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Every so often a message of great power, arising from the depths of great personal challenge comes my way. This interview of Kathy Collins by Bill Ryan is one such message.

Kathy was a Monarch-programmed mind-controlled slave, subjected to horrific abuses as a child. Her recovered memories included being strung up at the Bohemian Grove Festival and abused, including being laughed at.

And Kathy has healed herself. Yes, she has had quite a lot of help, as she acknowledges, but she has healed herself and now seeks to help others who have experienced severe trauma in their lives, with the message that you’re not alone and you can heal. But the essence of her message – discover self-love and forgiveness and the freedom that arises from these things applies to all of us.

And I see in her acknowledgements that Cathy O’Brien and Mark Phillips were there for her when she needed them and could confirm for her the reality of her recovering memories. Thank you for being you. As you know, I value greatly your occasional words of encouragement on the path that I walk.

For me, this video is yet another powerful confirmation of these horrific satanic abuse practices that are a key element in the control system of our world, along with the fact that the human spirit – understanding we are a spiritual being on a human journey – can transcend these horrific experiences.

I commend this video to you.

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