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This story from The Intercept shares how Britain’s GCHQ and its public political defenders have “presented its collaboration with the National Security Agency’s massive electronic spying efforts as proportionate, carefully monitored, and well within the bounds of privacy laws”, whilst “GCHQ secretly coveted the NSA’s vast troves of private communications and sought “unsupervised access” to its data as recently as last year – essentially begging to feast at the NSA’s table while insisting that it only nibbles on the occasional crumb.”

My interest in this is not that they’ve been caught with their hand in the cookie jar, but it once more reflects that what they say publicly bears no relationship to what they’re actually doing. And this is not just GCHQ. It’s all such services globally; and we are mostly naïve enough to trust their public statements. And so it will continue, unless enough of we the public change our perception.

And it’s not just the security and monitoring services. It’s all government, finance, legal, media, etc. services and structures. Our world does not work the way we are told. History as we are taught it is largely made up, the media completely ignores the key activities in our world in favour of the latest fashion, celebrity, stabbing or sports story, and so it goes. Every war in the last 200 years at least has been intentionally created, for reasons not in the public eye.

All of us want to believe in the essential goodness and rightness of our fellow mankind – believe that others will do unto us as we would do unto them – when this is a light year from the reality of things. The plan is complete surveillance and control of every aspect of our daily lives. Remember, every American school student has been profiled SINCE 1952!!! (Mark Phillips, the source of this fact, was kind enough to recently reconfirm it.) Until the penny drops for sufficient of the public that we are like stunned deer in the headlights of those who set up and run the game on this planet, it will continue.

May this change, and may it change soon.

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