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Thank you, Hedy.

This is an excellent interview with Graham Hancock where he shares the power of new discoveries such as Gobekli Tepe in Turkey, at least 11,500 years old, in validating the existence of an advanced civilisation that was present on Earth up to some 13,000 years ago and in part up to 11,500 years ago, along with his dating of the sphinx to some 12,500 or so years ago.

Graham has been excoriated by mainstream archaeology and others over the claims that he made some 20 years ago in “Fingerprints of the Gods” regarding the existence of such an advanced civilisation. But he has kept going and has published several related volumes such as Underworld, where he spent 7 years diving around the world looking for the evidence of this civilisation – the obvious place to look, given the sea level is now 450 feet higher than it was then.

But with “Magicians of the Gods”, Graham is being vindicated for following his inner promptings all these years, despite the naysayers. Because now he has the evidence.

Graham is one of nature’s gentlemen – humble, respectful, intelligent, hard working and highly articulate, but tough, resilient and resourceful. I wish you all the best with this exciting new book, Graham.

I commend the above interview to you.

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