EU agreement opens door for new GMO cultivation in 2015

The Juncker Commission has brought four years of discussions on GMO crops to a close, extracting a compromise from the European Parliament and the Council. Member states that do not want GMOs cultivated inside their borders will retain the right to enforce a ban…

…The agreed text leaves Europe sitting on the fence on the issue: member states still have the right to ban genetically modified crops, which are currently only grown in Spain, Portugal and the Czech Republic.

But new GMOs, already validated by the Commission, will be put on the market in the European Union as soon as the adoption of the text is finalised. This means the 7 GMOs already approved but not cultivated in Europe could find their way into European fields as soon as the text is finalised – in theory as early as next year.

This is inevitable, given what the EU structure is, which is an unelected representation of the powers who control the world game, and they want to see GMOs rolled out across the planet because they know the destructive impact on humanity. Resistance to their plans is always short term, and the national resistance we see in Europe will be watered down and then eliminated, regardless of what the people want. It’s how they work on every front, and we are naïve to think otherwise.

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