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Gordon Duff at VT shares a lot more about what he knows of the technology of Mehran Keshe, in part because Keshe has publicly revealed its use in the capture American drones at the end of 2011  and 2012, and Russia’s disabling of the USS Donald Cook in the Black Sea:

Several years ago, one thing became clear — that if Keshe technology was real, the world would change, and hydrocarbons would be a thing of the past as fuel, and that our world economy, an energy slave economy, was dead. It goes further.

Governments, the US, Israel and Britain, have been contacted about “sharing” technology that would, if Keshe is right, make the planes, missiles and even the billion dollar cradle to grave surveillance nightmare useless.

Now we can share what we do know, the basis for Keshe theory, for the Keshe machines, for Keshe’s irritating language of “magravs” and “plasma” is very real. His “crap” actually makes electricity “out of thin air” just like he said and, if that is true, and it is, then the whole thing is going to burn to the ground, the whole sick mess.

As of today, we can categorically state that Keshe tech is very real, that physics we are taught in school, physics the US publicly espouses as valid, is not. We had known that several major aerospace companies were involved in projects, not only outside conventional science but much further, including time travel, thought inducement and deep space exploration, all using capabilities beyond conventional reality.

We now know that though it all may not be true, much of it is now “probably” true and some of the “impossible” is certainly true. We begin:

Iranian nuclear physicist and peace activist, Mehran Keshe, has officially announced that it was his technology that brought down an American RQ170 Sentinel drone over Iran and disabled the AEGIS destroyer, the USS Donald Cook, in the Black Sea.

End of quote. I commend the rest of this article to you.

I share Gordon’s view that the Keshe technology is for real.

And perhaps it is an appropriate time and place to share my own involvement, as I have set up a business to distribute the products developed by the Keshe Foundation under the name Magravs Plasma Products, which is offering the growing range of Keshe Foundation products globally. This is not about the military (or perhaps better expressed as anti-military) application of this technology that Gordon primarily refers to, but products that can dramatically transform our personal experience of what it means to be a human being. Take a moment and pay the Magravs Plasma Products website a visit. It’s early days for this business and for the material I share with you on the website; however if you register on the site I will keep you informed.

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