are of the extent of 1929-1937 or so. In my opinion, this one could exceed that.
Do not tell me I didn’t try and warn you.
Kind Regards,

The global world currency is emerging, and it’s a blockchain SDR, and EVERYTHING will be on the blockchain, including your house title

The pieces are falling into place for the new global currency, forecast for 2018 in The Economist 30 years ago.

And it’s a blockchain version of the IMF global reserve currency, the Special Drawing Right, or SDR. I discussed the SDR in detail about a year ago.

In that article, I mentioned that Jim Rickards saw the SDR as the new global currency, but what was not obvious was how that would be implemented.

Now we know. It will be blockchain.

In this video, ITM Trading’s Lynette Zang reveals her research that shows the elite’s plans to put EVERYTHING on blockchain, including the digitised title of all real estate and linking it to credit, so people are encouraged to fritter their assets away, leaving all assets in the hands of the elite.

Lynette discusses this further on the SGT Report video entitled BREAKING: BANKERS’ NEW SDR CRYPTO BLOCKCHAIN WILL ENSLAVE HUMANITY?? – Lynette Zang.

I share Lynette’s view that we need to understand it and act to stop it, however we can. Widespread exposure is a start.

And Dahboo7 has woken up to it, as he expresses in his impassioned video It Begins: The Blockchain Beast System Is Here .

And he, like me as I look at it, believe that Bitcoin was their creation, not some unknown techie. It has been a stalking horse for their plans, and Lynette Zang’s material from the IMF shows Bitcoin as a feeder into the new crypto SDR.

I encourage you to watch all three videos and spread this message far and wide, and as Dahboo7 says, be prepared.


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Israel ‘telegraphing’ nuke war false flag

You may have noticed there has been growing talk of a nuclear war between the United States and Russia. We know that Russia would not drive this, as Putin has made clear several times. Interestingly, Gordon Duff in this recent excellent interview with Jeff Rense said he was unable to find out where these rumours or rumblings were arising from. Which, to me, meant only one source, and this article by Ian Greenhalgh has fingered it:

A recent obscure, planted news story has revealed Israel’s plan for Trump’s lauded ‘October Surprise’, only the imminent threat of nuclear war with Russia, orchestrated by Israeli false flag military action could prevent Trump from circling the drain.

All the components are in place – a phony news service, imaginary Pentagon spokesperson and a wild tale that could only have originated at the hands of the ‘Masters of the Universe’: those Tel-Aviv Nobel Prize winners tasked with orchestrating world events.

Today Iran published an obscure story from a London-based news service’ according to the story the Pentagon is planning to attack Syria and maybe Russia, under it’s own authority to save President Obama from ’embarrassment’. The story originated with the Saudi newspaper Asharq Al-Awsat, a known disinfo source, but was legitimised by Iran’s Al-Alam in a major Israeli intelligence coup.

The story has no legitimacy and has the key element common to all Israeli intelligence plants; it quotes anonymous sources making statements that could never be made, in this case an unattributed story simply says the Pentagon without any authorisation would attack Syria, even Russia and the reason given for this act of war, according to this story is to save President Obama, a president leaving office soon, from public embarrassment! Who would concoct a narrative like this?

This story is clearly part of an intelligence operation to sell the idea of distrust of the USA and to exploit well known Pentagon extremists who, rather than saving the president from embarrassment would, in reality, burn the world down. Russia has long followed the ‘end times’ Christian evangelists and ‘Dominionists’, the ones who stole the Barksdale nukes, the ones Obama and secretary Hagel cleaned out of America’s nuclear command structure .

End of quote.

On a somewhat related note, I have written about the recent Shemitah date for the just completed Jubilee Year; however, what I was not aware of was that this new Jewish year is known (at least to some) as The Year of the Sword of the Lord. Also, this video teaser (thanks, Helen). Just another item sounding ominous in this time.


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The New World Order Advances its new Global Currency, the SDR

I recently discussed the SDR and its potential significance, and this picture has been extensively reinforced and expanded on by James Corbett this weekend, on the day the Chinese Renminbi joins the SDR. The brief video on this page provides a very informative overview, and there are links to several articles by James giving more detail.

And I agree with James’ assessment; this is a cornerstone of NWO government and, like most of the key planks of this game, will go unnoticed by most of the public:

I’m not sure how to break this to you, but it appears the world is ending this weekend. Or at least that’s what you’d believe if you were reading certain corners of the internet.

As you may have already heard, the UN is “taking over the internet” this weekend. But as you’ve also heard if you follow The Corbett Report, that is a complete misrepresentation of what is really happening. Worse, hyperbole about a “UN takeover” of the internet obscures the real solution to ICANN and the centralized DNS system.

But there’s another “end-of-the-world” event taking place this weekend that you might not have picked up on: the SDR.

That’s right, the IMF is formally adding the Chinese renminbi (aka the yuan) to their “Special Drawing Rights” basket on Saturday, October 1st. The move boosts the yuan to the status of global reserve currency alongside its basket mates, the pound, the euro, the yen and the dollar. At 10.92% it will be the third highest-weighted currency in the basket, behind the euro at 30.93% and the dollar at 41.73%.

For those who missed my previous reporting on the SDR and the significance of the yuan’s inclusion, here’s the primer:

  • The SDR is not a currency, but a potential claim on dollars, yen, euros, pounds, and now yuan.
  • It is issued by the IMF and held (and traded) as a “supplementary reserve asset” by central banks.
  • There are 204 billion SDRs outstanding, equivalent to $285 billion or about 2.5% of total global reserves.

The upshot of the SDR is that it provides liquidity for global transaction settlement in times when dollars and gold are in scarce supply. Inclusion of a currency in the SDR basket means that there is a built-in demand for that currency as central banks tend to match their currency holdings to the basket’s weighting, meaning that central bankers around the world are now (or have already) adjusted their aggregate holdings of yuan to about 10.92% of their portfolio. With $11.6 trillion of reserves globally, that equates to over $1 trillion worth of yuan being held in central bank coffers around the world.

More than that, the move is expected to boost investment in the yuan from both FX reserve managers and global portfolio managers. The FX inflows alone have been estimated at as much as $3 trillion in the coming years, with onshore bond buying accounting for a further $1 trillion of expected foreign investment.

Some outlets are hailing this as the largest transformation of the global monetary order since WWII.

End of quote.

In my opinion and the opinion of others with far more knowledge of these things than I have, this change is the death knell for the US dollar as the global reserve currency, and the impact for living standards in the US, which are already down to third world levels for many of its citizens, will fall dramatically. The global elite set up the US as their piggy bank to fund their global deconstruction plans, beginning in the 19th century with their moving European Jews to the United States using fear and incentives, (just as they are moving Middle Eastern young men of fighting age to Europe, currently, and moved Jews to Israel in the 50s and 60s using the Holohoax) followed by the setting up of the Fed in 1913 by German elite banker, Paul Warburg, who came to the US in the early 1900s for that purpose, and the ESF in 1934. Now it’s a gutted shell and they’ll cast it off, most likely accelerating that process through engineered racial warfare between blacks and whites. So, civil war and martial law in the US appear to be inevitable outcomes as the country falls apart.

Think I’m joking? I wish I were.

And the bankrolling of the Rothschilds’ play toy, Israel, will probably pass from the US to China in the coming years, or maybe to the IMF from fees levied globally through the SDR mechanisms that will emerge.

But remember this moment. It’s the Shemitah of the Jubilee year of 2016, a moment being used for several powerful, global resets to centralise the elite’s power and control.


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This Is How Much Liquidity Deutsche Bank Has At This Moment, And What Happens Next

Anybody who reads my posts will know I’ve been talking about the impending demise of Deutsche Bank for several months.

I have also been intrigued to watch its demise inexorably align with the Shemitah of this Jubilee year – this weekend. It’s been like watching the death throes of a wild beast; except its thrashing tail could bring down the entire global financial system. I don’t use these words lightly. And you might have seen its parlous state make the MSM in the last 24 hours. Here’s the latest:

It is not solvency, or the lack of capital – a vague, synthetic, and usually quite arbitrary concept, determined by regulators – that kills a bank; it is – as Dick Fuld will tell anyone who bothers to listen – the loss of (access to) liquidity: cold, hard, fungible (something Jon Corzine knew all too well when he commingled and was caught) cash, that pushes a bank into its grave, usually quite rapidly: recall that it took Lehman just a few days for its stock to plunge from the high double digits to zero.

It is also liquidity, or rather concerns about it, that sent Deutsche Bank stock crashing to new all time lows earlier today: after all, the investing world already knew for nearly two weeks that its capitalization is insufficient. As we reported earlier this week, it was a report by Citigroup, among many other, that found how badly undercapitalized the German lender is, noting that DB’s “leverage ratio, at 3.4%, looks even worse relative to the 4.5% company target by 2018” and calculated that while he only models €2.9bn in litigation charges over 2H16-2017 – far less than the $14 billion settlement figure proposed by the DOJ – and includes a successful disposal of a 70% stake in Postbank at end-2017 for 0.4x book he still only reaches a CET 1 ratio of 11.6% by end-2018, meaning the bank would have a Tier 1 capital €3bn shortfall to the company target of 12.5%, and a leverage ratio of 3.9%, resulting in an €8bn shortfall to the target of 4.5%.

When Citi’s note exposing DB’s undercapitalization came out, it had precisely zero impact on the price of DB stock. Why? Because as we said above, capitalization – and solvency – tends to be a largely worthless, pro-forma concept. However, when Bloomberg reported today that select funds have withdrawn “some excess cash and positions held at the lender” the stock immediately plunged: the reason is that this had everything to do with not only DB’s suddenly crashing liquidity, but the pernicious feedback loop, where once a source of liquidity leaves, the departure tends to spook other such sources, leading to an outward bound liquidity cascade. Again: just ask Lehman (and AIG) for the details.

Which then brings us to the $64 trillion (roughly the same amount as DB’s gross notional derivative exposure) question: since DB is suddenly experiencing a sharp “liquidity event”, how much liquidity does Deutsche Bank have access to as of this moment, to offset this event? The answer would allow us to calculate how long DB may have in a worst case scenario if we knew the rate of liquidity outflow.

For the answer, we go to a just released note by Goldman Sachs, which admits that it is now facing “crisis” questions from clients, among which “can a large European bank face a liquidity event” to wit”

Deutsche Bank stands at the center of the European financial system – it is a major counterpart of all relevant European banks, and broader. Recent reports of potential litigation hits have compounded capital concerns, and raised the overall level of market anxiety. “Crisis” questions are being asked: “is there risk of a financial crisis re-run” and “can a large European bank face a liquidity event”?

So what is the answer: how much liquidity does Deutsche Bank have access to? The answer is two fold, with the first part focusing on central bank, in this case ECB, backstops in both $ and €.

End of quote.

In line with that Chinese proverb; we live in interesting times.

In the light of all of this, you might want to watch Jim Rickards and Egon von Greyerz discuss 10000 gold.


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Mehran Keshe says the Jews of Europe and the US have been alerted

As we know, it seems only one Jew was killed on 9/11, and that was because the poor dumb schmuck was an Israeli making a sales call. Everyone else was warned to not be there.

Indeed Senator Al Franken Admits Being Warned About 9/11 Beforehand . In his 2003 book Lies and the Lying Liars Who Tell Them, told us that he received a call from the former mayor of New York, Ed Koch, warning him not to go to his office in the World Trade Center on 9/11, using the Hebrew calendar as a reference for the date, which was September 11, 2001.

Franken refers to this warning call as the “Jew call.”

“Al”, he told me, “don’t go to work on the twenty-third day of Elul.”

Interestingly, Mehran Keshe had a Jewish cousin who worked in the WTC and who was similarly warned.

In a follow up to his warning of September 8th, Keshe announced on Thursday (22nd) that the Jews of Europe and the US have been warned to stay out of the major city centers over the coming days as we approach the Jewish New Year and the Shemitah date of October 2nd.

I encourage you to spread this knowledge far and wide.

If there is enough exposure, perhaps we can prevent these planned events designed to trigger war between Muslims and Christians.

As I’ve said previously, these plans go back hundreds of years.

We live in interesting times…


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Will Earth shattering events unfold in the next few days?

I have previously written of the Shemitah date for this Jubilee year of October 2nd, a date used by the satanic global Jewish elite to pursue their horrific agenda for the planet and all upon it. Normally, the Shemitah reset occurs every 7 years, and you can see its footprints in the global stock markets and elsewhere over time, including 9/11. However, every 7 rounds of 7 (49), the following year (50th) is a Jubilee year, a marker of even greater reset. This is where we are.

A warning by Mehran Keshe for late September

In his public teaching on September 8th, Keshe warned of a planned attack on him and his family planned for September 11th, giving details of the individual behind the planned attack and his links to the Jewish elite who were funding this. Clearly that did not occur, most likely because of Keshe’s warning that their jig was up. He also warned of impending attacks upon Christian churches and Islamic mosques across Europe in late September, aimed at inciting a religious war between Islam and Christianity, aimed at serving the interest of the satanic Jewish elite who were also behind WWI and WWII and as foretold by Albert Pike in 1871. It seems that this is what was behind the recent warning given by the German and Czech Governments to stock up on essential supplies and a similar, more muted warning in the United States.

I have edited his warning out of his full teaching session and posted it here. I urge you to share it widely as it may help to prevent those planned attacks.

Major events happening on October 1st?

I have discussed some of the events that are set for October 1st, including China joining the IMF’s SDR (Special Drawing Right), the emerging alternate global reserve currency, and there are others.

Then I received the following as part of an email “out of the blue”:

On a heavier note, our sources now indicate that the International Monetary Fund has set 01 October 2016 as the date for the change of the World Reserve Currency.
On that date the “Dollar” will no longer reign supreme as the primary fiat currency of the planet.

I cannot begin to imagine what a shitstorm that will create, but it will be worldwide. Markets will bottom out, banks will lock their doors, automatic teller machines will be taken off line, credit cards will cease to function, and the worth of the U.S. dollar will begin a downward spiral that will continue until it is only fit to be used as toilet paper.

Retail sales of everything but food and water will begin a downward spiral as well.

Obama expects riots in the streets, extreme bloodshed, lawlessness, looting, and pillaging, and only GOD knows what else. The U.S. government has purchased another 2800 MRAP armored vehicles, this time to be delivered into the continental United States. Delivery is required to be made by 28 September 2016 at the latest. [There aren’t that many MRAPs in Iraq and Afghanistan combined.] Yet, they are being delivered stateside. There are currently in excess of 360,000 United Nations troops within the continental U.S., all under the guise of international training.  RIGHT.

Good luck with the sales of your products, but do not be surprised if U. S. sales fall off rather rapidly.

This could have been avoided if certain individuals had done as we had requested, but they didn’t and the results of that will be evident on 02 October 2016.

If I am incorrect about this occurring, then let me apologize up front. MY APOLOGIES for being a doomsayer.

If I am correct, then I suppose that we are simply all HOOPED!!

End of quote.

Needless to say, I was intrigued. A long telephone conversation ensued. It turns he had been a high level “reader of the tea leaves” in the US military, and had more recently been plying his skills to provide input to an elite group who knew of his capabilities.

Then came this (an edited version):

Richard, Neothink is not a joke. Neotech is operational, and some of their subsidiaries are currently operational in Costa Rica. Power stations have been in operation for more than five years, now. I was advised that when they had aged to the ten year mark, the ORDER would make this known to the entire world, proving this technology is viable, and creating a worldwide shit storm.
People will want to know why their governments have been withholding unlimited, free, clean electricity. Each of our 8 foot tall Tesla units can supply 20, two hundred amp homes. That’s 480,000 watts per hour.
The 8 footers were the beta units.
Why do you think so many millionaires are moving to Costa Rica?

I was sworn to secrecy about this, but time is short.
Neothink leadership continues to want to remain a secret order.
I disagree with this, but I have been outvoted.
There is strength in numbers, and we just don’t have them.
Admittedly the Alliance we have with the Costa Rican Government keeps us, and our technology safe, but if an asshole obtains power there, that could all come crashing down around us.
Our power elite are putting too much confidence in their wealth. If the dollar craters, and I believe it most certainly will, the jig is up.
Some have begun to agree with me. Do you think Brexit was a fluke? The Muslims have invaded Great Britain!
She is under attack, and a full court press at that.
NWO has made massive leaps in putting their plans not only in order, but into play.
They even have the Roman Catholic Church in their pocket.
Sure, some of our people are converting their cash into gold, silver, and even nickel.
But not enough. If you have American dollars, now is the time to convert them into Swiss Francs.
That currency is almost never affected by anything. It remains stable, whatever the status quo is.
Now you have me dancing a jig. I cannot keep my mind focused and I am now way off track.

Kudos to Dr. Mehran Keshe for all that he has done. His technology works, no doubt, but is not even in the ballpark with what I am used to having right now. Ours is infinitely more advanced. It is true that he has other devices that he is giving only to governments, and rightly so, but they do not affect the average person on a daily basis. Until the little guy is taken care of, we have a worm in the apple 🍎 .

I believe that I am making a mistake by telling you about all this, as I have three ABC agencies monitoring my communications continuously, and they may decide to pay me a little personal visit and once again, confiscate all my goodies, but that doesn’t matter anymore.

Just know that there is a core group of us that do not intend to harm anyone, and shall survive the coming storm, no matter what.

Currently, even with all of the bullshit we have to put with, the U. S. is still the best place to live. That’s my opinion, having travelled the world extensively and sampled what it has to offer. We take for granted many things that most other countries simply do not have. What most Americans have not realized yet, is that we have sold our freedom to the NWO. Even now there are in excess of 300,000 NATO troops on U. S. soil.

NWO wants a fight on U. S. soil in order to invoke martial law. If this occurs, Americans have already given our President the authority to acquire as many of our personal resources as he believes is required to bring about order. The entire event will be false flag, a ploy, a misconception, a diversion from the real truth. A Conspiracy to make total slaves out of the American people, and begin total world domination. They cannot win until America is locked up. They know and have known this for years, and now they are on the verge of accomplishing it.

Perhaps I am mistaken. Perhaps I am just an old fool. We will find out very shortly if this is the case. The clock is counting down, and it is about to strike midnight!

End of quote.


I trust the evidence that Keshe speaks of regarding the attacks on churches and mosques in Europe in an effort to provoke a religious war. It’s a game that has been developing for hundreds of years.

I know that October 2nd is a critical date in the minds of the satanic Jewish globalists.

I accept the Costa Rican story from my new-found email source. Are his predictions for October 1st accurate? He shared more about his reasons for it when we spoke; however, like him, I cannot say for certain that it will unfold.

But forewarned is forearmed.


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Keiser Report: Will the dollar live to die another day? – another view on the new m-SDR

Thanks, Steve.

This Episode of the Keiser Report provides an excellent overview of how the m-SDR could be used to roll out a new global currency, as I discussed here.

All of this positioning ignores that Mao Zedong was a puppet of the global Jewish elite, as this photograph illustrates.

And, if you have the stomach for it, this article.

Few really get a grip on the true history of our world and what it means for today. It takes a lot of unlearning.


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