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The war in Afghanistan has been about two things:

  1. Scarce minerals
  2. Opium

This article bluntly spells out the reality of Afghan’s opium production:

And just like that, the entire “war on drugs” is exposed for the lie that we already knew that it was. Afghanistan produces 90% of the world’s opium from which heroin is derived. The poppies from which that opium is collected are protected by U.S. marines and others in the full knowledge that this will end up on the streets of countries around the world as heroin.

End of quote.

What is not well understood is that our global controllers have been at the heart of “illicit” trades for centuries. They built the American slave trade. JP Morgan’s father got his start when the center of the US slave trade moved from Rhode Island to Baltimore. The widely acknowledged Peabody name of Baltimore also got started in the slave trade alongside Morgan. The world’s global controllers no doubt still are.

So, it’s no surprise the drug trade path leads to the CIA and similar organisations globally. They could not care less for the public and it gives these agencies independence from any Government accountability.

And in case you haven’t figured it out yet, “the war on…” points directly to the major perpetrators. It’s pure distraction. The war on drugs, the war on terror… Same game, same players. But the public buys it, just like America’s global wars in the name of bringing democracy. What a cruel joke. Especially when democracy itself is a façade.

In my view, what got JFK killed was that he unexpectedly made the choice to act in the interests of the American people, rather than those who funded him into office. His acts of rebellion were legion and quite well documented, including:

  • Dismissing Allen Dulles as head of the CIA and planning to dismantle the organisation when he found they were not acting in America’s interests
  • Moving to end the Vietnam War before it really got started
  • Going after “the mob”
  • Moving to introduce a true American currency in lieu of the Fed fiat currency that earns interest for the global bankers (ever wonder why almost every country on the planet is in debt?)
  • Choosing to not invade Cuba
  • Reducing the oil incentives for the oil-rich Texans

If JFK truly understood the game, he would have realised that any one of these could have got him killed.

And so, the game continues, in clear public view but not in the mainstream press, which churns out the messages demanded by our Zionist banking rulers.

Israel is not where the real power lies. They are just a representative of those who created the country – the Rothschilds.

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