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As covered in this video, including Millie’s filming of her own arrest, Millie Weaver was arrested on a Secret Indictment – which tells you she upset some heavy hitters – just before the release of her documentary Shadowgate.

The documentary has been released on YouTube by one of the whistleblowers interviewed in the documentary and can be found at . If it gets taken down, you can find it at .

Although it restricts itself, for the most part, to the behind the scenes independent US-based contractors, primarily staffed and run by former senior administrative, political and military players, who are driving the political agenda, fake news, social unrest, global mass surveillance and many other agendas, and it’s the usual US centric view, thinking that’s where the real power lies (she and others should read Henry Ford’s articles from 1920-2…) it’s still a useful insight into the games behind the games and the plans that are in place for us and the world we live in. Perhaps this explains the plane loads of Chinese tech unloaded in Melbourne in the last week or so and reportedly being installed at night, during the overnight curfew… . China style tracking, here we come.

However, if you watch it closely, you will see reference to the fact that these contractors are employing former senior staff from supposedly competing security organisations, such as the CIA, MI6 and many others, along with pointing out the connection to the UN and their agencies. This gives you a pointer to a not so obvious connection, and that is all of these so-called security agencies, including Mossad, the darkest and most active of all of them, do not report to their governments at all. They all report to the same people who created the UN… Rothschild and their next level down family Rockefeller are good names to begin with, to which you can add Soros and a few others.

However, Millie’s Shadowgate is a good start, and she scatters some pieces of the deeper game at the end, including robotic policing…

Meanwhile, New Zealand has quietly announced plans to quarantine all positive COVID-19 cases… Many years ago, David Icke coined the term Totalitarian Tiptoe to describe how this plan is inched forward in seemingly unrelated steps around the world. The examples are everywhere, if you look. And they’re moving from tiptoe to jackboots. But it’s all because of this dangerous virus…

And – shock horror!!! – 640 European Doctors Gather to Discuss the Overreaction to COVID and How It’s Damaging Society. It’s an important step but they have no clue what they are inside of.

George Orwell was not even close…. Though he was a well-informed insider.


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