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There is abundant evidence of an advanced civilization on Earth that disappeared around 13,000 years ago. Looking at the evidence in Canada and following it across Europe and into the Middle East, there is strong evidence of a comet or large meteor crashing into the Earth, triggering a huge shift.

But is that all of the picture?

There is growing evidence that there is a cycle of catastrophe on Earth with a periodicity of about 12,000 years. The evidence points to the release of the Earth’s crust, which then slips around the mantle, swinging the current polar regions into an equatorial location. This apparently happens almost instantly. The consequences are obvious. Most life on Earth would not survive.

The fossil record and other data support this notion, including the shapes and patterns carved into the rocks by our forefathers.

I’m not saying this is true. I don’t know. But there are many credible scientists and others who are expressing such an idea, including a detailed book on the phenomenon, which was suppressed by the CIA and released recently in a sanitised form. And now, some keen sleuths have found the original, unsanitised version.

The suggestion is there is a series of coordinated events, including a planetary magnetic reversal, with the entire series of events being triggered by the solar system crossing a plasmatic field boundary between the outbound plasma from the centre of the galaxy and entering a field of the opposite polarity, ie inbound. Interestingly, Mehran Keshe describes exactly such a model of the gravitational and magnetic fields, spiralling into and out of galactic centre.

If you want to investigate these ideas for yourself, Ben Davidson has been assembling a series of videos discussing this. Here is his latest one and it has links to the rest of the series below it.

Ohhh… The planet’s magnetic field is currently weakening and in the process of switching polarity, and the rapid acceleration of this in recent years indicates it will complete within the next few decades, if not sooner.

Food for thought…


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