FIFA & Brazilian Government Killing Street Kids to Prepare for 2014 World Cup

We are all drawn in some manner to witness the striving of a person to achieve great physical success. What many do not recognise is how that has been harnessed and packaged as a major distraction for the public by those dark forces that control what happens on our planet. For Europeans and for a growing number of other countries, soccer is the pinnacle sport, and the television audiences drawn to the World Cup are mind boggling.

So, for me, this story about a wave of terror being unleashed on the Brazilian poor in the “Favelas” ahead of the World Cup is no surprise. Such an event needs to be packaged to perfection, and they do not want the poor making a public spectacle as this global distraction is packaged and delivered.

What is of more interest to me is what is quietly done or started whilst the world is looking elsewhere. It’s a classic game they play.

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