Israel Strikes Syria with Tactical Nuke – Update

UPDATE May 12, 2018 – This video from James Corbett entitled “The REAL Middle East Nuclear Threat” spells out the nuclear deceit being peddled to the world, and documents the truth of Israel’s nuclear capability.

Just in case you give some credence to the recent Netanyahu grandstanding (very well publicized, of course) of Iran’s (fictional) nuclear weapons capability, this article is a reminder of who the nuclear power in the Middle East actually is – Israel. And it has been for decades. And they use these devices regularly.

Few are aware that the Bali nightclub bombing and the Australian Embassy bombing in Djakarta some years ago were both mini-nukes, courtesy of Mossad, as are most if not all of the so-called truck bombings.

Late on Saturday night, 28th April, a series of airstrikes hit Syria, local time was 10:30pm, about 2 hours after sunset. Of particular interest is the strike that hit a target hear Hama, supposedly an arms depot. This strike produced an explosion of such massive magnitude that it shook the earth violently enough for the tremors to be picked up by seismic monitoring stations in Europe which recorded a magnitude 2.6 earthquake.

An explosion on the earth’s surface, in order to cause tremors between 2 and 3 on the Richter scale, would be between 1.5 and 3 kilotonnes TNT equivalency. Clearly this was a tactical nuclear weapon and the arms depot story is the usual cover automatically issued when there is a suspiciously big bang.

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