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Thank you, Gillian.

“Systemic autoimmunity appears to be the inevitable consequence of over-stimulating the host’s immune ‘system’ by repeated immunization with antigen, to the levels that surpass system’s self-organize criticality.” (Emphasis added.)
This carefully planned and executed abuse, planted so deeply into the Western medical system, defended on the basis of the odd success such as smallpox (though even these claims are disputed), will take time to pull apart. The compliant – nay, complicit – lamestream media will not reveal these studies. To expect otherwise is simply naïve. Just as they were complicit in what happened at 9/11 and will never expose the truth. Truth is not their purpose.

This article discusses powerful outcomes from a Japanese study.

Most people – including many who read this – continue to believe that the systems and processes in our world, on all levels, are planned and executed for the intended benefit of the majority of people, and deny the possibility of a powerful agenda behind these various threads I share with you. To those I say, it is time to look at what creates the context for your life, not just its content. Most people are busily executing their hamster wheel lives, focussed primarily on survival and how to be “nice” to those around them. My friends, it is not a luxury we can continue to indulge in. To do so will see life as we know it destroyed as we watch the promises of Orwell’s “1984” seem like a hopeful outcome for this world and for humanity. The agenda in play is far worse.

If you want to begin to understand this agenda, this piece on the Rothschilds is a good place to start.

A claimed quote from Gutle Schnaper, Mayer Amschel Rothschild’s wife, apparently not long before her death in 1849 – “If my sons did not want wars, there would be none.”

If you wish to begin to grasp this picture, here are a few other items I have shared in the past:

Silent Weapons For Quiet Wars

New order of Barbarians

Georgia Guidestones

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