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Thank you, Molly.

David Zublick pulls no punches in pointing the finger at John Podesta, his role in PizzaGate, which he rightly identifies as a global network reaching to the highest levels, Podesta’s possible role in the disappearance of Madelaine McCann, his potential role in the murder of Seth Rich, apparently the conduit for the damning Podesta and Clinton emails sent to WikiLeaks in 2016, and on and on and on…

Perhaps the best overview of the pieces in play that I’ve seen. TPTB and the MSM want this to all just go away, branded as “Fake News”. Well, it doesn’t appear to be.

And Zublick claims that Sigmund Freud, the feted (false) father of modern psychology and psychiatry, both products of the Tavistock institute in Britain, was himself a known paedophile. These things, including the control system, run in families and his political grandson Clement certainly was.

I suspect a lot more will need to be revealed before it finally breaks cover globally. I still wonder if this is a key thread that will, when it is pulled, expose the satanic global control system that is used to control our world, revealing the satanic Khazarian Jewish elite behind it all.

I live in hope.

Actually, I believe it will break in several different ways at once, making it impossible to contain, and the “man behind the curtain” will be revealed and swept away.


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