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This brief note carries, in my opinion, profound information about the psyop we are inside that goes by the name of COVID-19.

This focuses on what is happening to people who buy into it.

I’m going to run this backwards, beginning with a landmark video on the impact of these “vaccines” that cannot be vaccines, as I have explained in the past. It’s called Shedding the Kill Shot. Backup copy at this link. Horrific, and you can easily find the death and injury stats if you want. The term eugenics became a liability after WWII but its practice simply went underground.

This video shares the heavy-handed approach being taken to “getting the jab” in Israel.

Then there is the so-called testing swab, which this video shows and this video suggests, contains a nanobot. If the notion of nanobots is new to you, this article is a relatively benign introduction. I think the relevant term is “bait and switch”.

Even the facemasks, which provide no viral protection and their deployment was never about doing so, may carry unwelcome bodily invaders.

Mind you, even the Irish Government has admitted that the SARS-COV-2 has not been isolated. So, what is the “vaccine” treating? A good question.

I will tell you, from personal experience, there is an emerging panic about the effects of these so-called vaccines, and there are task forces emerging in parts of the world looking to deal with the horrific health consequences flowing from them.

On another level, I see all of this as paving the way for a new approach to human health that will wipe this and related psyops off the planet. Perhaps all of this was the only way people would begin to wake up to what they are inside of. For those who survive, I anticipate it will be effective…


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