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It appears the report of Parisian Jews being warned of the impending attack in Paris was changed from being on the morning of the attack to saying it was months before. Clearly, the first version was just a tad incriminating.

Here’s the comparison:

Israeli article edited on warning

You can find the original archived here.

We can’t have such an incriminating pointer to the Mossad’s involvement, can we?

This article documents previous Mossad terrorism activity in Paris, written after the Charlie Hebdo false flag in January 2015.

The Mossad’s reported motto is: By way of deception, thou shalt do war. Pretty good at it, I’d say. In his 9/11 tome, Dmitri Khalezov discussed some of the activities of Mossad in quite some detail, including their widespread use of micro and mini-nukes to generate so-called terror attacks around the globe, including their use in the Bali nightclub bombing And the subsequent bombing of the Australian embassy in Djakarta – blamed, of course, on Muslim terrorists. This photo, from Khalezov, shows the classic burn pattern of a nuclear explosion on a car that was parked near the Bali restaurant – the paint in the path of the blast is burnt, whilst the rest of the paint is untouched.

Car at Bali bombiing

We know that Senator Al Franken was warned of 9/11, because he told us. Similarly, Odigo, the then Israeli instant messaging service, said that two of its workers received messages two hours before the Twin Towers attack. There were reports of more widespread warnings of Jews before 9/11, but these are now mired in so much obfuscation and disinformation, it’s very difficult if not impossible to disentangle it; but the above two examples are clear and documented.

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