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Needless to say, not everyone agreed with my article questioning the Holocaust.

Here is the core of the response from a Jewish man who is associated with the work I do. I have taken off the initial part as it is personally directed and does not add to the discussion. I am sharing it in part because he asked that I do so, but primarily because it is a powerful example of some of the issues that are in play in this highly emotive subject.


A question ( please truthfully, and honestly answer) –

As part of your ” laborious ” inquiry have you Richard –

– Personally visited any remnant of the concentration camps?

– personally Interviewed any Holocaust survivors with a number tattooed on their arm?

– Personally visited any of the many Holocaust museum?

– Personally read any account of a Holocaust survivor?

– Personally viewed any of the plenty Holocaust documentaries?

– Personally have you heard about the FORGOTTEN REFUGIES ?


Since you answer is obviously resounding NO, I invite you to visit all the above:


Definitions –


[Button] noun \ˈhō-lə-ˌkȯst, ˈhä- also -ˌkästor ˈhȯ-lə-kȯst\

the Holocaust : the killing of millions of Jews and other people by the Nazis during World War II

: an event or situation in which many people are killed and many things are destroyed especially by fire

Full Definition of HOLOCAUST


:  a sacrifice consumed by fire


:  a thorough destruction involving extensive loss of life especially through fire <a nuclear holocaust>


a often capitalized :  the mass slaughter of European civilians and especially Jews by the Nazis during World War II —usually used with the

b :  a mass slaughter of people; especially :  genocide




[Button] noun \ˌan-tē-ˈse-mə-ˌti-zəm, ˌan-ˌtī-\

: hatred of Jewish people

Full Definition of ANTI-SEMITISM

:  hostility toward or discrimination against Jews as a religious, ethnic, or racial group

— an·ti–Se·mit·ic[Button] adjective

— an·ti–Sem·ite[Button] noun

 See anti–Semitism defined for English-language learners »

First Known Use of ANTI-SEMITISM





noun    (Concise Encyclopedia)

Hostility toward or discrimination against Jews as a religious group or “race.” Although the term anti-Semitism has wide currency, it is regarded by some as a misnomer, implying discrimination against all Semites, including Arabs and other peoples who are not the targets of anti-Semitism as it is usually understood. In antiquity, hostility to the Jews emerged because of religious differences, a situation worsened as a result of the competition with Christianity. By the 4th century, Christians tended to see Jews as an alien people whose repudiation of Christ had condemned them to perpetual migration. Jews were denied citizenship and its rights in much of Europe in the Middle Ages (though some societies were more tolerant) or were forced to wear distinctive clothing, and there were forced expulsions of Jews from several regions in that period. Developed during the Middle Ages were many of the stereotypes of Jews (e.g., the blood libel, alleged greed, conspiracy against humankind) that have persisted into the modern era. The Enlightenment and the French Revolution brought a new religious freedom to Europe in the 18th century but did not reduce anti-Semitism, because Jews continued to be regarded as outsiders. In the 19th century violent discrimination intensified (see pogrom), and so-called “scientific racism” emerged, which based hostility to the Jews on their supposed biological characteristics and replaced religion as the primary basis for anti-Semitism. In the 20th century the economic and political dislocations caused by World War I intensified anti-Semitism, and racist anti-Semitism flourished in Nazi Germany. Nazi persecution of the Jews led to the Holocaust, in which an estimated six million Jews were exterminated. Despite the defeat of the Nazis in World War II, anti-Semitism remained a problem in many parts of the world into the 21st century.

An Alfred Hitchcock documentary on the Nazi Holocaust –

Holocaust on trial –


The path to Nazi genocide –


The final solution –

(This is one of the most detailed resources on the Holocaust)


Jewish Holocaust museum Melborn – Australia –


Making Germany free of Jews –


Israel`s Holocaust museum –

Yad Vashem – World Center for Holocaust Research, Education, Documentation and Commemoration


Laws against Holocaust denial –


Changes to racial discrimination laws –


The Final Solution –


Responses to the denial claims –

Responses to common Holocaust-denial claims


Night And Fog documentary –


Shoes On The Danube –


Auschwitz experiments –


The Death’s Head Units of the SS –

Reinhard Heydrich – The God of Death –

Death Camp Treblinka –

Hitler’s Henchmen – Bureaucrat of Murder – Adolf Eichmann –

The Trial of Adolf Eichmann (Excerpt, Final Portion) –


Personal reflections –

My Hungarian parents were the lucky ones, they immigrated to Palestein between the wars.

However my mother has lost one brother in WWII, his fate was unknown.

Another brother fought with the British in Europe with the Jewish brigade.

As a young child I have experienced the horrors of the holocaust through relatives who survived the inhumane experiments on themselves in ,the concentration camps, and witnessed others who did not make it.

As an art student, I had two teachers who were victimized. One of them became a witness at the Eichman trial submitting his sketches, which at age of 14 he drew for the American liberators.

He depicted scenes from his “job” in which he was forced to clean the crematoriums from the ashes and bones of the burned corpses, and prepare new corpses day and night. I also attended the Eichman trial.



A drawing of Yehuda’s father emerging from the crematorium chimney

My Eva`s recollections –

As the Nazis invaded Hungary In the autumn of 1943 I was 3 years old.  Jews, and others were rounded by the  Nazis my mothers family was moved from our luxurious home to the Jewish ghetto in the middle of Budapest. We had to wear the yellow star as we ventured outside of the ghetto.

On my father`s side, my aunt with a 6 months old baby was taken to Auschwitz, and she survived by hiding in a pile of corpses.

My father was taken to a labor camp in Russia. After a year and a half he and two friends

managed to escape. After more then two months walking and hiding in harsh winter, they crossed the border to Hungary. However the bitter sweet occasion was soon turned into a disaster. Their legs below the knees were frozen dead. With razor blades they amputated each other`s legs. Soon after they all were rescued hiding in an attic.

They blessed their good fortune as they have later on learned that all laborers in the camp were executed.

Here I come to end of my response, however, more evidence is there for the seeker.


Let their memory never die –


P.S. All the Zionists are Jews…


Apart from the initial part, I have shared this verbatim.

So, let me look at what I see here because it deserves a response, and let me begin with the personal experiences.

I feel nothing but empathy and compassion for those who went through the trauma of WWII, whether they be Jewish, Russian, Polish or whatever race or nationality. It was horrendous, as war is always horrendous. But we do not hear from the surviving family members of the 23 million Russians (some say as high as 40 million) who died, or the Vietnamese or Cambodians who survived the Vietnam war and live with countries riddled with landmines and ongoing generations of deformities from the effects of Agent Orange and whatever other chemicals were sprayed upon them and their countries. The real question is why has the very real suffering of the Jewish people in WWII been kept front and center for 70 years?

Firstly, Raphael’s reflections are second hand, with the exception of his attendance at the Eichmann trial, beginning in April 1961 and conducted in Israel. Here is one report on that trial, here is another. I quote:

The trial was to be a showcase of the horrors of the Holocaust. Press from around the world followed the details, which helped educate the world about what really happened under the Third Reich.

Based on what I shared with you about the nature of the evidence at Nuremberg, I’m sure it was exactly that. I’m not saying the man was innocent – far from it – but I do think it was a show trial, just as Nuremberg was before it. On the subject of Eichmann, it is hard to find on the ‘Net anyone willing to defend him and I suspect he was indefensible – which made him the perfect vehicle for what is expressed here:

Some readers were offended by Arendt’s presentation of Eichmann as a mediocrity or a nonentity rather than a monstrous psychopath, and others by her depiction of the entire spectacle as a political show trial staged by Israeli Prime Minister David Ben-Gurion. In this reading, Eichmann himself was no more than a symbol or a prop, and the primary purpose of the trial was to deliver first-person testimony from Holocaust survivors to a global audience, and so prop up the legitimacy of the state of Israel. (Many of the horrific witness accounts had no direct bearing on the question of Eichmann’s guilt.)

Turning to Eva’s experiences, I can only, as I said, feel empathy and compassion for what her family and their friends and relatives went through and I do not condone it on any level.

But there is an important issue that comes into play here, and that is the way the human mind can be indelibly programmed in the presence of trauma. It is at the heart of trauma-based mind control, and if you have not looked into this, I suggest you do, and you could a lot worse than beginning with Cathy O’Brien’s experiences in Trance Formation of America. In the presence of trauma, information bypasses the normal rational mind and is burned indelibly into the subconscious.

The example I use when seeking to have people understand what went on at 9/11 is, if they were born before about 1956, what were they doing when they heard that JFK had been assassinated and they inevitably answer me immediately, often in quite some detail. However, usually when I ask them why they remember it so vividly, they don’t have an answer. Most of us have no clue how the brain functions in the presence of trauma, and I suspect that ignorance is quite intentional as it is used as a tool against us quite regularly, 9/11 being a screaming example.

This process is highly relevant to what was done to the traumatised Jewish people after WWII. They were told that their colleagues and relatives had perished in the gas chambers or executed in some other manner. In the traumatised state they were in, it was truth to them.

So, were all of the others in the Russian labor camp executed as Eva’s father and friends were told? I cannot say, but I have given you evidence in my last article about how family members on either side of the Iron Curtain were told their relatives had been gassed, only in at least one case to meet up with them in the United States after the fall of the Berlin Wall.

In these horrendous circumstances, unless we have eyewitness testimony, I do not trust the story. This may be considered harsh by some, but there is clear evidence that Jewish people were being told the same lies on either side of the Berlin Wall – that their brothers and sisters were dead when they were not. It helped create the lie that 6 million Jews perished, primarily in gas chambers.

I want, now, to turn to the definitions that Raphael has shared with me. In my view, the place to start with this is the issue of words and their meaning. Most of us recognise that words change in their meaning over time. I remember at school learning how the meaning of the word “nice” had swung back and forth over time from being complementary to derogatory and back again, and in our time it can be used either way.

But most of us do not so readily recognise that the meaning and power of words can be and has been actively manipulated over time, by those who are in a position to do so. For example, the term “conspiracy theorist” is a powerful one, used as a simple way to discredit anyone who expresses a view counter to the official story. But few understand that this term was, if not coined by the CIA, certainly weaponised by them to discredit any doubters of the conclusion of the Warren Commission into the death of JFK, that conclusion being that Lee Harvey Oswald was solely responsible (something we can now say was a bald faced lie). You can read the contents of CIA Document 1035-960 here. Even though this term was weaponised if not created for a particular purpose, it gets far wider application than just the JFK Warren Commission Report, as we all know. The accusation is sufficient to discredit and allows the accuser to hold firmly onto their belief.

Secondly, it has been shown that the meaning of the term “Ground Zero” was changed IN RETROSPECT in dictionaries that were published prior to 9/11, as painstakingly documented by Dmitri Khalezov in his 9/11 tome 911tholgy_Third_Truth_about_9-11_v4. Moreover, we were warned by Dr. Richard Day in 1969 that such things would and were occurring. If you have not read or listened to the recollections of Dr. Lawrence Dunegan, known as New Order of Barbarians, I commend it to you, since it gives such a wonderful insight into the manipulations going on behind the scenes.

I have stepped through this because, unless you understand these processes, you may be prone to doing what Raphael has done, and that is to seek to rely on so-called dictionary definitions for things as evidence of their veracity, when such reliance is misplaced.

I am not going to comment upon the Holocaust definition, since this is self-fulfilling. However, the term “anti-Semitic” deserves some attention. It, like “conspiracy theory”, has been weaponised. You risk the charge of being anti-Semitic at your peril.

But let’s hold it up to the light. Let me begin with what Semitic actually is because, clearly, the term has its origins in referring to those who are Semitic. Let me quote this reference:

The Semites are, according to the highly authoritative Oxford Universal Dictionary, 1944 (p.1838) are the people belonging to the race of mankind which includes most of the peoples mentioned in Genesis 10 as descended from Shem, one of the three sons of Noah. This includes the Arabs, Hebrews, Assyrians, Arameans as well as other ancient races who spoke a Semitic language as their native tongue. Most people in the world are under the impression that the modern Jew is of Hebrew or Semitic origin, but in reality this belief is unfounded and highly erroneous.

So, historically, describing someone as anti-Semitic would have applied to all of these peoples in the Middle East, essentially, excluding Iran. However, today, it is taken to mean anti-Jewish, regardless of the origin of those Jews. In my view, this has been intentional. We established in my previous article that most Jews do not arise from the ancient Hebrews. In my view, this term was chosen and weaponised because, apart from having an edge that the term anti-Jewish does not, it lends weight to the lie that all Jewish people are descendants of the ancient Hebrews. It gives Israel legitimacy. I suggest you read the explanation of the term that Raphael provides from this perspective.

Regarding the museums and films; they are simply reinforcing a story ipso facto.

But perhaps the most important observation I will make is that Raphael has not in manner sought to dispute the evidence I provided. He has simply poured forth the perspective of the wounded, mistreated Jew all over me.

What about the colour of the bodies that were said at Nuremberg to be blue when they would have been red? What about the claims of diesel asphyxiation at Treblinka when it will not asphyxiate anyone? Has he gone and read any of the references I gave?


And this is how this issue is handled in our world. Emotional intimidation or worse. Again, I feel nothing but empathy and compassion for those who have suffered through the monstrosity of war, including many Jewish people. But I refuse to be a victim of emotional blackmail, which is the tactic usually employed, and most often in ignorance. I am not blaming Raphael in this regard, because it has been the accepted model and has worked very well. But we all need to hold the facts up to the light, to grow up and to HEAL OURSELVES. We have all been emotionally and often physically wounded in life. We are all faced with healing ourselves and forgiving ourselves and all others in our lives if we are to grow spiritually. And what is being done with the Holocaust is the exact opposite.

Ohhh… And all the Zionists are Jews, Raphael says. Some define it as such, others not. Here is one that does not: A political movement that supports the maintenance and preservation of the state of Israel as a Jewish homeland, originally arising in the late 1800s with the goal of re-establishing a Jewish homeland in the region of Palestine.

It is very clear to me that all of those who support the raison d’etre of Israel are not Jewish.

At least Raphael has moved on from his view of the past that all Jews are Zionists…

For me, the overwhelming issue here is the power of belief and identity vs. the power of the truth. In general, the truth does not stand a chance, and this is but one of many examples in our world. Moreover, the direction of education is away from the teaching of logic. Such a trend simply makes us more susceptible to this manipulation which, in my view, is no accident.

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