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As many of you know, the March Equinox is the key marker which is used to track the Precession of the Equinoxes, and most of us are familiar with the insightful 1969 hit song Age of Aquarius.

Now, when I looked East this morning, using my Star Walk app on my phone, an hour before dawn, I saw this:

Pretty clearly Aquarius.

Now many people argue we are still in transition from Pisces, the last age, to Aquarius.

So, where is Pisces at that moment?

It’s still below the horizon at that time, but you can see that it will pop its head up before the sun rises. So, at sunrise we see this:

So, Pisces is still emerging before the sun.

But if you place yourself in the world of the ancients, this would be completely hidden by the emerging sunlight, so it would not count for them, and I’m guessing this is why they chose an hour before dawn as their marker. Anything after that gets lost in the emerging glow of the sun.

So, whilst our modern techie tools might suggest we are still in transition between the ages, if you use the criterion of an hour before dawn, we are firmly in the Age of Aquarius and have been for some time.

May you have a wonderful Equinox and a joyful first day of Spring if you are in the northern hemisphere, in this hopeful Age of Aquarius.


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