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This video is selling a newsletter, but that does not negate the content of the message from Jeff Berwick. Jeff has a track record of calling the markets in key areas over the years. He is forecasting a major fall this year, leading to a global debt forgiveness in exchange for a new global currency that is a key plank of the New World Order.

Is he right? I can’t say, but it would make sense of the insurmountable global debt that’s in place, created by those who are driving the global control. They have been grabbing control of money creation globally for hundreds of years, the creation of the private American central bank called the Federal Reserve being just one example. It’s a formula that has only one outcome.

Jeff talks of a debt forgiveness every 50 years under the Jewish Shemitah tradition and 2016 is just such a year. The pieces are in place and Deutsche Bank is looking more and more like Lehman Brothers did in 2008 and its failure would be a huge global trigger; but it’s not the only possibility.

Will it happen? Time will tell but I recommend you take a few minutes to listen to Jeff’s views on the matter. For me, it makes a lot of sense on many fronts.

Is this why many of the big global players like Soros are buying gold, along with countries like Russia and China?

Jeff is forecasting October this year. Not long to wait.




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