Meet Fethullah Gulen, Deep State Plotter

Again, James Corbett brings his incisive analysis to a key subject in our world – who’s pulling Fethullah Gülen’s strings and why.

Yes, it’s more cursory than the in depth analysis by William Engdahl I mentioned recently and which Engdahl himself refers to in this recent article, focussing primarily on the Turkish situation rather than the extraordinary depth and power that Gülen’s organisation wields as it serves the interests of the CIA and Israel and hence the global elite; however it is an excellent way to glimpse Gülen’s influence and the American threads that support him.

I return to it because the Gülen hidden organisation is such an important piece in the global false flag Islamic terrorism that is rampant in our world, and by looking behind the curtain, who is behind it all. Not that there are any surprises.


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