Joe Biden links Ebola outbreak, ISIL and Ukraine as crises needing a “New Coalition”

In this snippet of a longer speech, Joe Biden tells us a new coalition (read a New World Order) is needed to fight the new combined world threats of Ebola, ISIL and the Ukraine crisis. In doing so, he crystallises why the United States created each of these in the first place on behalf of those who run the game behind the game. For me, it is the most powerful collection of “threats” we have seen for some time.

“Each one in its own way is symptomatic of the fundamental changes that are taking place in the world,” he continued. “The international order that we painstakingly built after World War II and defended over the past several decades is literally fraying at the seams right now.”

Watch this space. Expect events and circumstances to worsen so that people are begging for a solution on a global scale.

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