How one school turned Indigenous performance on its head in two years

So the school, south-west of Brisbane, set about changing the way it did business with its 217 Indigenous students, which is 10 per cent of its student population.

It managed vast improvements in just two years.

Last year, 92 per cent of the school’s Indigenous teenagers passed Year 12, compared with 78 per cent in 2013. And academic performance for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander students in Year 7 is up by 30 per cent.

The secret to the school’s success can largely be attributed to the work it did in listening to the concerns and suggestions coming directly from Aboriginal families at the school.

End of quote.

Who’d have ever thought of that? Listening to the people involved and acting on their concerns and suggestions?

I guess you have to start by respecting them enough to consider such an option. Not a common phenomenon with indigenous people anywhere in the world.


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