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I have pointed to a number of threads which demonstrate how satanic Zionist interests have controlled America and arguably the rest of the world for at least the last century, and  I will share more. The thing about this is, none of us want to believe it. None of us want to believe that any of our fellow men and women could be so evil. We want to believe the best about everyone and we don’t want to face the consequences for our lives if we actually acknowledge this truth. Most people who have achieved some success in life believe they have mastered life well enough to get through to death. This might sound harsh and confronting, but it is the truth for most people. And most of the others are struggling so hard to survive that it is beyond most of them to contemplate such a notion.

But it is true, and over time I will provide more evidence. For now, I want to share with you this article by Preston James and Mike Harris in which they do an excellent job of tying many of the threads together.

You won’t like it and many won’t read it because it threatens your carefully constructed reality, and some of my Jewish friends simply cannot and will not be able to contemplate that they have been thoroughly “had” by these people. Their knee jerk reaction may well be that I’m being “anti-Semitic”. Such a nonsense word, and the fact that it exists at all with its accepted meaning is a powerful illustration of what this article is saying. Those who weaponised this word know most Jews are Khazars, not Semites, but it buries this lie and supports the myth that the Zionists have a right to claim Israel from the Palestinians, amongst other things.

But it is true, and until and unless we awaken to their controlling role in our fiat financial systems, GMO, vaccination, Agenda 21, energy control including the suppression of transforming alternatives, illicit drugs, war and war supply, plans to decimate the human population, the use of paedosadism for control of those in power and influence, the suppression of natural healing substances and modalities, etc., it will not change.

And the entire system relies on our disbelief and the implicit discrediting of, for example, those who have been subject to paedophilic abuse. Inevitably such individuals suffer from mental illness, so they are not considered credible witnesses.

I have a copy of testimony given to authorities in Australia from a woman whose evidence in other circumstances has been borne out by independent witnesses and prosecutions followed. But this reaches to the highest levels of political and judicial power in Australia and includes people still living. I have personally seen enough cases of this abuse to trust this witness, but the defamation laws in Australia prevent both me and the abused woman from revealing it. It’s a key element in how this control system is kept in place and I will share in another article testimony from a reformed satanist how such processes are widely used in satanism to control people.

So, I encourage you to read this article, so you have a better understanding of how our world is run behind the scenes.

And if you feel you are in a place to consider revealing the testimony I have, please get in touch with me.

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