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This article provides an excellent overview of the game behind the game in the Muslim world, revealing how Wahhabism is a Western (actually Jewish) creation to discredit and destroy Islam and revealing that the current Turkish state is actually a secret Zionist state. No surprises there if you have studied history – not the stuff you get taught in school.

What it doesn’t mention is that the slaughter of approx. 1M Armenians 100 years ago this year, apparently by the Turks – that no-one mentions – was yet another Zionist massacre, just like they did to 60M Russians under Lenin, Trotsky and Stalin – that no-one mentions – and as they are now doing to the Palestinians – that no-one is allowed to mention. Get the picture?

But we goyim should all feel guilty for the non-existent Holocaust slaughter of 6M Jews by Germany… I have oft mentioned how things are reversed in satanism, and this continual play by the Zionists is classic. And the public keeps falling for it. And many who should know better.

You may or may not have noticed that Aleksandr Solzhenitsyn has become persona non grata. Do you know why? Because he revealed that the labour camps of the Gulag were run by Jews and those Jews who were there received better treatment. His book “200 Years Together”, which tells the story of the Jewish journey for the last several 100 years in Eastern Europe was never officially translated from the Russian. I’m currently reading a bootleg translation of most of it. The West does not largely know of the book. And who controls the publishing houses as well as the media? Surely not more Zionists? I’m afraid so. It was already true in in 1920 when Henry Ford was writing, so he bought his own newspaper to share his insights.

When will enough people join the dots? It’s not very difficult, but time has, perhaps, already run out in this current consciousness. Personally, I think so. Will there be an alternative? I honestly don’t know.

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