Israeli planes spray crop-killing chemicals on Gaza farms

Israeli planes have reportedly sprayed chemical substances on farmlands across the besieged Gaza Strip, killing off the crops in the already impoverished Palestinian territory.

End of quote.

If they won’t leave by us killing lots of them and stealing their land, let’s starve them out… Any tactic against the evil goyim is permitted under the Talmud. After all, it’s really our land that God gave us, His chosen people…

Actually, the world is ours and the goyim are just like cattle, here to serve us and for us to disenfranchise, deprive, enslave and destroy according to our will, our agenda…

After all, we’re only following the guidance of our precious Talmud…


Once more I say, this is not all Jews. But it’s more than enough and it applies to all of those who hold power in our world.

Time for the rest of us to wake up to this fact – non-Jews and those Jews who have been trained from birth to identify with these evil ones but are not truly aligned with them.

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