Carr told us in 1955 that Hitler opposed the globalist bankers

Carr - Hitler opposed bankersCarr’s book is worth reading. A Canadian naval commander with extensive insider information, Carr spilled the beans on the game behind the game, way back in 1955.

We also easily forget this Zionist led action in 1933:

1933 Zionist war declaration

Remember who fashions our view of history and the world.

One correction from the past. I previously said that Hitler banned usury. Although he flirted with this, in the end he did not.

And this quote, perhaps, captures the true context for WWII in Europe:

Arthur Laurie in 1938

The Rothschild/Zionist control of Britain, United States and Russia well before WWII is not well understood by most. Unless you understand this, you cannot understand WWII.

Of course, it is written out of history. It’s how it’s done. Almost nothing we are taught in history is true.

I was reflecting today on the great fire of London as I was reading about this destruction in Turkmenistan. The outcome of the fire was the building of that state within a state called the City of London, the home of the global financial elite with similar independence to that enjoyed by the Vatican. And that was some happenstance outcome? Spare me. Did you get taught what was really going on here in history classes? Not a chance.

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