France’s state of emergency allow for anyone’s house to be searched, people to be put under house arrest without trial and any website to be blocked

Thank you, Sean.

Here we go.

For at least 3 months, we have a police state in France. I quote:

Police in France have been given huge new powers including the ability to put people under house arrest without trial and to block websites.

France’s parliament has extended the country’s state of emergency for three months, allowing authorities to get access to huge powers that date back to 1955.

The state of emergency was declared on Saturday, just after attacks that left 129 people dead.

Such a decision gives the police powers including the ability to keep people in their homes without trial, searching the homes of people without a warrant from a judge, and the power to block any website that is deemed a problem.

End of quote.

These planned terror events usually have several key objectives.

Any one notice it conveniently blankets the COP21 climate change conference? This where the global elite seek to lock everyone into carbon reduction targets, as step down the Agenda 21 path.

Just in case you missed it.

It also brings France into the attempted ousting of Assad – sorry – war on ISIS. You can’t fail to notice the difference in outcomes between the supposed attacks on ISIS by the United States, under whose “attacks” they flourished, whereas the Russian efforts are a very different story. Remember, Syria is about the size of a medium sized US state. It’s easy to lose perspective.

We have seen lots of sabre rattling over encryption. Probably not the event that will see this seriously attacked, but it’s close. I give it another 3 months at most before there’s another attack where they demonstrate encrypted conversations were used to set up the event and ban software such as the reference point software for secure text messaging and phone calling called Signal. This time they missed because there was no evidence of the use of encryption. But it will come.

Meanwhile this movie theatre we are in that we take to be real moves onto the next feature they have planned for us.

Popcorn, anyone?

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