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Most of us have no clue what tools are being deployed in the name of “defence” (read attack) by the United States, but in time any government with the resources to develop the technology. Today, drones the size of a large model plane are deployed in the Middle East and Africa, primarily, to kill so-called terrorists. 98% or so of those killed are innocent civilians, and the populations of most of these countries now live in fear of these drones overflying them every day, not knowing if and when they or their loved ones will be the target or the collateral damage.

But tomorrow these drones will be the size of an insect and they will be overflying the United States and all Western countries as well. No-one will be safe from remote assassination – not that we are today.

If you watch this video on the state of play of this technology, its deployment and its legal authorisation, you will be fearful of your own future, that of your children and that of your world. And you should be.

Some like to think this can be stopped. I don’t consider we have a snowball’s chance in hell in this current consciousness of stopping this. At its simplest level, most people do not even begin to understand where the real driving force for all of this is. They think it’s the American military or Government or the CIA or JSOC, or some other element of the American system. But it’s not. The real power lies behind all of this and while people try to find a way to stop the American machine or slow it down, they continue to completely miss the point.

I encourage you to watch this video, so you have some grasp of where the technology and the legislative state of play is, knowing that trying to stop it on this level completely misses the ultimate driving force in this game.

As I’ve said before, nothing short of a shift in consciousness on this planet, an awakening of a different sort has any hope of ending this madness. It is way too complex, has far too many threads to it and is evolving faster than anyone can grasp for us to stop it. It requires a different solution.

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