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Wow!!! A public, mainstream press admission that the Antarctic ice is setting record levels!!! Of course, they found a way to say that it’s really caused by warming… What I find amusing is that it follows this article, also from Australia’s ABC, Warm water likely to accelerate Antarctic ice melt and sea level rises, Australian scientists find, and follows an attempt, again on the ABC and elsewhere, to discredit the surprising observation by Rupert Murdoch that the Antarctic ice was increasing.

Mind you, I’ve yet to see any mainstream acknowledgement that the Arctic ice minimum this year (2014) is 50% greater than it’s low of 2012.

This follows Australia’s Bureau of Meteorology getting caught changing data to show warming trends when the original data showed cooling trends.

Despite what you might think from watching the mainstream press, global warming peaked about 18 years ago.

Anyone who’s been involved with setting up review panels or committees knows that the key way to get the outcome you want is to set up the terms of reference at the beginning, knowing that those reading the report(s) are likely to either not understand this or be too busy or too lazy to look into those terms of reference. This is what was done with the Warren Commission into the death of JFK, the 9/11 Commission and the International Panel on Climate Change (IPCC). With the IPCC, the criteria was to ONLY look at the impact of human activity on climate change. Guess what they found? And guess what the truth is? It’s that funny yellow ball that rises in the east every day. What a surprise!!! But since the IPCC is mandated to not consider the sun, it will NEVER show up in their reports or conclusions.

In particular, it’s the level of sunspot activity during solar maximum, which occurs every 11 years or so. And the current VERY low level of activity at solar max has the serious global scientists worried we are entering a major period of cooling, perhaps comparable to the Maunder Minimum or greater. I am drawn to share with you once more this graph of temperature and CO2 levels, derived primarily from Antarctic ice core data.

Take a few moments to look at it. It shows the warming has already peaked, at a lower level than the three previous peaks. It also shows the correlation between temperature and CO2 has been completely destroyed in the era of human CO2 generation. And this graph ends in 2007, which means the discrepancy today is even more stark, since there has been no warming in that time, further confirming that the warming has already peaked.

What is not evident in this graph, but is evident in a more detailed analysis is that the historical CO2 level LAGS temperature by about 800 years, which is thought to reflect the time it takes for the global sea temperature to change in response to the warming, causing the sea to release CO2. So, historically temperature was driving CO2, not the other way around. Whoops… This means that the notion that CO2 levels are driving global warming is a COMPLETE LIE. It has never been true. But the people driving this have never been ones to let the facts interfere with a good story when it helps to take them where they want to go (e.g.  Agenda 21).

Meanwhile we continue to have the scientific nonsense coming forth in the mainstream press, such as this article quoting “broadcaster and physicist, Dr Brian Cox”, trotting out that old party line: Climate scientists are 95% certain that humans are the main cause of the current global warming the world is experiencing. But Cox said this level of accuracy had been manipulated by “nonsensical”, politically-motivated climate sceptics.

And what are Brian’s qualifications in the field? Cox, a physicist who works on the Large Hadron Collider where the Higgs boson was discovered

And if you are a believer in global warming, you will not look at who this man is and whether he is qualified to comment, as was the case with the journalist Amy McQuire @amymcquire whose tweet brought this to my attention (and Amy, in her defence, is a wonderful advocate for Aboriginal rights in Australia).

In my experience, when you expose the global warming lie to those who believe in it totally, you are made to feel like an Ebola carrier set loose on the public. They simply cannot hear you. Beliefs are such powerful things. People die for them every day. Truth and considered reason do not get a look-in. More on this another time.

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