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I find this article by Lorimer Wilson (actually a whole series of articles strung together) of quite some interest. It illustrates just how dire the financial and economic scenario in the US in particular has become. It seems this collapse is unavoidable. What interests me is not so much the collapse itself, but what has set it up and what are the likely consequences  because, for me, this train smash is inevitable.

So what has set this situation up? Firstly it is, in my view, part of a much greater plan – a plan to seek to introduce a far greater level of control of the global financial system than is currently the case. A new global currency perhaps that replaces the USD as the global reserve currency and, perhaps less likely, replace all currencies (that might be a step 2). If you look at the runaway US debt situation, you can trace it to when Bush Jr came into power. One of his first acts was to reduce the corporate tax rate. Here is a link to the US debt history, and you can see that it declined significantly in the Clinton years. So whilst many look at the travesty of 9/11 and the wars that followed (including the so-called war on terror) as being the greatest travesty of the Bush Jr years, perhaps this tax reduction and triggering of the US debt into free fall will be right up there.

So was this situation some kind of accident? The evidence of the Clinton years that the books could be more than balanced shows it was not. Just as the excesses of the early 2000s and the creation of toxic derivative instruments that were sold across the global banking sector, to harvest yet more real estate from the Joe Average punters and drain the public coffers of most countries to “save” the private banks, was no accident.

We don’t know at this point what cards will be played as this unfolds. What we do know is the collapse of the USD and the US economy is inevitable, and when it happens it will be very rapid and quite deliberately triggered over some decades. Remember the ones driving this game think in decades, centuries and millennia, whilst Joe Average is focused on this week’s pay check and how to meet this month’s mortgage or rent payment. That’s just the way they want it.

As Einstein told us, problems cannot be solved on the level of consciousness on which they were created. The driving forces for this financial cataclysm have been in place for millennia, the Rothschilds simply being the modern face. In my view, we will not solve this mess whilst we remain focused on the temporal world, which has been humanity’s primary focus for the last 13,000 or so years – a focus they have also worked very hard to foster and sustain. Perhaps it will take this collapse to have people recognize the futility of playing the game of life on this level.

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