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Dr Rodney Syme is an Australian medical advocate for euthanasia.

You can hear him state his case in the brief video snippet in this article discussing a TV debate on Australia’s ABC, in which he gives examples of having prescribed Nembutal to dying patients.

It’s a debate that, in my opinion, the world needs to have.

Why do we lock people into life who no longer wish to live, for whatever reason?

Of course, people can find a way to end their lives if they have the courage. Suicide is widespread in our world.

Why should those in constant pain – physical or otherwise – or who know their life prognosis is very poor, for whatever reason, and who wish to end their life not be able to do so in a socially approved manner?

Those who understand the true nature of life understand that this physical experience is but a small segment of the journey of the soul.

Many of the great yogis of India have demonstrated the ability to consciously end their lives, often in a public, celebratory way. Paramahansa Yogananda demonstrated this ability in a very public manner at the end of a major speech in 1952 in Los Angeles, having foretold at least one of his students of his imminent departure. Of course, Western medical doctors produced an appropriate cause of a heart attack – this for a man who had demonstrated widely his ability to completely still both his breathing and heartbeat at will, as is common with these great masters.

But I digress.

Is the prevention of this choice simply another way we are prevented from having power and control over our own lives? Is it about promoting the fear of death?

In my opinion, it’s about disempowerment of the individual. Yes, you can get into all sorts of religious debates but, in the end, for me, it comes down to yet another example of the very intentional and carefully planned disempowerment of the individual that is everywhere in our world.

Our world has been turned upside down – intentionally – such that the state is more important than those who make it up. And to make that stick, you have to disempower the individual and keep them in fear. Denying the right to choose your own moment of death in a conscious manner is, in my opinion, part of this disempowerment and control.

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